Navarro — Impeachment Will Cost Pelosi Her Speakership

“There are 31 Congressmen, freshman Democrats, in districts that the president won handily in 2016. They snuck in in 2018, promising that they would do the right thing for constituents in those districts,” Navarro said.

[VIDEO] Watch VA Rep. Spanberger Get Shredded by Constituents Over Impeachment ‘Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong!’ and ‘All Lies!’

There are 31 Democrats who are in Trump-friendly districts and they’re literally throwing away their entire political careers over an impeachment that won’t pass the Senate?

WATCH: AG Barr — ‘Completely Irresponsible Press’ Gave Americans Bogus Narrative For Three Years!

Barr noted that the Obama administration, including Obama himself, did not approach the situation correctly because they did not inform the Trump campaign what was going on

[VIDEO] Things Get Pretty Wild When Pro-Trump Journalist Confronts Al Green in an Airport

Info Wars reporter Owen Shroyer, who was recently arrested for disrupting Jerry Nadler’s impeachment circus, caught up with Rep. Al Green in the airport and confronted him on impeachment.

Opinion: Former FBI Trump Hater Lisa Page Plays Victim on Twitter and it Instantly Backfires 

Disgraced former FBI Trump-hating official Lisa Page took to Twitter to play the victim and it did not go over very well.

WATCH: Barr — The FBI “Falsified” Documents To Continue Monitoring Trump “After The Election”

Barr also said today that Durham will not complete his investigation until the spring of 2020. That should give the swamp rats plenty of time to sweat their fate and the pending indictments.

[VIDEO] Disturbing Video Featuring Joe Biden Holding Young Girl’s Hand Resurfaces And Has Many People Very Upset

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a touchy-feely creep – that’s the best-case scenario, I shudder to think what else he could be…Especially after watching this video, which I must warn you, is very disturbing.

[VIDEO] GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is Pissed, Unleashed and Ready For Battle

I have never seen GOP Leader McCarthy this fired up and pissed off and ready for battle. 

[VIDEO] Flashback Video of ‘Somber’ Maxine Waters Declaring ‘We’ve Got to Stop His Ass’ About President Trump

Democrats are treating the American people as if they’re mentally-incompetent blithering idiots who can’t grasp anything and have no memory or commonsense.

[VIDEO] What These Californians Said About Trump’s Impeachment Will Leave You Shocked and Speechless

You’d think if you traveled to California, one of the most liberal utopias on the planet that nearly everyone and their brother would support impeachment, right? Well, you’d be wrong.

Report: Hunters Ex-Stripper ‘Baby Mama’ Wants to Know Exactly How Much Money He Made in Ukraine and China

Things just keep going from bad to worse for the Biden family of thieves and thugs.

[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Thinks Trump’s Impeachment Will Make America ‘Stronger’

Former FLOTUS Michele Obama is in Vietnam with fellow progressive globalists Jenna Bush (Geroge W. Bush’s daughter) and actress Julia Roberts to promote education for girls, but of course, she’s got time to discuss impeachment.

Trump Supporters Respond to ‘Articles of Impeachment’ With Some of The Best Insight and Comments Ever!

Today the disgraced and desperate Dems introduced articles of impeachment against our successful and amazing America First President.

Former Brennan CIA Agent Calls Out His Old Boss ‘I Swear to You: I Will Attend Your Trial and Sentencing. That Day is Coming’

Former CIA Agent Mark Augustine sent his old boss John Brennan a bone-chilling tweet.

[VIDEO] Houston Police Chief Calls Out McConnell, Cruz For Opposing “Gun-Control” Policies?

Acevedo went after Sen. Cornyn because the lawmaker informed him that the Violence Against Women Act hadn’t passed because of the House’s impeachment effort against Pres. Trump.

[VIDEO] One of Trump’s Biggest Haters of All Time is Trashing Dems’ Impeachment on CNN ‘It’s Not Good For The Country’

You know things are not going your way when one of Trump’s biggest haters is on CNN (of all places) trashing Democrats impeachment.

[VIDEO] Melania Went ‘Naughty and Nice’ With Festive Candy-Cane Stripe Skirt and Slinky Red High Heel Boots at ‘Toys For Tots’

Melania has a very classic style, but it’s always fun when she adds a little spice to her look. She usually adds that extra pizzaz with a stunning and slinky pair of shoes.