Instagram Model Turned Extortionist: Former NYPD Officer Arrested in Extortion Plot
Instagram model and former New York police officer, Ally Thueson, 33, arrested for extortion conspiracy against a small company. Accused of making false accusations to extort money from the cosmetology ... Read More.
Man Arrested for Skipping $500 Dinner Bill Leaves Behind Name Tagged Cash Card
Kenya Butler is caught on surveillance video prompting her toddler to take a pocketbook at a restaurant. Charges include contributing to delinquency and theft. The daughter faces no accusations. ... Watch Now.
Florida Plastic Surgeon Faces Murder Charges After Wife Dies During Procedure
Plastic surgeon in Florida faces murder charges after wife dies during cosmetic procedure. Benjamin Brown accused of second-degree criminal homicide following wife’s fatal heart attack. ... Read More.
Stephen K. Bannon Seeks Jail Term Postponement From Supreme Court Amid Subpoena Battle
Stephen K. Bannon, a supporter of the former US president, seeks Supreme Court delay on jail term as he challenges conviction for defying Capitol assault probe subpoena. ... Read More.
Decade of Darkness: The Harrowing Ordeal of Colleen Stan, Kept In A Box For Seven Years
Woman endures years of torment after being abducted by a couple. Colleen Stan’s harrowing tale of captivity in a box for seven years. ... Watch Now.
Tragic Discovery in Houston: 12-Year-Old Girl Found Dead, Two Men Charged with Capital Murder
Tragic incident involving a 12-year-old girl found dead in Houston, Texas, leads to arrests. ... Watch Now.
Florida Man Confesses to Burning Family of Four in Fire Pit at Hudson Property
Florida man arrested for first-degree homicide after admitting to burning bodies of a family of four in a fire pit at his property in Hudson. ... Read More.
Oregon Nurse Charged with Substituting Tap Water for Fentanyl For Personal Use in Hospital Scandal
Oregon nurse charged with substituting tap water for fentanyl in patients’ IV drips. Schofield, who left hospital in July 2023, allegedly used the opioid for personal consumption. ... Watch Now.
Queens Terror Suspect Nabbed with Arsenal in SUV - Loaded Gun, Homemade Sword, and More!
Queens terrorist Judd Sanson, arrested with loaded Glock 9mm handgun in his SUV, faces no release. Jamaican citizen found with knife, homemade sword, axe, firearms, and ammo in black Ford Explorer. ... Watch Now.
Alex Jones to Compensate Sandy Hook Families by Ceasing Asset Battle
Alex Jones, conservative podcaster and entrepreneur, decides to stop fighting the sale of his assets to compensate families impacted by the Sandy Hook tragedy he discussed. ... Read More.
Arizona Man Detained for Planned Attack on Black Atlantans and Bad Bunny Concert Before Election
Federal authorities detain Mark Adams Prieto in connection with a mass shooting plan targeting Black Atlantans before the November election. ... Watch Now.
President Biden Stands Firm: Son Hunter Faces Felonies Without Pardon Or Commutation
President Biden announces he won’t pardon son Hunter’s three felony convictions related to firearms. Despite Hunter’s recovery from addiction, Biden won’t commute the potential 25-year sentence. Appeal ... Read More.
Hunter Biden Makes History: First Child of a Sitting President Found Guilty in Gun Trial
Hunter Biden, son of a sitting president, found guilty in gun trial for false statements during a purchase while allegedly battling addiction. ... Read More.
North Texas Pastor Guilty of Stealing $300K+ from Congregations: Landmark Case Revealed
North Texas pastor Whitney Foster convicted of stealing $300,000 from congregations, sentenced to 35 years in jail. North Texas pastor Whitney Foster has been convicted of theft from three congregatio ... Watch Now.
Cleveland Woman Indicted for Murder in Tragic Stabbing Incident of 3-Year-Old Outside Ohio Grocery Store
Cleveland woman indicted for murder and other offenses in connection with the stabbing death of a 3-year-old outside a grocery store in Ohio. ... Watch Now.

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