One Big Happy Family? MI Governor “Appreciates” Disaster Declaration Given By POTUS 

Whitmer said in a news release she appreciates the approval as “a good start,” but said the federal government has not approved Michigan’s request in full.

Report: MI Governor Criticized Trump For Days, Yet She Hasn’t Bothered to Submit Disaster Request With FEMA

Gretchen Whitmer is a George Soros puppet and is an incompetent mess and needs to go.

Report: Coronavirus Deaths In The U.S. Now Over 2,000; Doubles In One Day

I believe that Pres. Trump will, very soon, ease government restrictions and will get our economic train rolling again. It is one of his main talents and expertise.

[VIDEO] National Guard Goes Door-To-Door At Governor’s Request To Identify Possible NY Visitors

This is what Americans feared and even on a small scale, there should be some type of hesitation. On Saturday, […]

[VIDEO] It’s Here And Approved! FDA Approves Machine That Can Deliver Coronavirus Results In Less than 13 Minutes

Try to distribute to India, Italy, and the U.K. as soon as possible. If you have to give free equipment to them, make the sacrifice!

California Has Closed Gun Shops Under The Non-Essential Label; NRA Files Lawsuit

Gun stores in LA can still sell to security officers, and people who have already purchased their guns can still pick them up. But the sheriff made it clear: gun stores are not “essential.”

You Won’t Believe This! Before & After Coronavirus, Scenes From The World’s Biggest Cities [VIDEO]

The only positive things that come out of this pandemic is that the air pollution is at a record low and that the Earth is taking a break

[VIDEO] 73% Of Coronavirus Cases In Maryland Are Under The Age 60

The state also provided more details about patients’ ages. Of the patients, 15 are 19 years old or younger. Four children under the age of 10 tested positive for coronavirus.