Rep. Mia Love Is Still Fighting! Takes 419 Vote Lead Over Dem Opponent

There are currently six House seats still remaining to be decided.

Snipes, Broward County Manual Recount Halted On Second Day — Counting Wrong Ballots!

To them, the ends justify the means, they know exactly what they are doing. They are not stupid, they can’t be.

DAYUM! S.E. Cupp: The Next Two Years Will Be The Equivalent of a Rectal Exam For Trump

The lack of media accurately framing the scale and scope of this devastating tragedy in California appears to be a purposeful act of willful blindness.

Who Knew? House Of Representatives Remove 181-Year-Old Hat Ban

I don’t feel bad about the Democrats losing their party, but in a way it’s justice.

Wasserman-Schultz Wants Nelson To Continue To Fight

If you’re less than a quarter percent then you go through a manual recount

These Florida Criminals Look More Like Marvel Movie Villians

These photos went viral but then again and I guess we understand why, don’t we?

Her Boyfriend Spray Painted Her Car And The Men Couldn’t Stop Calling!

The girlfriend didn’t have a clue why so many men were singling her out

Church Members Play Trust Game But Didn’t Expect This Outcome!

I don’t think the members of this church expected this to happen

Trump Responds To Acosta Getting Press Credentials Back!

Would have been wonderful if Trump had the Secret Service tackle Acosta and dragged his butt out of the press room

Sen. Kamala Harris Compares ICE to the KKK!

First of all, the guy should have told her the truth: The KKK is the enforcement wing of the Democratic Party.

Judge Rules White House Must Return Jim Acosta’s Press Credential

Time for the White House to discontinue press conferences all together.

Schlapp -No Desire To Replace Sanders; President Has Great Relationship With Kelly

We will watch how this plays out over the next few weeks.

Retired Judge Janice Rogers Brown Could Be The Next AG! Served With Kavanaugh!

President Trump needs to have more qualified black and Hispanic conservatives in his cabinet

You Lucky Dog! This “Edge Of Your Seat” Video Is Nuts

I watched this so intently, I felt I was standing there trying to help this dog

When You Trying To Explain But Nobody’s Buying It

You are going to laugh until tomorrow morning when you see this go down

FL Gov Scott Calls On Sen. Nelson To Concede But Sec Of State Calls For Hand Recount

Snipes calculatedly designed ballots to generate under-votes (blank votes) for the Senate election. 

One America News Stands With White House Against CNN, MSNBC and Fox News

I don’t watch OAN like I used to because I do my own thing, but I am proud they know right from wrong

Clyburn Claims Detractors Within Dem Party Using “Racially-Charged Dog Whistles”

The truth is he is a figurehead. Clyburn has no power. He is not the number one and he is not the number two.