CNN Unveils Rules for Presidential Debate: No Audience, Muted Mics, and Podium Protocol
CNN has unveiled the guidelines for the June 27 presidential debate. No studio audience, muted mics, standard podium for each candidate. ... Read More.
House Oversight Chair Launches Probe into NewsGuard Over Alleged Bias and Penalties
House Oversight Chair James Comer probes NewsGuard for alleged left-wing bias and breaching impartiality claims, affecting news outlets and advertisers. ... Read More.
Julia Roberts Reveals Family Connection to Martin Luther King Jr in History Channel Interview
Julia Roberts shares a unique birth story involving her parents, the Actors and Writers Workshop, and a connection with Coretta Scott King. ... Read More.
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots' Coach, Finds Love with Former Cheerleader 50 Years Younger
Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, allegedly dated a former cheerleader nearly fifty years younger. ... Read More.
Queens Terror Suspect Nabbed with Arsenal in SUV - Loaded Gun, Homemade Sword, and More!
Queens terrorist Judd Sanson, arrested with loaded Glock 9mm handgun in his SUV, faces no release. Jamaican citizen found with knife, homemade sword, axe, firearms, and ammo in black Ford Explorer. ... Watch Now.
US-Ukraine 10-Year Security Deal: Historic Milestone in Defense Cooperation
Ukraine and the US sign a significant 10-year security agreement, focusing on military aid and economic support without requiring US forces to engage in combat alongside Ukraine. ... Read More.
Elliot Page: Being Trans Is A "Great Life Hack"; Made My Life More Richer!
Actress Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page, shares her journey as a transgender individual. From coming out in 2020 to a life-changing decision in 2021, explore her perspective on embracing identity and ... Read More.
Donald Trump Slams Biden's Spending and Critiques Zelensky: The Greatest Politician-Salesman Ever?
Donald Trump criticizes President Biden for spending unprecedented amounts of money and supporting the Green New Deal. He praises Zelensky as an exceptional salesman, highlighting the billions he secur ... Read More.
House Democrat Attempts To Taint Supreme Court's Bump Stock Decision: NRA Flag Flies High Above Constitution
Representative Jamie Raskin criticizes Supreme Court’s decision on bump stocks, equating it to prioritizing NRA over Constitution and public safety. ... Watch Now.
DNC Amplifies Trump's Alleged 'Horrible City' Comment with 10 Milwaukee Billboards
Former President Trump plans a rally in Wisconsin to regain support after controversially dubbing Milwaukee “horrible.” The DNC responds with billboards on city stats. ... Watch Now.
Kanye West Faces Legal Woes: Ex-Assistant Files Lawsuit for Wrongful Termination and Harassment
Kanye West faces escalating legal issues as former assistant Lauren Pisciotta files a lawsuit, alleging mistreatment and harassment. ... Read More.
American Journalist Faces Espionage Charges in Russia: A Case of Unfounded Accusations
American journalist Evan Gershkovich faces espionage charges in Yekaterinburg after being detained in Russia. ... Read More.
Huge Dem Donor Jeffrey Katzenberg's Heavy Lift: Convincing Donors on Biden's Run Ability
Hollywood tycoon Jeffrey Katzenberg works to reassure Democratic donors about Joe Biden’s ability to run for office again. ... Read More.
Alex Jones to Compensate Sandy Hook Families by Ceasing Asset Battle
Alex Jones, conservative podcaster and entrepreneur, decides to stop fighting the sale of his assets to compensate families impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy he discussed. ... Read More.
Supreme Court Reverses Trump-Era Bump Stock Ban in 6-3 Ruling on Gun Accessory
Supreme Court reverses Trump’s bump stock ban linked to deadliest US mass shooting, allowing semi-automatic weapons to mimic machine guns. ... Read More.

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