Stacey Abrams In 2020? She’s Thinking About It!

Democrats have this thing about trying taking history by the nose hairs when it comes to elections and whatever they can do to be the first

To Push America Further Left, Democrats Seek Dramatic Election Reform

The far Left has a three-pronged agenda that people must be aware of, especially ahead of 2020, notes this opinion piece

Trump — Fox News Lowest Rated Anchor Shepard Smith Should Be Working At CNN

Shep’s show appears to be unscripted. They seem to let him go on and on about whatever he wants to talk about and his comments just get crazier and crazier.

Border Patrol Rescues Five Illegal Immigrants Stranded on Arizona Mountain

Men were in no condition to walk — were airlifted to hospital

Michael Jackson Daughter, Paris, Angry TMZ Ran With Suicide Attempt Story!

TMZ reported that Paris Jackson was placed on a 5150 hold following a hospitalization for a suicide attempt.

President Trump To Fox News — Bring Back Judge Jeanine!

Who is next, Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity? Fox just bit off their last foot with us. Now all who work for Fox News must be very careful to not tell the truth

The Five Best Movies for St. Patrick’s Day

These terrific flicks will get everyone in a celebratory mood for fun, festive times this weekend

St. Patrick’s Three Most Enduring Lessons for Us All

The holiday is about far more than shamrocks and green beer — it’s about a courageous Christian who left an enduring example

Washington State Mirrors New Jersey’s Attempt To Remove Trump from 2020 Ballot

This is hilarious. I’m never disappointed by the level of unhinged stupidity that comes out of the left. Keep it up.

Meghan McCain Claims American Will Love Her Father More Than Trump; Not Sure About That

Not nearly as many people loved your father as you might think, dear. Remember, your father LOST his presidential election while Trump WON his.

Teen Slams Egg Into Head Of Australian Senator; He Won’t Be Doing That Anymore!

No one should be ashamed to speak their opinion, ever. We don’t have to endorse it or accept it. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Angry Uber Driver Exposes Undercover Cops Trying To Allegedly Entrap Other Drivers!

With all the other crime happening in the streets, I can see why the driver was angry

Fox News Canceled Judge Jeanine’s Show After Questioning Rep. Ilhan Omar!

Is Fox News getting to be like CNN, MSNBC ABC, and CBS? It used to be the only channel that is fair on both sides.

New Zealand Elderly Stranger Being Hailed As Hero For Helping Injured Victim

Throughout the ordeal, Keats kept her focus on reassuring the victim that he would see his wife again.

Al Gore — Climate Change Is Real; It’s Beyond Consensus Of 99% Of The Scientists

All of these scientists espoused their dire predictions after receiving their government grants for the studies that employ them and feed their families.

Olivia Jade — ‘No Plans to Return to USC’ After College Bribery Scam

No doubt it will make her stronger, lessons she may have had trouble getting in her insulated environment

Trump on Mueller Report: It’s ‘Illegal’ and ‘Conflicted’

The inquiry may be winding down — and president reacted to the release of a transcript of former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s closed-door comments

Pelosi Sets Date To Try To Override President Trump’s Veto — March 26

Republican senators, who think they’d be setting a precedent for the Dems to use if their positions were reversed, are totally delusional.