[VIDEO]: NBC Correspondent Arrested For Asking a 9-Year-Old Child For ‘Sexy Photos’ 

This man was the chief medical correspondent – a doctor who was preying on young children.

[VIDEO] Blitzer Tries to Ambush Kellyanne and it Goes Terribly Wrong ‘I Used to Respect You, Now I’m Embarrassed For You, Wolf’

Wolf Blitzer never thought he’d get blitzed as badly as he did during an interview with presidential top advisor Kellyanne Conway.

YouTube New Terms — We Can Shut Down Channels That Are “No Longer Commercially Viable”

Earlier in the year, several advertisement companies removed their businesses with YouTube after learning pedophiles were using the comment section on videos

Report: Wallace Earns ‘Circus Clown’ Status By Declaring Impeachment Debacle was ‘Damaging’ To Trump

Why is Chris Wallace allowing his hatred for President Trump to destroy his reputation and his career?

[VIDEO] Violent Unrest In Hong Kong Causes Police To Evacuate Students!!

Beijing’s top office in Hong Kong urges stronger crackdown against unrest – saying city “sliding into an abyss.” Says HK Govt should “end the unrest, restore order as soon as possible, arrest the criminals and severely punish their violent acts.”

[VIDEO] Greg Gutfeld Brilliantly Destroys ‘Bug-Eyed Zombie’ Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Hearing Fiasco 

Yesterday’s public impeachment hearing was such a disaster that Democrats are likely longing for the days of Schiff’s secret basement meetings.

Out Of Work NFL Player Complains! — I Supported Kaepernick, Why Aren’t I Getting A Workout?

NFL owners do not want the headaches of losing fans over players that use their everyday jobs to promote civil disobedience and political talk.

Chicago Mayor Accuses Uber Of Paying Off “Black Ministers” To Stop Plan To Regulate Rideshare Services

Uber denies the mayor’s claims. A written statement from Uber spokesperson Kelley Quinn said, “The Mayor is entitled to her own opinion, but not her own facts.

Baltimore Man Takes Short Cut Home; Brutally Beaten By 15 Juveniles! Mayor Calls Unacceptable!

The victim was taking a shortcut through New Hope Circle when 15 teens surrounded him. He is now recovering at Shock Trauma.

Grammy Nominated Singer Threatens The Salvation Army! Support LGBTQ With Donation Or I Won’t Sing

Congratulations, Salvation Army, you are about to get a big boost in donations. Americans, all Americans don’t like political hostage-taking, especially with an organization that does so much good.

AOC ‘Demands’ WH Advisor Stephen Miller Resign Over Alleged “White Nationalist” Emails

We are still waiting for the investigation of why AOC sent $800,000 in campaign contributions to two privately held LLCs.

[VIDEO] Meadows Schools CBS Reporter Who Tried To Claim She Read All The Transcripts

The media isn’t even trying to hide it. They just count on flooding the zone with lies until enough stupid people believe it.

Traitor Justin Amash Plans to Lead a Mass ‘Anti-Trump Exodus’ From The GOP

The guy who had to switch from R to I because he was so hated and has zero support is now going to lead a mass movement of so-called anti-Trump GOP politicians?

[VIDEO] Rep Ratcliffe Asks Witness to Name the Crime Trump Committed on Call…All He Hears Are Crickets

Impeachment is a serious matter. It’s not a joke or a publicity stunt and it’s certainly not a tool to appease your insane base or attack a sitting president.

Michael Avenatti Responded to The New Nike ‘Wire Fraud’ Charges Against Him and He Sounds More Desperate Than Ever

Today, New York prosecutors added another indictment to disgraced, deadbeat attorney Michael Avenatti’s Nike case.

Liberals React to Don Jr Book Debuting #1 on NYT Best Seller List…Spoiler Alert, They’re Really ‘Triggered’

The title of Don Jr’s new book is “Triggered” and right now, that name couldn’t be more fitting.

Report: University Student Body President Being Impeached For Inviting Don Jr. to Speak

Last month the student body president invited Don Jr. to speak at the school and now he’s being impeached.

Trump Supporters React to First Day of ‘Boring’ and ‘Pointless’ Impeachment Hearing

The first day of Adam Schiff’s public impeachment hearing can be summed up with one word: YAWN.