Florida Woman Jailed for Stealing from President Biden's Daughter and Selling Diary to Media Group
Florida woman sentenced for stealing items from Ashley Biden, including her diary, and selling them to a right-wing media group before the 2020 election. ... Read More.
Washington's Warning to Chinese Companies Ignored as Beijing Stands Firm
Washington supposedly sent a warning to Chinese companies that help the Russian military in its fight with Ukraine, but Beijing did not care about it. The Foreign Ministry responded that China will do ... Read More.
Fulton County DA Urges Appeals Court: Deny Trump's Bid to Oust Her from Case
According to a filing made Monday afternoon, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asked an appeals court not to hear former President Donald Trump’s appeal of his trial judge’s decision not to e ... Read More.
House Republicans Seek Tape Records of Hur-Biden Talks, DOJ Denies Access
House Republicans have asked for tape records of former Special Counsel Robert Hur’s conversation with President Biden, but the Justice Department will not give them to them. This means that Attorney G ... Read More.
Soros and Open Society Foundations Are Shaping Radio's Future For Democrats
Discover how George Soros believes being present in your ears benefits business and politics. The Open Society Foundations’ recent control of Soros Fund Management has elevated its role in radio, the o ... Read More.
Trump's Attempt to Shift Trial Location Denied: Legal Battle Continues in Manhattan
Last-minute efforts by Donald Trump on Monday failed to delay and move his hush money hearing in New York to a location other than Manhattan. According to ABC News, Judge Lizbeth Gonzalez did not say w ... Read More.
Fact Check: Voter ID Claims in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona Debunked by Texas's Secretary of State
Online claims say that the number of people registered to vote without a picture ID is rising in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona because of illegal immigrants. But Texas’s secretary of state has denie ... Read More.
Former President Trump's Lawyers Sue Judge Ahead of Hush Money Case Trial
According to court records, lawyers for former President Donald Trump sued the judge in charge of his criminal hush money case on Monday, just one week before the trial was set to start. ... Read More.
Russian Protesters Demand Pay From Putin After Dam Break Triggers Floods
Discover insights on rare protests in Russia due to government suppression following Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Details on recent Orsk gathering captured in Russian media clips. Russian Protesters De ... Read More.
Donald Trump's Bid to Delay Hush Money Trial Denied by Judge
Donald Trump failed in his late Monday attempt to delay his hush money trial in New York and move it out of Manhattan. ABC News reports that Judge Lizbeth Gonzalez did not say why she turned down the r ... Read More.
Donald Trump's Bold Stance on Abortion: States' Rights and Roe v. Wade
Former President Donald Trump shares his stance on abortion, advocating for state control over abortion rules. He expresses pride in potentially overturning Roe v. Wade and highlights his platform of a ... Watch Now.
Vatican Warns Against Gender-Affirming Surgery and Surrogacy: A Threat to Human Dignity
The Vatican deems gender-affirming surgery and surrogacy as grave threats to human dignity, equating them to abortion and suicide in opposition to God’s plan for life. Pope Francis recently signed a 20 ... Read More.
NYC Settles Hijab Lawsuit: $17.5M Compensation for Women Forced to Remove Headscarves
New York City settles lawsuit with women forced to remove hijabs for mug shots. City to pay $17.5 million to affected individuals in class action case, offering payments between $7,000 and $13,000. ... Read More.
Critics Slam Chicago Mayor Over Rising Costs for Non-Citizen Refugees; $300M In 11 Months
Critics question Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s handling of the increasing spending on non-citizen refugees, totaling nearly $300 million in 11 months. Over 38,000 migrants have arrived, with 9,700 re ... Read More.
Brazil's Supreme Court Investigates Elon Musk for Alleged Role in "Digital Militias"; X CEO Fights Back
Brazil’s Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes also asked that Musk be included in a larger investigation into what are known as “digital militias.” These are people who are accused of sharing fals ... Read More.

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