Melania Trump Is Told To ‘Go Back To Slovenia’ Amidst Ilhan Omar Scandal

Many liberals have criticized Melania for not speaking out publicly to defend Omar, since she was born in another country as well.

Rep. Ilhan Omar — To Address Systematic And Institutionalized Racism In Our Country We Must Confront Police Brutality

Omar’s tweet linked to a podcast by the New York Times, which referred to the Eric Garner case, a man who died after struggling with the New York City police in 2014.

PA School District Threaten To Place Children In Foster Care If Parents Don’t Pay Overdue Lunch Bills!

The lawyers claimed these parents didn’t respond at all, which led to this action.

Oklahoma Man Arrested For Allegedly Raping 4-Year-Old In Locked McDonald’s Restroom

Let me get this straight, daycare employees knew that the child went into the bathroom alone and waited a while before checking on her

One Underappreciated Reason People Become Cops

A couple years ago, I did some research for a company, which involved interviewing women who’d been victims of sexual assault from indecent liberties to rape.

YouGov Poll Claims Michelle Obama “Most Admired In The World”; Melania Trump Comes In At 19?

Why is this woman admired, for what reason is she admired? What has she accomplished to deserve such a statement?

Israeli Ambassador Says Tlaib And Omar Will Be Allowed Entry Into Israel

Omar said Wednesday the pair are set to visit the country in the coming weeks, and earlier this week introduced a new resolution supporting the right of Americans to boycott Israel

Ilhan Omar Stonewalls – Refuses To Cooperate In Efforts To See If She Married Her Own Brother

This is just one of the many scandals affecting Omar right now, as she remains one of the most controversial figures in Congress.

Trump SLAPS Down Omar’s Threat Of Being His Nightmare! “She’s Lucky To Be Where She Is”

Does anything Omar say sound like she represents Americans and American interests?

Rep. Omar — I Am Not Anti-Semitic Even Though You Might Have Interpreted It That Way

Pres. Trump should tweet ‘Omar supports me she knows I’m not racist, like she says “you just interpreted my words that way.”

Omar On Whether Her Rhetoric Is Anti-Semitic — Nothing I Said “At Least To Me” Was Meant For That Purpose

Omar apologizes, says she is not an anti-Semite, and will certainly contradict herself on the apology and the “not an anti-Semite” in a matter of days.

Gas Station Clerk Fired for Telling Customers to Go Back to Their Country

This week, attendees at a Trump rally chanted for President Trump to “send her back” in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Steve Harvey Talks About Hate From Blacks On Social Media When He Met With Trump To Make A CHANGE!

Steve Harvey is willing to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Now if only there were more like him.

AOC Plans Hit on Pelosi, as Dem Fracas Tops Friday Roundup

The U.S. destroyed a makeshift Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz yesterday. Marines on board the USS Boxer splashed the nuisance using the advanced jamming gear.

Dem Rep. Pressley Tells America to Shut Up

For if they did, they’d recognize the ugly twisted visage of pure racial hatred and spiteful bitterness that emanates Medusa-like from Pressley and her ilk.

Democrats Turn On Ilhan Omar As She’s Accused Of Marrying Her Brother – ‘The President Won This One’

This comes after Pelosi tried to downplay the squad, saying they were “only four people” in the Democratic caucus.

NY-14 Candidate For Congress Scherie Murrary Gives Substantive Interview — There’s A Crisis In Queens Calls AOC!

Some websites are giving Murray 0% chance of becoming a member of Congress but if she’s in the game, there’s always a chance.

Radical Four Member Rashida Tlaib — “John Lewis Is Right, The President Is A Racist”

Racism. The 2020 Democratic buzz word returns for yet another election run and for Democrats to use this as proof that memories are short on history.