Elizabeth Warren Says She Won’t Believe Mueller Report Until She Sees It

Every time Sen. Elizabeth Warren joins a controversy, the irony is so thick. By the way, I don’t believe Attorney […]

Actor Jussie Smollett CLEARED Of All Charges!

Jussie and many others were hurt by these unfair and unwarranted actions.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Encourages Muslim Crowd — ‘Raise Hell, Make People Uncomfortable’

One of the biggest mistakes our country has made is not properly vetting people we allow to come into our country.

Former CIA Director Brennan — “I Think I Suspected There Was More Than There Actually Was”

For those wishing for and supporting the push to socialism, get used to this type of lying and misinformation.

McConnell Sides With DOJ To Not Release Full Mueller Report — Law Requires A Summary Only!

It would be like a liberal to demand breaking laws. You do know that intelligence sources and methods are involved in this investigation and must be kept out of public light right?

CNN’s Blitzer To House Dem — Do You Still Have Enough To Impeach?

This network will do anything for a story to take down President Trump or his family. This is shameful.

Dershowitz Wants Apology From CNN — They Banned Me Because I Was Too Fair

Dershowitz has been right all along. I saw him a year or so ago and he was talking about being ostracized by people he had known for decades

11-Year-Old Charged With Two Counts Of Attempted 1st Degree Murder!

We need laws requiring minimum federal prison sentences for anyone who allows their child to get a hold of their guns and does anything like this.

She Won 200K On A Game Show But Probably Wrecked Her Marriage

Couples who love each other do not do this! This was excruciating!

Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested, Charged With Wire Fraud And Bank Fraud!

Now would be the perfect time for Avenatti to throw his hat into the three-ring circus of Democrats scampering for Presidential nominee.

Journalist Claims The Young Turks Fired Him Because He Was Black

If Human Resources never got back in touch with Jones, I can see why he feels like the company let him down along with his concerns.

ABC’s Jon Karl Defends Media Overselling Alleged Russian Collusion With Trump

Now the whole media in total is pretending they were merely just reporting on a big story and were not flaming the hoax of collusion with Russia.

Mueller Refused To Conclude Whether Or Not Trump Obstructed Justice, Barr Confirms

If there’s no evidence, Mueller should say so and if there is he should say so. Leaving it to Barr and Rosenstein shows a coward.

Dershowitz Calls Out Mueller Leaving Things Open — No Better Than Comey!

From a simple common-sense perspective, it never seemed likely the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 campaign.

James Comey Responds To Mueller Summary — So Many Questions!

If you weren’t furious at this waste of scarce resources before, then at least you should be now.

IT’S OVER! Dem Leader Called A Loser During Mueller Summary Interview!

When you lost the American public, you either need to change your direction or fall into oblivion

WOW! Scarborough — We Can Rest Easy That Trump Did Not Collude With Putin And Russia

Mueller went far beyond the scope of what the “investigation” should have been. That is why it took so long.

Maxine Waters Is Having a Hard Time: ‘Not the End of Anything!’

Special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion, yet the California Democrat has not reached ‘acceptance’