SILLY Chuck Todd Tells POTUS Children Brought Into Country Illegally Being Held As HOSTAGES

Todd and the rest of the media want to excuse how things started under the Obama administration and dismiss that Trump has stopped a lot of those practices.

Mexico Proclaims 6,000 National Guardsman Deployment Is Complete

Mexico has completed its deployment of 6,000 National Guard agents to help control the flow of migrants headed toward the U.S. and filled 650 immigration agency posts

Seven Marines Killed After Truck Plows Into Their Motorcycle Riding Group

Riding is supposed to be a great stress reliever and very relaxing but with cell phones, people don’t pay attention anymore. Prayers for all those affected in this.

Booker Refuses To Say He Won’t Meet With Farrakhan After He BLASTED Biden

Cory Booker called out Joe Biden for acknowledging that he could sit down and listen to racists and work for the common good. Booker is saying the same thing, with no backlash.

Future Hall of Fame NFL QB Awarded $6M In Diamond Fraud Lawsuit

Jurors award Drew Brees more than $6M in jewelry lawsuit

AOC And Dems Now Claim ICE And Border Patrol Are KILLING Kids At The Border

Ocasio-Cortez, other Dems accuse ICE and CBP of ‘killing’ children, call for hold on funding

2020 Dem Presidential Candidate Buttigieg’s Tells Black Crowd “I’m Not Asking For Your Vote!”

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor cancelled several campaign events this week following a police-involved shooting that left a black man dead

Trump Says Promised DEPORTATIONS Of Illegals Will Be Delayed At Request Of DEMOCRATS!

With some major U.S. cities vowing to not only not support, but actually take steps to resist planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids

Sanders Says 11-22 Million Illegals Would Be Entitled To Socialized Healthcare Program If He Were Elected

Americans should know that the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates the cost for Sanders program could range between $28 to $32 trillion over a decade.

Watch PASSIONATE Border Czar Tom Homan BLAST Leaks Of Raids To Pick Up Illegal Border Crossers

Homan GOES OFF on acting Homeland Security Secretary McAleenan! Accuses him of resisting ICE and leaking on raids to opposition media!

The FDA Approves A NEW ‘Female Viagra’ Despite Skepticism

U.S. women will soon have another drug option designed to boost low sex drive: a shot they can give themselves in the thigh or abdomen that raises sexual interest for several hours.

Teen Who Lost Her Leg And Fingers During Shark Attack Explains The Moment!

Teen who lost leg, fingers in shark attack describes the moment she was bitten

Harris Proudly Announces Endorsement From Ethically Challenged Lawmaker

The Kamala Harris campaign announced an endorsement from Rep Alcee Hastings who was at the center of a $220,000 taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlement

Journalist Who Claims Trump Sexually Assaulted Her Back In 90s Rejects Idea Of Bringing Charges

Carroll Speaks on Trump Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Her: ‘It Became a Fight… It Hurt. And It Was Against My Will’

Maher Disagrees With AOC’s Concentration Camp Statement And Democrats Using Reparations For Votes

Mahar actually seems to be getting it. I bet he regrets donating a million bucks to Hillary Clinton for 2016.

Chicago Judge Appoints SPECIAL PROSECUTOR For JUSSIE SMOLLETT Case; Actor Can Be Retried!!

Judge Michael Toomin said that Foxx’s unorthodox decision to drop all charges against Smollett absent an admission of guilt was within her authority

Journalist Makes Sexual Assault Claim From the 90s Against President Trump

This accusation comes from E. Jean Carroll, a so-called renowned columnist, who is accusing Pres. Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s.

Trump: $15 Proposed Minimum Wage Is Very Low Number; I’d Like To Get People Higher Than That”

Pres. Trump says he wants to ‘get people higher’ than the minimum wage of $15: ‘that’s a very low number’