Tlaib Tells Trump Cabinet Member To Seek “Personal Legal Advice” Over Cover-Up!

The Dems are worried about what Attorney General William Barr may find. It appears they are involved in a coverup and involved in obstruction of an investigation.

Social Justice Warrior Milano Tweets “Steps To Impeachment” To Her Fan Base!

The entire Democrat Party is made up of psychopaths, narcissists, and borderlines. Who else pees on the Constitution every time things don’t go their way?

Freshman Democrat Blames Trump Admin For Deaths of Children At Border

The death of those children is entirely, 100% the fault of the Democrats who have invited millions of children from Central America.

Pelosi Accused Trump Of A Cover-Up; Now She’s Accusing Him Of “Planned Sabotage”

Both of these human beings are pathetic and need to seek professional help. They are looking worse every day. 

Trump Ends Meeting With Dems And Holds Unscheduled Press Conference!

What is “best for America” is not even on the Democrats radar. They are worse than blind because they are simply programmed to sabotage America

Trump — If Congress Doesn’t Pass USMCA, Don’t Think About Infrastructure Deal

The Democrats one and only objective is to find something, anything to make the President look bad.

Rep. Pelosi — We Believe POTUS Is “Engaged In A Cover-Up”

Pelosi’s party keeps ringing the bell to start impeachment proceedings, no doubt backed by the media who want to ride this into the 2020 elections for ratings.

REPORT: CBP Has ONLY Constructed 1.7 Miles Of Fencing Since $1.57B Appropriation

Based on that updated information, it appears that CBP has now constructed 1.7 miles of fencing with its fiscal year 2018 funding.

Jackson Lee Seeks Investigation Authorization To See If Impeachment Powers Should Be Used!

What do you think of Jackson Lee’s efforts? Are you tired of these Democrats overreaching on things they can’t control?

Hollywood Shifts To Standing Up For Those Who Can’t Stand Up For Themselves — McDonald’s Chickens?

In reality, why McDonald’s? There are hundreds of fast food chains they could go after, some that specialize in chicken, like KFC and Chick-Fil-A.

Biden To Push Taxpayer Funded Abortions If Elected!

Every single promised policy proposal is a threat to reestablish pain that has long ago been rejected by the electorate.

Fox News’ Brit Hume Pours It On! Buttigieg May Be Most Impressive Candidate Since — Obama!

If Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume had his way, he would be the Senior campaign manager for 2020 […]

Jeff Daniels: ‘For Trump Rally Audiences It’s All About ‘Race’

He just called millions of Americans racist, not a good career move. Liberals are focused on race, not Trump supporters.

Loughlin’s Daughter Wants Back In At USC — Originally She Didn’t Want To Go

This is probably the first adversity she has experienced in her life, and if her parents are setting the example

Want To Clear The Room? Ask 2020 Dem Candidates About Late-Term Abortions

Liberals oppose a death sentence for violent criminals but support a death penalty for inconvenient pregnancies. Enough said.

ICE Is Currently Holding “Record” 52,398 Border Crossers In Detention

I say put a serious military presence at the border and deny deny deny. No tents, no porta potty’s, no food, no water nothing.

Obama-Backed Federal Judge Upholds House Dems Subpoena For Trump Tax Records Request

If the final decision rules against Trump, then the Republicans should subpoena financial records of all Democrat senators and representatives.

Infant Cut from Mother’s Womb After She Was Attacked Is Fighting for His Life

‘They’re such a loving and humble family’ and what happened to them is ‘so wrong’