Illegal Immigrant Charged in Tragic Murder of UGA Nursing Student; Shocking Details Unveiled
The murder of Laken Riley, a nursing student discovered dead in a forested section of the University of Georgia at Athens (UGA) campus on Thursday, has led to the arrest and charging of an illegal immi ... Watch Now.
Guilty Verdict: Historic Hate-Crime Trial for Killing of Transgender Woman
Following around four hours of deliberation, the jury found Daqua Lameek Ritter guilty of a hate crime in connection with Dime Doe’s 2019 murder. ... Watch Now.
Man Eavesdrops on Wife's Calls, Rakes in $1.8 Million; Texas Man Convicted of Fraud Must Give It All Up
Explore the tale of Tyler Loudon, whose greed brought $2 million in illicit gains and personal turmoil. Delve into the aftermath of exploiting confidential data and the repercussions of unethical actio ... Read More.
Funeral Parlor Owner Detained for Shocking Allegations of Remains Storage and Body Concealment
Former funeral parlor owner arrested for storing cremated remains and concealing a body in Colorado. Latest allegations against Miles Harford, 33, include disturbing discoveries. ... Read More.
Florida Legislature Demands Release of Jeffrey Epstein Grand Jury Transcripts
The Legislature approved a measure overwhelmingly directing the governor of Florida to produce the transcripts of a grand jury that looked into Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assaults on minor girls in 2006. ... Read More.
Alabama Officer, 23, Accused of Swatting Calls for Fun While on Duty
Police agencies express concerns over swatting, labeling it as dangerous criminal harassment. Not all officers perceive it as a severe threat. ... Read More.
Brooklyn Man Charged with Hiding Dead Body - Shocking Discovery in East Flatbush
A man from Brooklyn is charged with concealing a dead body after police discovered a woman’s body outside his residence in East Flatbush. ... Read More.
Former YouTuber Faces Maximum 60-Year Jail Term for Severe Child Abuse
Former YouTube personality Ruby Franke, known for “8 Passengers,” faces up to 60 years in jail for severe child abuse. Franke admits guilt, ready to accept sentence, and vows to change. Court notes she ... Watch Now.
Magistrate Judge Accused of Shooting Former Partner While Asleep: Shocking Incident in Pennsylvania
57-year-old magistrate judge Sonya M. McKnight is suspected of shooting her former partner in Pennsylvania. The incident occurred while Michael McCoy was asleep, leading to charges of aggravated assaul ... Read More.
University of Colorado Student Arrested for Double Homicide in Campus Dormitory
University of Colorado student in custody for alleged dormitory room double homicide. Nicholas Jordan arrested by Colorado Springs police. ... Read More.
Mother's Extreme Punishment: Alabama Woman Makes 7-Year-Old Walk Home, Then Hits Him with Car
An Alabama woman instructs her son to walk home from school as discipline, but tragically hits him with her car during the journey. The incident unfolds after the boy runs afoul of school rules. ... Read More.
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs Lockdown Lifted After On-Campus Shooting Incident
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs lifts lockdown following on-campus shooting incident. Details on the incident and safety measures advised by Colorado Springs police. ... Watch Now.
FL School District Faces Lawsuit Over Confiscation Of Dictionaries, Encylopedias Due to "Sexual Activity" Depictions
Following its decision to confiscate copies of dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other publications due to their depictions of “sexual activity,” a school district in Florida is now the target of a fede ... Read More.
FL Judge Rejects Donald Trump's Request to Delay Mar-a-Lago Lawsuit Deadlines
US District Judge denies Donald Trump’s request to postpone court deadlines in Mar-a-Lago classified papers lawsuit. Deadline upheld, with possible consideration for late submissions. ... Read More.
NYC Resident Exploits Housing Rule, Lives Rent-Free in Iconic Manhattan Hotel for 5 Years
Discover the intriguing story of a New Yorker who lived rent-free in a famous Manhattan hotel for five years. Uncover the twist when he tried to charge another renter and claimed ownership of the entir ... Read More.

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