Larry King -Acosta Was Out Of Line; CNN, MSNBC And Fox News Aren’t News Networks Anymore

There’s the anti-Trump network, the partial anti-Trump network, and the pro-Trump network. But they’re not news networks.

It Was All A Scam! Homeless Veteran, Couple Bilked Hundreds Of Thousands From Donors

Think several times before you offer your money and “help” to strangers.

Democrats Seem To Be Forcing “Blue Wave” AFTER Elections Are Over; Where Are GOP Leaders?

I think we have some fishy things going on in Senate race counts. 12 million more Democrats voted than Republicans?

President Trump Denies Turmoil In White House, Calls Out Fake News

Too many rumors have been swirling as of late and President Trump decided to put a stop to all of it

FL Judge Gives Florida Voters Until Saturday To Fix Signatures -Could Affect 4,000-Plus Ballots

This is why I believe a photo ID should be shown at the same time you get your ballot and sign in at a desk

Sen. Rubio -Democrat Lawyers Are Asking Judge To Change Florida Election Laws AFTER The Election

Here is where the acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has a chance to step in and take control

LGBT Asylum Seekers Reach Tijuana; Confident They Will Enter U.S.

As far as I am aware, asylum must be sought in the first country they arrive in, after from fleeing their own.

Trump Supporter Sues MSNBC Joy Reid For Falsely Accusing Her Of Using Racial Slurs

MSNBC will probably pay the bill once again if they come to Reid’s aid, which is what they’ve been doing

FLASHBACK -GA County Cast 670 Ballots But Only Had 276 Registered Voters -May 2018

When you hear about situations like this it rocks you to your core.

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Impromptu Climate Change Sit-In Outside Of Pelosi’s Office

This is going to be so interesting. Pelosi will tell her that unless she does what she says…..

McCarthy Defeats Jordan For Minority Leader With Landslide 159-43

The House will never change if they keep going with the losing leadership of the Republican party.

ABC’s The Conners Soon To Be Goners! Actors To Take Paycuts As Ratings Dip!

Good. Start by cutting their pay. Then in a week or two cancel the show. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch

Fox News Sides With CNN’s Lawsuit Against WH Which Removed Acosta Press Credential

I watched it live, and many will support me in saying that Acosta was rude as always to the president.

Pence’s Chief Of Staff Nick Ayers To Replace John Kelly As WH Chief Of Staff?

He is sharp and has political instincts in business — many believe Trump needs in his cabinet heading into the 2020 election.

Brenda Snipes - It’s Time For Me To Move On, I’ve Served The Purposed I Came Here For

According to the Miami Herald, it looks like Snipes might want to check out before the law bears down on her

Republican Claims He’s Disgusted By Trump Mocking GOP Candidates Who Lost; Claims It Was POTUS Fault

When I see Republicans like this go on progressive/socialist channels like CNN or MSNBC, I know that they are not serious.

FBI Clears Bernie Sanders Wife of Bank Fraud Charges

She and Bernie are laughing all the way to the bank (just probably not the bank she defrauded.)