You’ll Die Laughing! Irish People Eat Krispy Kreme For Very First Time!”

The guy with the red long hair and beard is adorable. I love his childish like excitement for donuts.

Judge SHOCKS! Clinton Mails Are ‘One Of The Gravest Modern Offenses’ To Transparency’

This order might not produce anything but some people including the Clintons have been in the bathroom for the last 24 hours as they are nervous.

DiGenova Calls Out Gowdy, Goodlatte! Both Are Embarrassment To Oversight

I know people will come to his defense but let’s look at the facts. Gowdy talks a good talk but have we actually seen any justice? Benghazi, Clinton, Lynch, Obama and his cronies

SAY WHAT? Pelosi — U.S. Has ‘Three Coasts–North, South and West

It’s obvious that these Democrat politicians couldn’t pass Civics or History.

Pelosi — Wall Is “immoral, ineffective, expensive”

Every year the wall isn’t built, more illegals are coming into the U.S., spitting out kids, and they’re going to grow up to vote Democrat for the most part.

Carlson On Trump — He Hasn’t Built The Wall, Defunded Planned Parenthood or Repealed Obamacare

I won’t say that I am angry at Tucker for being forward in this interview. This is his opinion, and he has every right to say those things

Macron Cracks — Pulls Fuel Tax Off Table After Weeks Of City Burning

French President Emmanuel Macron decided to scrap the planned carbon tax on fuels after weeks of protests rocked Paris

Border Agents Capture 124 Guatemalans And Hondurans Sneaking Into The U.S.

the group was comprised of adults and children from Guatemala and Honduras – men, women, and children ranging in age from four months to 53 years old.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham SLAMS Trump China Tweets

Trump plays with leaders who are used to decades of complacency from American leaders is great fun to watch and it forces these tyrants to come to the table

House Republicans Want Trump To Declassify DAMNING Classified Chain Of Comey Emails

House Republicans are trying to pull out one more thing before they allow the House Intelligence Committee to change hands […]

Napolitano — I Feel Mueller Will Indict Jerome Corsi, Donald Trump Jr (Audio)

Napolitano said. “I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted.”

Fox News Chris Wallace Reminds America About Presidents Incivility During Funeral

Chris Wallace is just as bad as CNN for turning funeral into play by play hatred fest

Emotional W! — Dad Is Hugging Robin, And Holding Mom’s Hand Again

George W. Bush gives emotional and touching eulogy at father’s funeral

CNN Disgraces Itself Again! Reminds America Of Tension Between Trump And Past Dem Presidents

If you notice, I have been very quiet about the death of George H.W. Bush but that was my prerogative, […]

Trump — China President To Criminalize Sale Of “Zombie Drug” Fentanyl Coming Into US

The mainstream media has virtually ignored this shift, and their silence has kept you in the dark.

REPORT: Weekly Standard Expected To Close Operations In Weeks

If the Weekly Standard does close their operations someone else will find it in the rubble and help it to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, probably with a new agenda

Pelosi — House Democratic Majority Will Once Again Pass The Dream Act To End Uncertainty And Fear

Republicans will have to be on point when dealing with her in regards to pushing for amnesty for illegals, and that includes the DREAMers.

Mueller’s Office Describes Flynn’s Assistance As Substantial; Won’t Seek Jail Time

The special counsel’s new filing Tuesday is the first time prosecutors have described Flynn’s assistance since the former national security adviser’s guilty plea last year.