New Woke Feminist ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie Was Expected to Make $35 Millon Opening Day…It made $8M

When will liberals learn that we don’t want to be lectured about progressive garbage and social justice issues in our movies, TV, songs, books, and sports?

Bernard Kerik Destroys Biden For Critisizing Trump’s Military Pardons ‘This is Why You Should Never Step Foot in Oval Office’

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik was furious with failing 2020 candidate Joe Biden and absolutely destroyed him on social media.

All Methed Up! Two University Chemistry Professors Charged With Manufacturing Meth!

I understand that the meth drug is powerful to everyone and everything around it.  What these two men did was dumb, but that is why they got caught.

Pelosi Tricks: Trump Can Come Before The Committee And Tell The Truth If He Wants

End game time for the Dems. They are in serious trouble and have to go through with this charade to try and save face. They do not have a chance of getting enough votes in the Senate to impeach.

[VIDEO] Lee Zeldin Says He Just Heard New Closed-Door Testimony That Blows Up Adam Schiff’s Narrative

Rep. Zeldin said that Mr. Sandy’s answer made for a very “bad day” for the people who are trying to impeach President Trump

Report: Almost 90% of Women Fail New Army Combat-Fitness Test

A newly released report from the “Center for Military Readiness”  reveals that a whopping 84% of women who take the new Army combat-fitness test fail.

Report: After 10 Million Sign Up For New Disney-Plus Service, Company Admits Old Cartoons Were Racist

I’ll choose to ignore the racism because they are cartoons from a bygone era and no little kids are going to care about skin color unless they are taught that there’s a reason to care.

[VIDEO] Actor Danny Glover Says Bernie Sanders Is Only Challenger To Donald Trump LOL!

Sanders’s time was 2016. He doesn’t stand a chance now. His socialist agenda has gotten bigger and crazier, and even my liberal friends think he’s too far left.

[VIDEO] Former Whitewater Prosecutor Shreds Dems ‘We Don’t Impeach Over Policy Differences’ 

Dems have now switched from the failed “quid pro quo” accusations to “bribery” after they held focus groups.

Report: Al Sharpton Paid Himself a Jaw-Dropping $1 Million Dollars From His Own Charity…Says He ‘Deserved It’

Can you imagine paying yourself one million dollars from your own charity, and then when you’re asked about it, claim you deserved it?

Female Employee Arrested And Charged For “Intentionally” Tampering With Police Food Order

In 2017, Tatyana Hargrove, a 21-year-old woman, accused two Bakersfield Police Officers of excessive force. On Saturday morning, she was […]

Rep. Scalise Defends Pres. Trump In Fiery Exchange With Fox News Chris Wallace!

On Sunday Chris Wallace invited House Republican Whip Steve Scalise on to continue his attacks against President Donald Trump.

Prominent House Dem: Trump Can Still Be Elected If Impeached! Probably Can Carry My State

Impeachment is such a mistake. Congress is consumed with it for the last several weeks. This is not what voters elected them for and it is definitely a turnoff for many of them.

Rapper Jay Z Rips Friend Colin Kaepernick Over Workout Stunt ‘He’s More Concerned With Theatrics Than Football’

Colin Kaepernick is a stuntman who is always looking for the next PR opportunity that can get him the attention he so craves.

HUH? Clinton: Trump Shouldn’t Use Impeachment As Reason Not To Work For The People

Once again, this is AG Barr who made the statement, not Trump and the president has been working with and for the American people non-stop, that I am sure of. 

Report: Mogul Jay-Z Not Happy Kaepernick Turned NFL-Organized Workout Into Media Stunt!

Kaepernick destroyed any chance he had of being taken back into the NFL with his bizarre, diva-like behavior in what was basically a job interview.

Cali Millennials Paying $800 Per Month For ‘Coffin-Like’ Pods Due to Skyrocketing Housing Costs (Photos) 

A new lifestyle called ‘podlife’ has sprung up to combat the housing affordability crisis.

[VIDEO] Limbaugh: My Support For Donald Trump Has Never Been Greater Than It Is Right Now

You elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp. Well, dismissing people like Yovanovitch is what it looks like. Dismissing people like Kent, dismissing people like Taylor…it was never going to be clean