Witness Comes Forward In Don Lemon’s Assault Case – Reveals Host’s ‘Disgusting Behavior’

CNN has stood by Lemon, claiming that Hice initially asked the host for $1.5 million in order to drop the lawsuit.

Donald Trump Attacks Rashida Tlaib For Declining Visit To Her Grandma In Israel

[T]he itinerary of the two Congresswomen reveals that the sole purpose of their visit is to harm Israel and increase incitement against it

Israeli Interior Minister Reponds — Seems Rashida Tlaib’s Hatred For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother

The bottom line here is that Tlaib can’t even put her hate aside for a short time to honor the laws of another country

Senate Finance Committee Launches Probe into Biden-Linked Tech Sale

This new Senate probe is likely to cast a dark cloud over Biden during his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Decides Boycotting Israel Is More Important Than Visiting Ailing Grandmother

Turning down the gesture, Tlaib is trying to pull the sympathy card and drum up support for her cause but it won’t go the way she thinks.

Epstein Seen With Young Mystery Woman Before Death – Details Add to Speculation

The visiting attorney said that when he saw Epstein with the woman, none of his known attorneys were present–just the mystery girl.

Trump at Rally Rips Biden’s Plan to ‘Scale Back’ Campaign: ‘If I Ever Did That, It Would Be Over’

Speaking to supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire, the president mentioned the ‘disastrous’ actions on the part of the former vice president’s campaign

Jeffrey Epstein Judge Dies Suddenly

He was friendly with many of the nation’s most rich and famous–including former President Clinton who took numerous rides on Epstein’s private jet.

Rand Paul Talks About Long Recovery Even as ‘Left-Wing Mob’ Wishes Him Further Harm

Some two years after a brazen attack, GOP senator is still recuperating — he spoke to ‘Fox & Friends’ today

MSNBC To The Rescue — Claims Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib NEVER Said They Hated Israel

Diplomacy is not their strong suit, don’t include them in anything diplomatic because of their antisemitism.

Israel Bars Omar and Tlaib, Both Democrats, from Visiting Its Country

U.S. ally has taken remarkable step of stopping a planned outing to its borders by two members of Congress, both outspoken critics

Omar “Answers But Doesn’t Answer” If She Married Her Brother While Responding To Rep. King

As for Omar, maybe she thinks she’s answering the allegations with this tweet? But for us, whose default setting is on logical thinking, she hasn’t explained anything

Israel Changes Mind — Will Not Allow Omar and Tlaib Entry Into Country

Keep them home and send them to their districts to see if they can improve things for those who elected them.

Epstein Autopsy Uncovers Numerous Broken Neck Bones

The investigation into Epstein’s shocking death continues but it may be a long time

Google Insider Mails Laptop To DOJ Showing How Company Manipulates Algorithms Was Done

Can anything be done to Google at this point? Probably not. They are too big and at this late date? 

Mueller Team Cashes In After Hunting Trump

That’s why virtually the only place you see MAGA hats around here are on tourists.

[VIDEO] CNN’s Scaramucci — Trump’s Allowing For A License For People To Hate Each Other

It’s fair to criticize Trump, of course, but the rambling responses from Scaramucci are weird.

Political Observers Chastise Rep. King Who Said — ‘If Not For Rape And Incest, ‘Would There Be Any Population Left?’

Many of the first reactions were a mix of thunderstruck horror and questions about what King might be suggesting