Survey Says: Majority of Poll Voters Believe Biden is Too Old for Re-election
Quinnipiac University survey: Majority think Biden is too old for another term but still prefer him over Trump. Biden leads Trump 49% to 45% in recent head-to-head poll. ... Read More.
Arizona Republican Kari Lake's Bold Move: Reaching Out to Meghan McCain Sparks Unexpected Response
Arizona Republican Kari Lake, running for U.S. Senate, contacts late Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain after a public disagreement. ... Read More.
New York AG Ready to Seize Trump's Assets if $355M Judgment Goes Unpaid
New York Attorney General Letitia James is prepared to seize assets from former President Trump if he fails to pay a $355 million civil business fraud trial judgment. ... Read More.
Chance of Impeachment Vote Against President Biden Slim, Says House Oversight Chair
James Comer (R-KY), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said in a recent interview that there is a chance an impeachment vote against President Joe Biden will not come from his investigation ... Watch Now.
Julian Assange's Final Stand: High-Stakes Hearings Begin for Extradition Battle
Julian Assange faces crucial extradition hearings at London’s High Court of Justice, seen as his final chance to avoid extradition. His wife believes it’s his only hope for survival. ... Watch Now.
Gaetz Ex-Girlfriend Responds To Subpoena House Ethics Committee; "Of Course We Will Comply And Appear"
Amidst its ongoing inquiry into the Florida Republican, the House Ethics Committee has issued a subpoena summoning Rep. Matt Gaetz’s former girlfriend to testify. ... Read More.
Georgia Prosecutor's Accusations Disputed: DA's Involvement in Trump Case Under Scrutiny
Georgia prosecutors call on district attorney’s father to testify about her alleged involvement with special prosecutor handling Donald Trump’s case. ... Read More.
Court Orders Former Trump to Pay $355 Million in Fines and Temporarily Bars Him from Leading Trump Corporation
A New York court has ordered the former president Donald Trump to pay around $355 million in fines and has temporarily barred him from leading the corporation that carries his name. Trump is not thrill ... Read More.
Biden's Late Visit to Ohio Train Derailment Site: Is He Too Little, Too Late?
Just over a year after a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in the little community near the Pennsylvania state border, President Biden is scheduled to visit East Palestine, Ohio on Fr ... Read More.
Uncertainty Looms Over New York Civil Fraud Trial Against Former President Trump
The fate of the New York civil fraud trial against the former President of the United States hangs in the balance. Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, expresses disappointment with the anticipated ruling. Sta ... Read More.
Fani Willis: ‘The Most I Ever Gave Him, I Know I Gave Him $2,500
The Fani Willis hearing centers around the question of whether the district attorney of Fulton County received improper benefits from her association with the appointed special prosecutor in the case. ... Read More.
Prosecutor Fani Willis Takes a Stand Attempting To Debunk 'Extremely Offensive' Allegations in Trump's Election Fraud Case
Fani Willis vehemently denied the ‘extremely offensive’ allegations of having a romantic encounter with her ex-boyfriend and prosecutor, Nathan Wade, during their initial meeting. She passionately defe ... Read More.
Kamala Harris: 'I'm Ready to Serve' Amid GOP's Focus on VP's Readiness after Special Counsel's Report
Discover how Vice President Kamala Harris addresses a delicate question from The Wall Street Journal regarding her readiness to serve as president. Get insights into her response and preparedness. ... Read More.
Florida GOP Backs Trump for President, Vows to Defeat Biden and Secure Our Future!
The Florida GOP formally supported Trump for president today. The Republican Party of Florida said in a post on X that “it is time Republicans unite to DEFEAT Biden and safeguard the future of our coun ... Read More.
Biden's Memory Lapses: Shocking DOJ Report Reveals 'Elderly Man with a Poor Memory'
Special Counsel Robert Hur confirms President Joe Biden will not face charges for possessing official government papers. Hur suggests Biden could present himself as a compassionate, well-meaning elderl ... Read More.

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