Hunter Biden's Attempts to Dismiss Illegal Gun Charge Rejected by Federal Judge - AGAIN!
Hunter Biden has tried more than once to get his illegal gun charge in Delaware thrown out by a federal judge, but each time the judge has said no. His father, President Joe Biden, is running for reele ... Read More.
Trump's Advice to House Republicans: "Avoid Another Speaker Battle for Now"
On Friday, House Speaker Mike Johnson stood with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida for a picture that spoke a thousand words. They showed unity at a crucial point in Johns ... Read More.
Teacher Charged with Child Sex Trafficking: Allegedly Hired Students as Prostitutes For Her Son
Police in Houston say a teacher hired difficult students to work as prostitutes for her son and paid them for their services. The teacher has been charged with child sex trafficking and prostitution. ... Read More.
U.S. Deploys Warships to Deter Iran's Potential Attack on Israel and American Troops
In an effort to stop Iran from attacking directly, which could happen as soon as Friday or Saturday, the U.S. quickly sent warships to the area to protect Israel and American troops deployed there. ... Read More.
US House Keeps Government Spying Act: How Speaker Johnson Swung the Vote
The US House of Representatives decided to keep an act in place that lets the government spy on people without an order. Republicans who support Trump stopped an earlier version of the act, but House S ... Watch Now.
CCP Accuses US, Japan, and Philippines of Smearing and Attacking China Before Three-Way Meeting
China says that the US, Japan, and the Philippines are “smearing and attacking” China before the three-way meeting in Washington on Friday. The three countries said in a statement before the meeting th ... Read More.
US Senator J.D. Vance: Kiev Needs More than Soldiers to Beat Moscow
The Ohio Republican wrote, “Ukraine’s problem is not the GOP; it is math.” “Ukraine needs more soldiers than it can get, even with strict rules on conscription.” It also needs more equipment than the U ... Read More.
Zelensky Urges West to Stand Strong Against Putin: A Test of EU's Courage, Says Ukrainian President
Vladimir Zelensky said that if Western countries do not speed up Ukraine’s entry into the EU and NATO, Russian President Vladimir Putin will see them as weak. ... Read More.
Americans Criticizing Kiev Branded as Russian Propagandists by US-Funded Groups | Report
A report released on Thursday says that Americans who disagree with Kiev have been called Russian propagandists by a “sprawling constellation” of supposedly independent groups and fact-checkers that ar ... Read More.
Fed Close In: Interpreter for LA Dodgers' Shohei Ohtani Accused of Stealing $16 Million | Report
Federal police say that the person who used to translate for Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani stole more than $16 million from the two-time AL MVP’s bank account. ... Read More.
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Bars Governor Noem Amid Drug Gang Profit Claims
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s council objected to some of South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s (R) recent comments that implied tribal officials were profiting from the presence of Mexican drug gangs, the ... Read More.
Does Robert Downey Jr Want To Reprise His Iconic Iron Man Character? He Seems On Board With It!
Robert Downey Jr. just won his first Oscar for Oppenheimer, but he has no plans to forget his Marvel days. He even says he would “happily” come back as Tony Stark/Iron Man. ... Read More.
Football Star Turned Controversial Figure, O.J. Simpson, Passes Away at 76
O.J. Simpson was famous for football, but he was also notorious off the field. His family said he died Wednesday. He was 76 years old. Simpson was in hospice care because he had cancer. ... Read More.
Arizona GOP Blocks Bid to Amend Strict Abortion Ban, Sparking Bipartisan Outrage
According to the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday, nearly all abortions are illegal in the state. On Wednesday, the state senate ended its session, even though there were attempts to bring u ... Read More.
YouTube Pulls Suicide Warning From Joker Sequel Trailer, Citing Incorrect Addition
Warner Bros. posted the video for the much-anticipated sequel to The Joker on Tuesday night, and YouTube quickly removed it because of inappropriate material. ... Read More.

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