E1916: Trump Says Already Made VP Pick, ‘In My Mind’ 6/23/24
Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, revealed he has chosen his vice president but has not disclosed the decision yet. He hinted at the announcement during a debate with President Bi ... Watch Now.
E1915: 10 Commandments Display in Louisiana Public Schools Cause Controversy 6/20/24
Louisiana becomes the first state to mandate displaying the Ten Commandments in all public school classrooms. The move, led by a GOP-controlled Legislature and a new governor, sparks debate over consti ... Watch Now.
E1914: Putin Visits North Korea First Time In 24 Years 6/19/24
North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has pledged full support for Russia’s war in Ukraine, following a warning by the US. Kim Jong-un, who previously supplied arms to Moscow, met with Putin in Pyongyang. T ... Watch Now.
E1913: Dem Strategists Consider Potential Move Against Biden Due to Polling Concerns 6/18/24
Democratic strategists suggest that if Joe Biden fails to face off with Trump or his polling numbers continue to decline, a united front of liberal grandees could force him out, posing a high-risk proc ... Watch Now.
E1912: CNN Sets Debate Rules For Biden And Trump 6/17/24
CNN announced rules for the June 27 presidential debate, including a lack of a studio audience, muted microphones, and standard podium attendance. Candidates must bring a pen, paper, and water. The net ... Watch Now.
E1911: House Votes to Hold AG Garland in Contempt 6/12/24
The House voted to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt for withholding President Biden’s interview audio in a classified documents case. The 216-207 vote was split along party lines, with ... Watch Now.
E1910: Biden Is Struggling And The Country Is Suffering For It 6/11/24
Just five months before a rematch election between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, things are tough for the current president. With consistently low approval ratings, Biden barely ke ... Watch Now.
E1909: Trump Vows Tax-Free Tips in Nevada for Second Term Bid 6/11/24
Former President Trump pledged to eliminate taxes on tipped income in Nevada if he wins a second term, appealing to voters in the battleground state. This move is a reflection of Nevada’s status as a m ... Watch Now.
E1908: Tensions Rise: Putin Labels US Enemy as Arms Threats Escalate 6/10/24
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has called the United States an enemy state. His remarks came in response to a claim made by a former American intelligence officer, who ... Watch Now.
E1907: Senate Republicans Warn NY Judge: Sentencing Trump Could Impact Campaign 6/6/24
Senate Republicans caution NY Judge Merchan against sentencing Trump to prison, fearing it could hinder his campaign. Trump faces 34 felony counts but may appeal, with his fate now in the hands of Judg ... Watch Now.
E1906: Garland Denies Collusion in Trump Case: A "Conspiracy Theory?" 6/5/24
Attorney General Garland faced questions about alleged collusion between the DOJ and Manhattan DA Bragg to charge ex-President Trump. Garland denied the link, citing no knowledge of a DOJ official’s mo ... Watch Now.
E1905: Biden Set to Seal Mexico Border: Impact on Asylum Seekers 6/4/24
Biden is anticipated to sign an order enabling him to seal the Mexico border, expected on Tuesday. This action would grant the president the authority to temporarily shut down the border and halt longs ... Watch Now.
E1904: Will Trump's Guilty Verdict Stand Or Be Reversed? 6/3/24
Donald Trump, the former president and current felon, has declared that his conviction for falsifying records to cover up a sex scandal is “long from over.” He plans to appeal the verdict, which he lab ... Watch Now.
E1903: Trump Jury Begins Second Day Of Deliberations In Hush Money Trial 5/30/24
New York jury deliberates for a second day in historic trial of ex-President Trump. Judge instructs jurors on charges, warns against discussing case. Trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business record ... Watch Now.
Wayne Dupree Show Special: Update On Miles Guo Federal Case w Ava Chen
Ava Chen joined Wayne Dupree to give an update on the trial of Miles Guo, leader and founder of the New Federal State Of China. Mr Guo is currently awaiting trial on an alleged $1bn fraud conspiracy. H ... Watch Now.

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