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Tribute to Willie Mays: Giants vs. Cardinals Make History on Juneteenth
The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals faced off in Alabama’s inaugural regular season Major League Baseball game on Thursday night at the historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham. The matchup ... Watch Now.
Man Mistaken for Dead in Pond Turns Out to Be Drunk and Resting - A Surprising Twist in India!
In India, passersby noticed what appeared to be a dead body in a pond and promptly called the police. When the police arrived and began to pull the body out, they discovered that the man was actually a ... Watch Now.
Americans Feel the Pinch: Rising Prices and Economic Ratings Under Biden
“Eggs, milk, bread — everything is REALLY HIGH.” — 72% of Americans say higher prices have been ‘A HARDSHIP’ or ‘DIFFICULT’ under Biden. — 63% of Americans rate the economy as ‘BAD’ under Biden. ... Watch Now.
Biden's Black Voter Support Dropping: A Warning Sign for the Campaign
“A warning sign” for the Biden campaign as polling continues to show him hemorrhaging support among black voters ... Watch Now.
Mother of Five Brutally Slain by Illegal Immigrant: Seeking Justice for Rachel Morin
Rachel Morin was a mother-of-five who was savagely murdered by an illegal alien predator Biden let into the country. The father of her oldest daughter wants the animal “to live a very long life — and ... Watch Now.
Unvetted Border Crossings: National Emergency Consideration by Biden? Kirby's Uncertainty
REPORTER: What about the many thousand unvetted illegals crossing the border and into the U.S. every single week? Is Biden considering use of national emergency authorities? KIRBY: “I’m not even sure ... Watch Now.
CNN Reporter vs. Historian: Trump's Republic vs. Democracy Debate
A CNN reporter criticized Trump’s claims that the United States is a republic as an attack on democracy. Historian Anne Applebaum defended the claim, stating that the US was founded as a democracy. App ... Watch Now.
Undocumented Immigrant Allowed Entry by Biden Arrested for Murder 1,800 Miles from Border
An undocumented immigrant, whom Biden allowed into the country in 2023, was arrested for the tragic assault and murder of Rachel Morin, a Maryland mother-of-five who disappeared while jogging last year ... Watch Now.
Biden's "Mass Catch-and-Release" Plan Leaves ICE with 7.4 Million Cases of Undocumented Immigrants
“Unbelievable”: ICE agents have over 7.4 million ‘non-detained’ cases—immigrants released into the country awaiting court dates or ordered deported but still here—because of Biden’s “mass catch-and-rel ... Watch Now.
Maryland Mother-of-Five Brutally Murdered by Biden Illegal: Seeking Justice
It’s not enough for that a Maryland mother-of-five was brutally murdered by a BIDEN ILLEGAL. Now, Biden’s latest scheme is MASS AMNESTY for millions of illegals currently in the country. ... Watch Now.
Biden Campaign Spokesman: Biden's Support Among Black Americans Unshakable!
Junior Biden campaign spokesman Mike Tyler says Biden can’t possibly be losing support among black Americans because Biden “has done more” than any president ever 🤔 ... Watch Now.
CNN Pollster Shocked At Black Voters Running Away From Biden
CNN John Berman asked Harry Enten, “Where does the race stand among African-American voters right now?” at the start of the broadcast. “To put it simply, it has not changed yet. I keep expecting this ... Watch Now.
Supreme Court Decision on Bump Stocks: NRA Flag Flying High Above Constitution?
Rep. Raskin criticized the Supreme Court for overturning the bump stock ban, comparing it to prioritizing the NRA over public safety. He highlighted that the ATF views bump stocks as similar to machine ... Watch Now.
Americans are 'suffering' under high inflation
Inflation poses a persistent economic challenge, pressuring consumers and causing financial strain. Harvard economist Stefanie Stantcheva sheds light on how high inflation diminishes living standards, ... Watch Now.
Luka Dončić's Referee Rumble: Mavs' Plea to End Complaints Sparks NBA Buzz
Even the Dallas Mavericks have reached a juncture where they are eager to witness a change in Luka Dončić’s approach towards the officials, minimizing his protests on calls not in his favor. During an ... Watch Now.

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