Chief of Staff Kelly — Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Impolite Arrogant Woman’

Fauxahontis is a perfect example of the brain cancer of “progressives.”

Driver Attacked By Portland ANTIFA Says He Was Just Trying To Get Away From Mob

ANTIFA, George Soros and the rest of the Insane Left are deliberately trying to provoke us into harming them

Dave Chappelle After Giving Trump A Chance — Rhetoric Of His Presidency Is Repugnant

I knew the Van Jones interview was coming but the conservative websites didn’t.

CNN Poll SHOCKS! Trump Likely Will Win Reelection; Biden Is Top Dem Challenger

Barack Obama was and is a Pyrrhic victory for them who needed the constant hogging of the spotlight.

Check Out What Truckers See On The Highway — You’ll Feel Sorry For Them!

If you have a few seconds, this is one video you need to check out.

Ice T Doesn’t Agree With Kanye Meeting With Trump — ‘Why the F*** You Meeting with a Rat?’

Ice-T, a second amendment supporter against the Hollyweird crowd doesn’t support Kanye West on Trump meeting

Hillary Says Husband Didn’t Abuse Power With Lewinsky; She Was Adult At The Time

Sleaze is still sleaze when it comes to disparate power levels between the parties in the encounter.

Good Samaritan Stops ANTIFA From Sucker-Punching Counter Protester

There’s always a good guy in the wrong place to help things turn out right

I Bet You Watch This Video Twice!

This is one sure way to get your blood pumping

Four Texas Women Facing Felony Charges For Voter Fraud Ring Participation

They were probably promised a green card or some quick path to citizenship

Construction Crew Discovers 11 Baby Corpses In Funeral Home Ceiling

That is a large number of bodies that weren’t buried and are unidentified.

REPORT – Two Senior Execs Regret “Knee-Jerk” Rush To Fire Roseanne Barr

The Elitists in media (News and Entertainment – although is there really a difference?) just keep getting it wrong.

Hillary Clinton’s Security Clearance Is Wiped Away — Like A Cloth

If you no longer work in the government, your credentials should be pulled. Period.

Kanye Requested President Trump To Pardon Larry Hoover

Why do people want Larry Hoover to be released from prison? I’m genuinely asking. Did he not do what he […]

Pres. Trump — I Think We’re Going To Get The African-American Vote

Trump boasted about black Americans faring better under his administration

Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault Of 10-Year-Old

What happens if the charges are true? What will her husband do then? Will he leave her?

Klein Goes Off On Trump Supporters — This Is Why We Don’t Listen To Celebrities, Musicians Politics!

he scene was unreal Thursday night outside Craig’s in WeHo — the legendary comedian went OFF

Having Problems Spreading Trump’s Accomplishments? This Updated List of 289 Will Satisfy!

Pres. Trump has given these candidates a blueprint of how to win these Republicans haven’t got it yet.