Biden Impeachment Is Unlikely Claims Oversight Committee Chairman (Ep 1849) 2/21/24
Former FBI informant charged with lying about President Biden, son Hunter, and their business dealings. Department of Justice states he has “extensive” ties to Russian intelligence. Smirnov implicated ... Watch Now.
AI: The Next Big Threat to Conservative Thought? (Ep 1847) 2/20/24
Debate over rapid AI innovation’s future consequences intensifies as an industry insider warns of its threat to conservative thought. MRC Free Speech America VP Dan Schneider highlights the growing dan ... Watch Now.
Truckers for Trump Refuse To Service NY After $369 Fraud Verdict Last Week (Ep 1846) 2/19/24
Truck drivers backing former President Donald Trump have expressed their refusal to drive to New York City. Their decision aims to highlight their discontent with the civil fraud judgment that imposed ... Watch Now.
Putin's Surprising Preference: Biden Over Trump (Ep 1846) 2/15/24
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in an interview. However, he emphasized his willingness to collaborate with any U.S. president. Putin praised B ... Watch Now.
Trump Wants SCOTUS To Rule On His Latest Immunity Case Decision (Ep 1844) 2/13/24
On Monday, Donald Trump requested the Supreme Court to intervene and prevent a recent ruling that denied him absolute immunity for alleged crimes committed during his presidency. This action has the po ... Watch Now.
U.S. Senate Advances $95.34B Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan (Ep 1843) 2/12/24
The U.S. Senate made progress towards passing a $95.34 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Despite opposition, the bipartisan support remained strong, as shown by the Democratic-led Se ... Watch Now.
China Is No Longer The Leader In U.S. Imports (Ep 1842) 2/8/24
Mexico surpassed China as the top source of goods imported by the United States for the first time in over two decades. The shift reflects strained relations between Washington and Beijing, as the U.S. ... Watch Now.
Republican-Led House Fails To Impeach Mayorkas But Is It Over? (Ep 1841) 2/7/24
The House of Representatives voted against impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, ending the Republican-led effort. The resolution accused him of “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the ... Watch Now.
Border Patrol Union Wants Senate Deal Passed! (Ep 1840) 2/6/24
On Monday, the acting chief of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and the union representing Border Patrol agents came together to endorse the bipartisan Senate border security bill. This united supp ... Watch Now.
Trump Signals Possible Changes For RNC; Ronna Out? (Ep 1839) 2/5/24
Former President Donald Trump hinted that RNC chair Ronna McDaniel’s time may be ending, citing the RNC’s financial struggles. In an interview, Trump suggested that donors are unhappy with the current ... Watch Now.
James O'Keefe Exposes Talkative White House Cybersecurity Official (Ep 1838) 2/1/24
A White House official, Charlie Kraiger, caught on camera discussing President Joe Biden’s performance and the administration’s interest in having VP Kamala Harris replace him in 2024. The conversation ... Watch Now.
Democrat Rep Blames Right Wing For Alleged Misappropriation Investigation (Ep 1837) 1/31/24
Democratic Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) has expressed her full cooperation with an ongoing Department of Justice investigation regarding the alleged misappropriation of funds associated with her hir ... Watch Now.
Congresswoman Says Somali's Interests Come First Before U.S. (Ep 1836) 1/27/24)
Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar’s speech, which went viral with over 2.6 million views, sparked controversy due to a translation suggesting she wanted to reclaim missing Somali territories. However, Omar ... Watch Now.
Biden Promises To Respond To Attack On Americans In Jordan (Ep 1835) 1/26/24)
Three US Army soldiers lost their lives, and over 30 service members sustained injuries in a recent drone attack on a small US outpost in Jordan, as reported by US officials to CNN. This incident marks ... Watch Now.
Trump Make Huge Warning To Haley's Donors If They Continue To Fund Her (Ep 1834) 1/25/24)
Former President Trump criticized GOP primary opponent Nikki Haley, warning that anyone who supports her campaign will be permanently excluded from the MAGA camp. Trump emphasized that he no longer wel ... Watch Now.

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