OOPS! Sen Warren’s Ex-Husband Founded A DNA Testing Company

Nothing could prepare you for this breaking news! Warren’s ex-husband cofounded a DNA company

You Won’t Believe This! Just How Many Flips Did This Guy Do?

Wow that’s was off the chain..hell I could never do this

Who Says Cats Don’t Care? Watch What Happens When It Views Owner Who Passed Away

If this posting doesn’t’t break your heart then nothing will.

O’Donnell — I Want To Send The Military To The White House To Get Trump

Everyone laughing at the table at Rosie O’Donnell’s little dark humor joke. The only problem is that MSNBC host Nicolle […]

Did Michael Cohen Just Tell Democrats To Vote Against Trump?

Let that be a lesson to the RNC. Appoint loyal people to your Party apparatus only!

Kamala Harris Floats $6,000 A Year To California Families Making Under $100,000

Harris is dangling that carrot out there to voters so they can blindly follow once again.

McConnell Floats Another Obamacare Repeal After Failed Attempt

If Republicans can ever get this done, America will be the better for it

REPORT: Deal In Place Aimed At Preventing 4,000-Person Caravan From Reaching America

The U.S. and Mexico have reached an agreement aimed at keeping the 4,000-person migrant caravan

Rep. Mark Meadows — It’s Clear Rod Rosenstein SHOULD Resign Immediately!

He has made his priorities clear — and it seems transparency isn’t one of them.

What In The Heck Was The Driver Of This Car Thinking?

This happened so fast, I don’t know who is at fault but I hope that everyone is alright!

ABC’s ‘The Connors’ Show Bombs In Ratings! And It’s Downhill From Here On In

The Conners, ABC’s Roseanne Barr-less Roseanne spinoff, fell considerably short of its predecessor’s debut last season

Frustrated Acosta Swears At Former WH Official After Trump Rally — Then Uses This Lame Apology

This is an example of the left in action, they are such butt-hurt beta males not one of them can take a joke

Man Found Guilty Of Hit And Run Death Of A Military Veteran Marine

Mims died after being struck as he walked in a crosswalk in downtown Detroit on Nov. 11, 2016

Film Festival Removes Kobe Bryant From Jury Due To 2003 Rape Allegation

This is where the #metoo movement highlights the crackpots and irrational folks in its ranks. 

Bolton, Kelly SHOCK White House Aides With Shouting Match Outside Oval Office

Bolton isn’t a globalist. He’s a realist, an America Firster.

Texas County Jail Opens Wing For Military Vets — Want To Help Vets Be Better, More Successful

Veterans can stay in the program as long as they want to but can get kick out at any time if they do not follow the rules. 

40 Years Ago This Military Vet Bought An Automatic Rifle — He Was Just Sentenced to 7 Years”

I just don’t get how the ATF would just pick this time out of history to “raid” this man’s home looking for the firearm.