Getting Old! NY Times Apologizes For A “Section” In Kavanaugh Story

On Sunday, the New York Times updated the post to let their readers know the section had been removed because it was not corroborated by a key individual that was part of the story.

Jason Chaffetz Explains How California’s ‘Ballot Harvesting’ is Democrats Secret Weapon to Steal 2020

If you don’t know what “Ballot Harvesting” is, you need to keep reading, because this is the weapon that Democrats used in California to flip red seats blue during the 2018 midterms.

Women’s Hall of Fame Inducts Domestic Terrorist and an American Traitor

On Saturday, the National Women’s Hall of Fame held their induction ceremony, where 11 women were inducted. And of those 11 women, 1 is a domestic terrorist, and the other is a traitor.

Pitt Tells French Magazine: Trump Poses a ‘Threat’ to Some ‘Serious Issues’

Democrats should appoint Pitt as their presidential candidate. They love the opinion of celebrities, it would seem.

Omar On Israeli Elections And Netanyahu’s Fate — I Hope The Make A Different Decision

I hope there will be some strong Republican candidates to challenge and defeat Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib in their primaries.

Student Reports: College Professor Gives Lesson on ‘Normalizing Pedophilia’ — Takes Photo During Class

If we don’t defend and protect our children, they’ll end up as sacrificial lambs on the blood-soaked alter of liberal progressiveness.

[VIDEO] Omar Responds to 9-11 Ceremony ‘T-Shirt’ By Blowing Off Victim’s Feelings

Ilhan Omar appears to have a great deal of contempt for 9-11. It’s as if she believes she and other Muslims are the “real” victims of the attack, not the 2,977 innocent people who perished or their grieving friends and families.

[VIDEO] Regular Joe’s Turn Tables On McCabe, Place His Home Under ‘Citizen Surveillance’

A group of Americans took to the streets and headed over to the home of disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, where they conducted a 3-hour “citizen surveillance” of his house.

Ticket Prices to Michelle Obama’s Upcoming Event Are Ridiculous

Michelle must really need extra cash to pay for that new Martha’s Vineyard mansion, because ticket prices for her latest event are through the roof.

ICYMI — Weekly Trump Administration Wins For Sep 8-14

It’s up to us know and share what’s happening for our family and friends and alert them to what has happened or what’s coming.

Hits Keep Coming As ‘Dentures’ Joe Accused Of Lying About Iraq War

The latest episode of “Weekend at Biden’s” features our intrepid hero taking hits from the left and the right over his early and enthusiastic support for George W. Bush’s War in Iraq.

Report: Federal Reserve Runs Covert Program Helping Illegal Aliens Wire Money Back Home

There is a program that is run by the Federal Reserve that helps illegal aliens send remittances (payments) back to Mexico or other home base countries.

Castro Calls For Kavanaugh To Be Removed From SCOTUS Bench After Latest Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Two NY Times reporters say they’ve uncovered a previously unreported account of sexual misconduct allegedly carried out by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he was a student at Yale.

#MeToo ‘Rape Victim’ Raking in Donations, Arrested After Text Messages Prove She Lied

Everyday, we learn about another “trusted woman” who ended up being a vindictive liar. #MeToo tells us to “trust women.” Well, I am a woman, and I’m telling you not to trust these women.

[VIDEO] Watch: Violent Youth Mobs Beat and Rob Citizens in Minneapolis

People in the downtown Minneapolis area are being subjected to brutal and savage beatdowns and robberies by roving mobs of young people.

Trump Message To California Lawmakers On Homeless Crisis — “Clean It Up!”

Many of the homeless have mental health issues, drug addiction, or are ex-military with issues. Maybe some of the community service done by criminals can be to clean up these areas.

Mayor Pete’s Disturbing Ties to Ghoulish Abortionist Who Stashed Baby Corpses In His Home

Where this repulsive story takes a strange turn, is with the connection between 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg and the demented abortionist.

Illinois Officials Find 2,246 Medically Preserved Fetal Remains On Doctor’s Property After His Death

No one at his clinic asked where all the bodies went after they had killed. What a bunch of depraved, disgusting people worked at this clinic with this low life so-called doctor.