REPORT: French Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein With Approximately 1000 Girls — 12 And Up

Modeling agencies should be under investigation for destroying the lives of young girls.

The Palestinian Authority, Supported By The Four Radicals Just ‘BANNED’ LGBTQ Activities In West Bank

Kreikat told Palestinians to report any person connected to the LGBTQ group to the police so they could be brought to trial when arrested.

Despite State Sanctuary ‘Law,’ King County Jail Continued to Share Information with ICE

Law enforcement’s duty is not to leftist politicians who mutilate the rule of law under the pathetic auspices of petty political pandering.

Sanders Says If Israel Won’t Accept Omar and Tlaib, U.S. Should Stop Giving Them Money

Sanders has made suggestions like this before, leveraging US aid to Israel to achieve foreign policy outcomes.

Scaramucci Says He’s Been In Connection With Kristol About Trying To Replace Trump In 2020

Trump has delivered or is trying to deliver on everything that his platform was communicating when he was elected.

Pelosi SLAMS Israel, Who Enforced Their Laws Against Omar and Tlaib, As “Sign Of Weakness”

Isn’t that funny, America has been withstanding the weakness of her and Schumer for over 30 years yet Trump is the reason for all the issues in America.

[VIDEO] ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Organizer Joe Biggs Says Portland Rally Was Huge Success!

About 300 far-right protesters gathered in Portland for a Saturday rally to “End Domestic Terrorism” in an attempt to call out antifa as the real threat.

WATCH: Politically-Backed Antifa Try To Stop “End Domestic Terrorism” Rally In Portland

For almost a decade after that, Antifa and anarchists, and violent leftists would show up every year for the May Day riots.

Chinese Ambassador Warns Sydney And Melbourne Against Supporting Hong Kong Protests

Freedom of speech is a human right. No country can suppress a citizen from exercising its right!

Google Employees Accuse CBP Of “Human Rights Abuses”; Starts Petition To Stop Working With Agency

It’s time for Google to terminate 951 of its employees or get boycotted in return. Two can play that game.

Trump Says He’s Considering Labeling Antifa An ‘Organization Of Terror’

Trump has previously hinted that he is considering labeling Antifa as an “organization of terror.”

Bill Maher Insists a Recession Would Be Better Than Trump’s 2020 Re-Election

The comedian and multimillionaire doubled down on his recent controversial remarks

[VIDEO] Maher BLASTS The BDS Movement; I Can See Why They Don’t Get A Hero’s Welcome In Israel

I shudder to think if we don’t get rid of these “reps” at the ballot box. And soon.

Pelosi Says Dems Coming Back Early To Work On Gun Control; Wants Senate To Join

We need to make safe gun zones illegal for they are.  That is where people get shot up. If someone could shoot back, it would end quickly.

Witness Comes Forward In Don Lemon’s Assault Case – Reveals Host’s ‘Disgusting Behavior’

CNN has stood by Lemon, claiming that Hice initially asked the host for $1.5 million in order to drop the lawsuit.

Donald Trump Attacks Rashida Tlaib For Declining Visit To Her Grandma In Israel

[T]he itinerary of the two Congresswomen reveals that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it

Thousands of Twitter Users Unleash Scathing Attack on Melania Trump

Many Trump supporters have argued that such an attack never would have been tolerated against former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Israeli Interior Minister Reponds — Seems Rashida Tlaib’s Hatred For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother

The bottom line here is that Tlaib can’t even put her hate aside for a short time to honor the laws of another country