Biden Acknowledges Broken Immigration System: Democratic Leaders Struggle with Border Crisis
President Biden recognizes flaws in the US immigration system, echoing concerns of Democratic leaders on border challenges. ... Read More.
Judge Denies Delay for $364M Trump Judgment in NY Fraud Case - Finalized Ruling on Thursday
Judge denies Trump’s team’s request to delay $364 million verdict in New York fraud lawsuit. Trump has 30 days to appeal after court’s decision. ... Read More.
Man Eavesdrops on Wife's Calls, Rakes in $1.8 Million; Texas Man Convicted of Fraud Must Give It All Up
Explore the tale of Tyler Loudon, whose greed brought $2 million in illicit gains and personal turmoil. Delve into the aftermath of exploiting confidential data and the repercussions of unethical actio ... Read More.
Funeral Parlor Owner Detained for Shocking Allegations of Remains Storage and Body Concealment
Former funeral parlor owner arrested for storing cremated remains and concealing a body in Colorado. Latest allegations against Miles Harford, 33, include disturbing discoveries. ... Read More.
Florida Legislature Demands Release of Jeffrey Epstein Grand Jury Transcripts
The Legislature approved a measure overwhelmingly directing the governor of Florida to produce the transcripts of a grand jury that looked into Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assaults on minor girls in 2006. ... Read More.
Texas Judge Rules in Favor of School's Dreadlock Discipline: No Violation of State Law
Texas court rules in favor of high school’s hair policy after Black student’s suspension. Darryl George remains out of school since August at Barbers Hill High School. ... Watch Now.
Survey Says: Majority of Poll Voters Believe Biden is Too Old for Re-election
Quinnipiac University survey: Majority think Biden is too old for another term but still prefer him over Trump. Biden leads Trump 49% to 45% in recent head-to-head poll. ... Read More.
Johnson's God Speech Ruffles Republican Feathers: 'Not Preaching at Church'; Speaker's Religious Rally Falls Flat
Discover insights from a GOP retreat led by the Speaker of the House focusing on maintaining and expanding the majority in the chamber. Politico notes a distinct religious tone in Mike Johnson’s addres ... Read More.
Arizona Republican Kari Lake's Bold Move: Reaching Out to Meghan McCain Sparks Unexpected Response
Arizona Republican Kari Lake, running for U.S. Senate, contacts late Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain after a public disagreement. ... Read More.
High School Basketball Game Forfeited Due to Injury by Transgender Player
Collegiate Charter of Lowell Girls’ Basketball team forfeits game vs. KIPP Massachusetts due to injuries caused by a biological male player. Fear of further harm led to decision before postseason. ... Read More.
Fox News Contributor Links Black Voters' Support for Trump to Love of Sneakers
Fox News Contributor Implies That Black People Will Vote for Trump Because They ‘Love Sneakers.’ Arroyo’s logic? It seems that Black Americans have an inexhaustible affinity for footwear. ... Read More.
Alabama Officer, 23, Accused of Swatting Calls for Fun While on Duty
Police agencies express concerns over swatting, labeling it as dangerous criminal harassment. Not all officers perceive it as a severe threat. ... Read More.
CBS Executives Spark Controversy with Seizure of Investigative Reporter's Materials
Read about the termination of investigative reporter Catherine Herridge at CBS and the concerns raised by the seizure of her materials. ... Read More.
Brooklyn Man Charged with Hiding Dead Body - Shocking Discovery in East Flatbush
A man from Brooklyn is charged with concealing a dead body after police discovered a woman’s body outside his residence in East Flatbush. ... Read More.
America Divided: A24's "Civil War" Teaser Unveils a Nation in Conflict; It Will Make You Pause For Entire Trailer
A new teaser for A24’s forthcoming film “Civil War” debuted on Tuesday. It shows a sharply divided America fighting one another, even destroying the Lincoln Memorial in the process. The film “Civil War ... Watch Now.

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