Corsi Sues Mueller For $350 Million in Damages!

If Mueller cannot produce anything, he should be summarily dismissed from his position, and the tables turned on him for outrageously abusing the power of his office.

McCarthy Urges Dems Not To Investigate Trump For Country’s Sake

Even when I was creating the title of this article I was thinking to myself this is such a weak […]

YouTube Deletes Gavin McInnes 220,000 Subscriber Account

Believe me, there are many platforms out there to view but let me give you the reason why many so-called top conservatives stars won’t leave Twitter and Facebook.

Homeless Man Found $17,000; Gives To Food Bank

Police held the money for 90 days and since no one came to claim it, the food bank was allowed to keep it. 

SCOTUS Sides With Planned Parenthood 6-3; Justice Thomas Slams Decision To Not Review!

Supreme Court refuses to hear case stemming from move to block Medicaid patients from Planned Parenthood.

Former NFL Players To Create Spring Political-Activist Driven Football League

Political activism hasn’t been a great marketing tool for the NFL or ESPN, so don’t expect the Freedom Football League to get too far beyond the advertising stage.

Obama Was Fined $375K For Campaign Violations – Largest Fees Against Presidential Campaign

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations

Comey’s Closed-Door 235-Page Transcript Released!

A Republican-led House released disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s question and answer session from this past Friday. As you remember, […]

Search Intensifies For Woman Missing Since Dec 2

Berreth’s cars are still in Colorado. Police told CBS News they have searched Berreth’s home for clues and are working closely with the family z

Trump Bypasses Media To Explain Distance Between He And Cohen!

Trump: “Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me”

Trump Calls Out Media Over Claiming Nick Ayers Would Be Next Chief Of Staff

President Trump on Sunday night blamed the “fake news” for “saying with certainty” that Nick Ayers would be his new chief of staff

Nebraska Principal Bans Candy Canes; Claims “J” Shape Stands For Jesus!

I think the principal is a Christian hater and is making his decisions in so. I thought Democrats were all inclusive, but I guess not.

He Thought He Was Ready! Paris Protester Hit With Flash Ball

Hundreds of protesters were arrested as they prepared to battle with French security forces this morning.

Trump To Nominate Barr For AG — He Was My First Choice Since Day One!

Barr might be a great guy, and everyone likes him, but that’s a problem. He is part of the established order (Deep State).

DiGenova — We’ve Learned There Is NO EVIDENCE of Russian Collusion With Trump

The coup attempt against Trump will have to be taken apart piece by piece then put back together. There is a lot of behind the scenes work going on.

President Trump — John Kelly Is Out At End Of The Year

The announcement follows reporting yesterday that Kelly, the former Homeland Security secretary, is on the way out.

You’ll Die Laughing! Irish People Eat Krispy Kreme For Very First Time!”

The guy with the red long hair and beard is adorable. I love his childish like excitement for donuts.

Judge SHOCKS! Clinton Mails Are ‘One Of The Gravest Modern Offenses’ To Transparency’

This order might not produce anything but some people including the Clintons have been in the bathroom for the last 24 hours as they are nervous.