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Aila Wang: Chinese Communist Party's Hands Are Deep In The U.S.
On Thursday, @NFSCSpeak rep Aila Wang joined us to talk about how the Chinese people ARE NOT the CCP and that the Communist Party is deeply infiltrated our gov’t cc: @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobF ... Watch Now.
Add The Wayne Dupree Show To Your Daily Playlists
The @WayneDupreeShow has stood the test of time & continues to provide the best grassroots broadcast shrouded in truth & honesty. We don’t deal with #TissuePaperFeeling voters too well, but we welcome ... Watch Now.
Rising Talks of Civil War in America: Are They Serious? (Ep 1850) 2/22/24
Americans are discussing civil war more, with a spike in references after the FBI raided Trump’s home. Threats of civil war emerged if Trump was indicted, with some predicting uprisings. Concerns grow ... Watch Now.
Biden Impeachment Is Unlikely Claims Oversight Committee Chairman (Ep 1849) 2/21/24
Former FBI informant charged with lying about President Biden, son Hunter, and their business dealings. Department of Justice states he has “extensive” ties to Russian intelligence. Smirnov implicated ... Watch Now.
Having Your Voice Heard On The Wayne Dupree Show
👂🏽Listen to this awesome call-in 📞 from one of our viewers! She used our system to be heard and you can too! 🗣️ Call (800) 895-5725 and leave us a message! Wayne, Hutch Bailie Jr, and Jason Robertson ... Watch Now.
AI: The Next Big Threat to Conservative Thought? (Ep 1847) 2/20/24
Debate over rapid AI innovation’s future consequences intensifies as an industry insider warns of its threat to conservative thought. MRC Free Speech America VP Dan Schneider highlights the growing dan ... Watch Now.
NFSC Spokesperson Delivers Truth About Houthi Attacks
🔊 Our brother Roy Guo @roy_guo64 of the New Federal State of China @NFSCSpeak delivers breaking news each week and we’re glad for it #FreeMilesGuo Wayne, Hutch Bailie Jr, and Jason Robertson fearlessl ... Watch Now.
Wayne Dupree Show Announces Our New Foreign Policy
Most Americans will agree with us…we need to take care of home and build it up and fix our problems before helping other countries ... Watch Now.
Truckers for Trump Refuse To Service NY After $369 Fraud Verdict Last Week (Ep 1846) 2/19/24
Truck drivers backing former President Donald Trump have expressed their refusal to drive to New York City. Their decision aims to highlight their discontent with the civil fraud judgment that imposed ... Watch Now.
Roy Guo: It's Critical To Understand Chinese People Aren't CCP
Roy Guo is a New Federal State of China representative that appears on the Wayne Dupree Show each week. ... Watch Now.
Putin's Surprising Preference: Biden Over Trump (Ep 1846) 2/15/24
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in an interview. However, he emphasized his willingness to collaborate with any U.S. president. Putin praised B ... Watch Now.
We Need To Return To Everyday Americans To Serve In Congress
We need more farmers, store owners, small business owners in Congress like it was years ago. Too many lifetime opportunists that do nothing but grandstand up there now! ... Watch Now.
Sen. Cornyn Has Gone Rogue!
What the heck happened to John Cornyn? This is why the hosts of the @WayneDupreeShow aren’t in love with politicians. We exercise our rights to hold ALL LAWMAKERS ACCOUNTABLE! ... Watch Now.
Trump Wants SCOTUS To Rule On His Latest Immunity Case Decision (Ep 1844) 2/13/24
On Monday, Donald Trump requested the Supreme Court to intervene and prevent a recent ruling that denied him absolute immunity for alleged crimes committed during his presidency. This action has the po ... Watch Now.
U.S. Senate Advances $95.34B Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan (Ep 1843) 2/12/24
The U.S. Senate made progress towards passing a $95.34 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Despite opposition, the bipartisan support remained strong, as shown by the Democratic-led Se ... Watch Now.

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