Dems Traveled To Beyonce Concert In South Africa Under Helping Poor Children Live Better Lives Umbrella

The truth is that the only people who benefitted from this trip was these members of Congress.

ISIS Bride Boasts She Anticipates “No Problem” With Her Reentry Into The U.S.

Muthana said she fears for her life, not from camp guards, but from other ISIS wives who might seek reprisal for her speaking out against the group.

Feisty Feinstein Tells Schoolkids She Won’t Be Lectured on Green New Deal

‘I’ve been doing this for 30 years — I know what I’m doing,’ the California Democrat declared

Documentary — Crystal Meth Taking Over Fresno, CA! High Rate Of Latinos Affected

We are so afraid to step outside our bubbles to help in fear we might get hurt

Republican Murkowski Says She’s Likely To Support Dems On National Emergency Fight

Why doesn’t Murkowski just come out as a Democrat? She is not a Republican.

Multiple Grammy Award Winner R. Kelly Surrenders! Charged With 10 Counts Of Criminal Sexual Abuse

There are 25-years of new victims because the artists and producers who knew exactly what R. Kelly was doing to these young girls lacked the courage to hold Kelly accountable. 

CNN Is Wrong! Mueller Report Not Happening Next Week

Someone needs to answer for all this distrust and fake news and the only way that gets done is to release the report just as we all thought would happen.

Jussie Smollett Removed From Last Two Episodes Of EMPIRE — As Punishment?

I wonder if there is actually going to be a 6th season of Empire. It may be that Jussie messed it up for them

Roseanne Barr vs. Jussie Smollett: The Two Cases Show a Clear Liberal Bias in Hollywood

Police are alleging the ‘Empire’ actor faked a hate crime, but he has yet to be fired from his gig on the popular Fox show

Father of “ISIS Bride” Sues Trump Administration; Cites Possible Loophole

Here’s a suggestion, since her dad is so upset about her daughter to move all his family to where she is

Barkley ROASTS Smollett On NBA Show — If You’re Going To Break The Law Don’t Use A Check

Personally, I think Charles’ remarks were genuinely funny and in a fully inoffensive way.

Driver Runs Over Family Of 8 After Argument, TWICE!

The Left has bastardized justice in this country, and it often does mean that blatant criminals have more legal considerations than their victims.

CAIR Defends Non-U.S. Citizen “ISIS Bride” Who Wants To Return To U.S.

As we found out last night, Hoda Muthana, the twenty-something ISIS wife of three marriages to two fighters wants to return […]

Pelosi Urges Lawmakers to Fight Trump’s Emergency Declaration

The California Democrat and House speaker sent a letter encouraging her colleagues to support the legislation that opposes the president’s order

Police Say Smollett Lied About Hate Crime Because He Was Unhappy with His Salary

‘Empire’ actor has turned himself in; his future is now uncertain

Senate Dems Are Considering Subpoenas to Get Their Hands on the Robert Mueller Report

Attorney General Bill Barr may announce soon that the investigation is wrapped up

Fake Feds Pull Off $30,000 Home Heist During Broad Daylight

In this day and time of Jussie Smollett, this almost seems like a set up too.