Chelsea Handler Claims Trump Exonerates White People Only; Pardon Recipient Says Not So Fast!

Angela Stanton is a best-selling author, a publisher, a mother of four and the creator of Reclaim It Albany.

[VIDEO] Liberal Students Failed to Stop Melania From Receiving “Woman Of Distinction” Award From PBA University

The students tried to stop it with a bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth protests, but in the end, they failed and Melania won.

[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When a Freezing Guys Asks Bernie Socialists For Their Jackets

Socialism is all fun and games until you actually have to start parting with your stuff, right? 

[VIDEO] Dem Refuses to Give Trump Credit, Says Black Unemployment Numbers Were “Lower Under Slavery”

Democrats are not interested in blacks or minorities doing better. They want to keep these people poor and out of work and dependent on the government.

[VIDEO] Bloomberg Had Disastrous Debate But He Landed One Epic Shot That Took Comrade Bernie Down

Last night during the Dem debate a dusty old Communist and a miniature tyrant went head-to-head

Report: Just After Harry Found Out He Was Stripped of All Royal Titles, He’s Spotted Grocery Shopping Alone

Harry doesn’t care that all his royal titles were just stripped…He just wants to know if it’s “Double Coupon” day at the local market!

Opinion: America Can’t Survive Under This Two-Tiered Justice System

No nation can’t survive a two-tiered justice system