Report: Wisconsin Man Mixed Mom’s Ashes Into His Marijuana Stash Then “Smoked” Her

Is “Wisconsin Man” now trying to outdo “Florida Man?”

Report: Microsoft Contractors Admit Listening In On Audio From Xbox Users In Their Homes

While Microsoft contractors were working on some voice command improvements for the Xbox, they caught ear audio from console users inside their homes.

Report: Deaf Man Sues Pornhub For Not Offering Closed Captioning on Videos

This is one of those stupid lawsuits that you see and you think to yourself, “Wow, I can’t believe some idiot didn’t do this already…”

[VIDEO] Trump’s Got an “Ace in the Hole” That Gowdy Says Must Be Used Over and Over During Senate Trial

Gowdy reveals Trump’s “single best” piece of evidence that he has in his arsenal

Trump-Hating “Top Chef” Host Conducts “2020 Presidential Poll” and Things Go Terribly Wrong For Her

Well, if you ask me, I think Padma’s little poll here is probably a sign of things to come for the Democrats.

[VIDEO] Sorry Gwyneth, Martha Stewart is Grossed Out by Your Creepy Feminist ‘Vagina-Scented Candle”

We’re now celebrating women’s periods, mood swings, and armpit hair. It’s gotten absolutely ridiculous.

LOL: Pelosi’s Pen Stunt Hilariously Mocked with “Commemorative Dentures” Worn During Impeachment Signing

This is one of the funniest mockeries of Nancy Pelosi that you’ll ever see!😂

Christian School Expelling Student Over “LGBTQ Cake Photo” Wasn’t Accurate…Here’s What Really Happened

The fake news media will twist a story into a pretzel to make it fit into their anti-Christian, pro-gay narrative.

[VIDEO] Fox News Just Announced Shep’s Replacement and He’s Not a Deranged Trump-Hater!

For so many years America was held hostage at 3:oo p.m. by a deranged liberal loon by the name of Shepard Smith.

Trump Brutally Humiliates Michelle Obama on Her Birthday

The Obama lunch plan increased the number of required fruits in vegetables in school meals. It forced schools to serve only skim or low fat milk.

[VIDEO] Tucker Humiliates CNN’s Brian Stelter Over His Laughable Upcoming ‘Fake News’ Documentary

Tucker Carlson shreds talentless CNN hack Brian Stelter and his upcoming “fake news” documentary

[VIDEO] Mean Girl Meghan Attacks McSally “She Didn’t Earn My Father’s Senate Seat”

Mean Girl Meghan was whining again and dragging up her father to smear conservatives.