Dems and Republicans Join Together to Trash Hillary For calling Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian Asset”

Clinton started an online sh*t storm when she went after moderate Democrat and 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard, and called her a “Russian asset.”

[VIDEO] Former Host Of HGTV Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Daughter’s 10-Year-Old Friend

The suspect denied the young victim’s allegations and pleaded not guilty, according to WINY-FM, but the New London Superior Court found him guilty.

Utah Residents Turns on Romney ‘I Actually Did Vote For Him. And I Regret That to This Day’

Mitt Romney rolled into the D.C. swamp like he owned the place. And maybe at one time he did own the swamp, but times have changed, even if Mitt hasn’t.

Breaking Report: Trump Suing CNN Over ‘Impeachment Bias’

After a string of hidden camera video footage was released from Project Veritas that exposed CNN’s fake new obsession with the phony “impeachment,” President Trump has decided to sue.

U.S. Diplomat Testifies: ‘I Tried To Warn Obama Admin About Hunter Biden and Ukraine In 2015, Nobody Listened’

Everything the Dems are trying to impeach Trump on, they are guilty of doing themselves. Colluding with Russia to influence an American election and so much more

Report: IRS Brass Admits They Target the Poor Because It’s ‘Too Expensive’ and ‘Difficult’ to Audit Rich People

Now, we’re learning that the bullies over at the IRS are targeting the working poor with audits and fines and penalties because it’s easy to go after them – they don’t have the resources to fight back like rich people do.

Cardi B: I Think Trump Will Win In 2020; His Base Is Larger And Nobody Is Saying I Love Dem Candidates

I do not put too much stock in these celebrities but I think it’s funny, watching them complain they don’t have have the “golden child” to lead them. 

Game Over: Democrats Fail For a Second Time to Stop Trump’s Border Wall 

We’ve listed the 10 GOP anti-American globalists who voted with the Democrats to try and stop President Trump’s border wall. It’s the usual cast of characters, led by traitors Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio.

Wisconsin City Joins Growing Push To Declare Racism A “Public Health Crisis”

Division, division, division. Pander, pander, pander. Sorry, I take zero responsibility for what happened before or since I was born, and most importantly, I don’t make the rules

Victory! 84-Year-Old Crossing Guard Fired Over ‘Red Flag’ Laws Just Received Some Well-Deserved Justice

This man’s life was ruined because some nosy waitress misunderstood a conversation and then reported it to the police, who then used the states “Red Flag” laws to take his guns…but today Stephen Nicholas has something to celebrate!

[VIDEO] You Can Hear a Bystander Shout ‘Amen!!’ as This Trump Supporter Absolutely Shreds Jerry Nadler’s Staff

The leader of this group was a fiery little blonde lady, and she is mad as hell at the impeachment circus. I think I can safely say that she speaks for the majority of us, and she did a great job!

Opinion: Netflix Tanking Amidst Blowback For ‘Satanic Programing’ and Partnership With Obamas

The signs are all there. The writing is on the wall. Yet, nobody will address the real reason Netflix is losing subscribers and their stock has been downgraded.

[VIDEO] Rush Says Real Reason Schiff and Pelosi Balked at ‘Impeachment Vote’ is Because #SpyGate Indictments Are Coming 

Rush believes that Pelosi and Schiff both know that the DOJ will be handing down indictments in the #SpyGate probe and they’re now scurrying to figure out how to handle the eventual  blowback.

[VIDEO] Climate Kooks Blocking Traffic Are Stunned When a Pissed Off Commuter Ends Their Protest, Onlookers Cheer and Clap

When a group of climate kooks blocked a busy intersection, it was only a matter of time before a pissed off commuter took the situation into his own hands.

Mulvaney Retracts Statement About Ukraine Aid And DNC Server

Mulvaney should have stuck to his guns on his comment to the press. It is a legitimate reason to withhold aid as leverage for a foreign government to cooperate with an ongoing investigation.

Syrian-American Group Launches Campaign to Nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize For Saving ‘3 Million People’

President Trump is one of the most peaceful presidents ever. He uses his amazing negotiation abilities to get what he wants without going to war and creating endless conflicts around the globe.

Report: Elijah Cummings Was Signing Subpoenas on His Deathbed

Can you imagine being on your deathbed, ready to take your last breath and go meet your maker, and instead of being with family, praying, and saying goodbye, you’re signing subpoenas and hopping on conference calls?

GOP Governor Who Stood Up to Obama Slams Media, After Pelosi Hailed a ‘Hero’ and She Was Called ‘Racist’ 

Former Governor Jan Brewer slammed the lying fake news media, after they hailed Pelosi a “hero” for standing up to President Trump, but back in 2012,  when she did the same thing to Obama, she was called a “racist.”