Did Brzezinski Just Give Advice To America’s Enemies To Take Advantage Of A Situation?

Democrats are doing everything they can to stop Pres. Trump from protecting the nation and helping us prosper.

Trump’s Nominee For AG Says — Mueller Not On Witch Hunt; Sessions Right To Recuse Himself

Barr’s answers today make it seem as if he is not looking to stop the Mueller investigation

“Federal” Judge Rules Citizenship Question On U.S. Census Is Unlawful For Multitude Of Reasons

The purpose of a census is to count citizens for equal representation in Congress.

Disappointed? ABC’s Karl Says Mueller Bombshell Might Not Be Bombshell

How much money has been spent on this witch hunt?

CNN Cuomo, Jones Claim Dems Not Saying They Won’t Fund The Wall

I can’t believe they really tried to lie about what Pelosi said

Woman Slams Door On Secret Service After Posting Anti-Trump Speech On Facebook!

I think anyone that makes a threat against the President should face charges, no questions asked.

Pres. Trump — “I Never Worked For Russia…It’s A Whole Big Fat Hoax”

The surveillance began with the full knowledge of Obama, the DOJ, FBI, DNI, CIA, State Dept., and the NSA.

Graham — I Urged Pres. Trump To Reopen Government Temporarily To Restart Talks

I hope this is not the case and Graham is reeling in the Democrats to see what they will do. 

House Democrat To Dissolve Terrorism Subcommittee To Investigate POTUS Matters

This is ridiculous seriously ridiculous they don’t care about the country they only care about destroying President Trump

51-Year-Old Man Knocks Out 12-Year-Old Girl Protecting His Family

What side do you fall on? Should this man have the right to protect his family or was he wrong for his actions?

Road Rage Driver Had Enough After The Second Knockdown

What possesses people to think they can get satisfaction while driving?

Ocasio-Cortez SHAMES CBS For Not Hiring Black Journalists To Cover 2020 Election!

If you follow me, you know I am not racist but I am a realist and things are wrong all over and nobody wants to change it

Opposition Media Tries Negative Poll Results To Force GOP To Turn On Trump

Republicans needed Democrats in the Senate to agree to the funds, and they did not so the shutdown is a pox on both houses. 

Students Take Down Another Student Who Attacked Elderly Teacher

The Detroit Public Schools Community District says it’s “terribly disappointed” the student would attack a teacher.

AGAIN? Steny Hoyer Puts Slavery Spin On Federal Gov’t Workers And Shutdown

Why do Dems care so much about two dead illegal children whose death was the result of their parents dragging them on this dangerous journey

Gingrich EPIC Op-Ed — A Group Of Bureaucrats Elected By No One Decided To Investigate POTUS

Democrats are losing the immigration battle so they needed another “hit & run” article against Trump as a distraction

Nobel Secretary Says Awarding Barack Obama Prize Was A Mistake

I certainly don’t hold the Nobel Peace prize in high regard as I once did.

Border Wall 20M-Plus GoFundMe To Refund Donations — Only If You Want It Back

Brian Kolfage created a gofundme fundraiser for the border wall, and many conservatives joined in hoping to get the wall […]