Fox News’ Napolitano Doubles Down — Trump’s Actions ‘Unlawful, Defenseless And Condemnable’

Judge Andrew Napolitano is pushing whatever love and support that he had with Trump supporters from the brink of the […]

Biden Using Charlottesville As His 2020 Campaign Emotional Launching Pad Against Trump

The media repeats the lie about Charlottesville because voters won’t push to find out the truth, or don’t want to know the truth.

Obama Does Not Endorse Biden Even After Joe’s Official ‘Go’ for 2020

Former president hasn’t thrown his weight behind the man who served him as vice president — what does this mean?

Joe Biden 2020 — ‘Everything That Has Made America — America –Is at Stake’

The corrupt DNC decides who the nominee will be, Democrat voters don’t even count as the Dems own emails proved.

John Boehner Returns With A Message For 2020 Possible GOP Candidate John Kasich!

It’s a crying shame that such people are usually dumb as doornails and don’t belong anywhere near a taxpayer’s hard earned dollar.

DNC Chair — In 2018 We Won Across America In Historic Numbers, Repubs Will Try To Lie, Cheat And Steal In 2020

When did this lackey know that the political propaganda they purchased from Russia was a lie?

Biden Claims Illegal Aliens Already In The United States Are Citizens

Wouldn’t it be nice if their positions were based on a credible benefit to or representation of American citizens?

Former Fox News Executive Files $120 Million Lawsuit Over Sexual Misconduct And Alleged Cover-Up

Luhn spent two decades at the network, described her tragic ordeal with Ailes in the lawsuit including how he kept allegedly telling her that “I own you”

Fan Made Movie For Darth Vader Goes Viral — One Of Best Videos On YouTube

Acting is good, costumes and makeup are spot on, CGI and camerawork is very well done, and the story was interesting. Excellent work on this.

150 Pedophiles Exposed After Former And Current Boy Scouts Make Claims

The Scouts, the church, politicians or anyone with a position of power that has allowed this to happen or continue must be exposed and stopped.

Mother, Grandmother Arrested For Theft — Used 7-Year-Old Relative As Lookout

Kids just don’t have a chance when tied to a criminal family like this.

Border Patrol Video Captures Heavily Armed Cartel Traffickers Escorting Woman And Child Illegally Over The Border!

Criminal gangs exploit the most vulnerable and our border communities are severely impacted. Huge profits for cartels. Congress dithers.

Trump Says You Want To Impeach Me, Let’s Go To The Supreme Court Over It!

Democrats have permanently offended Americans deep sense of fair play.

13 Women Die From Botched Plastic Surgery Run By Felons in Florida — Survivors Want To Be Heard!

The fatal surgery at Seduction drew the attention of the Florida health department. State agents reviewed the operation, and the medical examiner investigated the death.

MD Governor Chastises RNC For Fully Supporting POTUS!

Hogan says being joined at the hip with a President Trump is bad long term strategy when things go wrong.

Hillary Clinton — Trump Should Have Been Indicted After Mueller Report Release

Our country has always been exceptional. It is some of the people trying to run it that is the problem.

Armed Civilian Group Detains 300 Illegal Migrants At Border — ACLU Wants To Investigate!

It is the right and duty of each and every American to stop the laws of our nation from being broken by anyone who violates those laws.

Maxine Waters — Calls Are Overwhelming My Office About Impeachment

Waters has become a rich woman off the backs of her constituents and has never, ever, delivered on one campaign promise to help her community.