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Donald Trump Teases Vice Presidential Pick for 2024 Election Showdown; 'I've Made My Choice'
Former President Donald Trump reveals his choice for running mate in the 2024 election and hints at their presence at the upcoming presidential debate with Joe Biden. ... Read More.
Trump Signals He Will Support Giving Green Cards To Graduating Foreign Students from U.S. Colleges
Former President backs green cards for foreign students graduating from US colleges. Focus on legal student visas, not undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers. ... Read More.
Trump Backs Louisiana's 10 Commandments in Classrooms for "Common Sense Revival"
Former President Donald Trump backs Louisiana’s move to showcase the 10 commandments in classrooms, aiming to restore common sense and ignite a religious revival in the U.S. ... Read More.
Trump to Challenge Biden in Debate Over Illegal Entries Causing American Deaths
Former President Donald Trump plans to challenge President Joe Biden in an upcoming debate regarding individuals who entered the country illegally and caused the deaths of American citizens. ... Read More.
CNN Report: Debate Over Democracy vs. Republic Stirred by Trump Supporters
CNN reporter criticizes claims by Trump supporters that the US is a republic as an assault on democracy in recent broadcast. ... Watch Now.
Liberal Elites Plot? Joe's Fate Hangs on First Trump Showdown and Poll Numbers Plunge
Get insights on Joe’s potential response to challenges with Trump and declining ratings. ... Read More.
Donald Trump Slams Biden's Spending and Critiques Zelensky: The Greatest Politician-Salesman Ever?
Donald Trump criticizes President Biden for spending unprecedented amounts of money and supporting the Green New Deal. He praises Zelensky as an exceptional salesman, highlighting the billions he secur ... Read More.
DNC Amplifies Trump's Alleged 'Horrible City' Comment with 10 Milwaukee Billboards
Former President Trump plans a rally in Wisconsin to regain support after controversially dubbing Milwaukee “horrible.” The DNC responds with billboards on city stats. ... Watch Now.
President Joe Biden's Approval Ratings Plummet Ahead of 2024 Election: Is a Second Term in Jeopardy?
President Joe Biden’s approval ratings reach new low ahead of 2024 election. Discussions on risks of his candidacy emerge as some propose he may opt out of a second term. Despite challenges, maintains ... Read More.
Federal Court Denies Trump's Request to Drop Charges: Obstruction Case Moves Forward
Federal court denies former President Donald Trump’s request to drop charges in a criminal case. Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida upholds the superseding indictment, including obstruction charges. ... Read More.
Georgia Appeals Court Pauses Trump Case Amid Review of Fulton County DA Disqualification
Georgia Appeals Court pauses Trump case to review potential disqualification of Fulton County DA Fani Willis. ... Read More.
Expect Judge in Trump Sentencing To Look To Make An Example, Dershowitz Predicts
Retired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz discusses potential sentencing options for Trump, emphasizing the judge’s ability to send a strong message. ... Read More.
RNC's Backup Strategy: Preparing for Presidential Nomination Amid Trump's Legal Troubles
RNC prepares backup plans for Trump’s nomination if he faces prison time. RNC chair, Michael Whatley, discusses contingency plans in case Trump can’t accept the GOP nomination in person. ... Read More.
Donald Trump Declares Himself "Political Prisoner" After Guilty Verdict
Former President Trump declares himself “political prisoner” after being found guilty of falsifying business documents. Claims decision was rigged by Biden administration. ... Read More.
Trump Asks Supreme Court to Intervene in Sentencing Over Falsified Records
Former President Donald Trump seeks US Supreme Court intervention in his sentencing for falsifying company records. The judge overseeing the case, Judge Juan Merchan, appointed by Democrats, is deemed ... Watch Now.

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