KTLA Reporter Challenged By Crowd; Claims Murders Of Two Black Men Not About Race

Two people are dead at the hands of a major Democratic Party donor and the news has glossed over this death

Maryland Certifies Socialist Party For Future Elections; Will Be On Ballot Box

I certainly welcome third parties, but why must these alternatives all sound so loopy?

Covington Catholic Classes Canceled On Tuesday Due To Safety Concerns

According to one of the student’s mothers, the principal had discussions with law enforcement in the area and due to security concerns

Jackson Lee Former Staffer Sues; Claims Wrongful Termination After Rape Accusation

I am sorry this happened to the young staffer but I’ve never trusted the Congressional Black Caucus for years and I won’t be starting now.

Rep. Jeffries Calls POTUS A “Grand Wizard” In Front Of Sharpton’s Organization Audience

It amazes me how these Dems spew their vile, vulgar, vitriolic venom at Trump to describe how he is the hater and they are the civil ones.

HS Basketball Team Pulls Out Of MLK Jr Showcase Because Of MAGA Flag

Pay no attention to the various distractions that we deal with daily, this tournament was a great way to honor his memory.

Bernie Sanders — I Take No Pleasure In Saying This, Our POTUS Is Racist

Too bad Bernie didn’t listen to complaints of sexual harassment by campaign workers, saying he was “too busy.”

CNN Contributor Claims Covington Student Should Be Punched In The Face!

Threatening a child on the basis of his race and affiliation is a crime.

Rules State NFL Commissioner Could Make Rams-Saints Replay Game Over Blown Call

The Saints and their fans will have to go through an entire offseason knowing they were literally robbed

Dem House Leader Declares He Wouldn’t Rule Out Wall In Certain Instances

I understand if Thompson and a few more Democrats might feel the weight of their resistance hitting home.

Trump, Pence Address MLK Day With Comments; Sharpton Angry No Event At WH

Sharpton hasn’t responded to Pres. Trump making an unannounced visit to the MLK Jr Memorial on the National Mall

Officers Defend Actions As Guns Drawn On Toddler Walking Toward Them With Hands Raised

These parents probably do not give a damn that this happened!

Fox News Runs Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death Notice; Then Apologizes For The Graphic

This mistake about Ginsburg shows me once again, these networks are a rating game and Fox News is chomping at the bit

Sen. Kamala Harris Joins 2020 Presidential Race As Expected

Everyone knew Sen. Kamala Harris is an opportunist. Ask former California Governor Willie Brown. Harris was laying sights on running […]

CNN Claims Republicans Believe The Wall Will Stop Flow Of Drugs Into Our Country — NOT TRUE!

Every smart American knows that a border wall, by itself, won’t stop everything but it’s a solid start to prevention

Brad Pitt’s ‘Make It Right” Organization To Help Hurricane Katrina Victims Has Completed Disappeared!

You can’t create something and then walk away from it thinking it will maintain itself.

Dang It! The Patriots Advance To Another Superbowl!

As you read earlier, I said that Brady was the best quarterback in the NFL, possibly of all time and that hurts.

Student Confronted By Native American Activist Releases Statement — I Harbor No Ill Will For This Person

One person threatened to harm me at school, and one person claims to live in my neighborhood.