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Chip Roy Reads Republican Party Riot Act On House Floor Over Lack Of Action At Southern Border
Chip Roy understands if you want to make changes for the better, you have to start from within and clean your own house to make sure it’s in order. This was EPIC! ... Watch Now.
Major Tragedy! Trains Collide In Greece Killing At Least 38, Injuring More Than 80
A passenger train in Greece carrying hundreds of people collided with an oncoming freight train in a fiery wreck in the country’s north early Wednesday, killing 29 and injuring at least 85, officials s ... Watch Now.
This Response to Mayorkas’ 'Border Crisis' Will Be Talked About For Years To Come
Rep. Higgins was a beast during his time to speak. He said he would arrest Mayorkas, over the border crisis, if they were in Louisiana and it was against the state’s statutes. This was GOLD! ... Watch Now.
Trump Releases Proposal Plan To Cut Trade Deficit When Re-Elected
In a video released to social media, former President Trump proposed his plan to cut the trade deficit. People in the US need to vote Trump back in, not just for yourselves but for the sake of the res ... Watch Now.
GOP Rep To Dem Lawmaker: I Will Not Yield; You Reject God If You Want TO
What was said at the end is what matters. If you believe you have inalienable rights, doesn’t matter where they come from, that fundamentally changes the role of government. You have those rights as an ... Watch Now.
Paul: How Can You Have Oversight When HHS, NIH Won't Participate?
I really wonder what George Washington or other Founding Fathers would say (or do) about people who refuse to answer under oath or play these games. Think they would just shrug their shoulders and give ... Watch Now.
FL Sheriff Ain't Playing! He Wants Biden to Act NOW!
Florida sheriff rips Biden as migrants wreak havoc on coastal communities: ‘Mr. President, do your job’ ... Watch Now.
Matt Gaetz Questions Witness; 'Has Secretary Mayorkas Ever Lied To You?'
Nice work Matt, surely some democrats have enough common sense to help their fellow Americans, their own families are at risk as well ... Watch Now.
Trump Lays Proposes Major China Trade Overhaul After He's Re-Elected
In a video released to social media, former President Trump proposed a new overhaul to the US-China trade relationship, blasting President Biden and “globalists.” ... Watch Now.
House Oversight Committee Chair Has Question For Joe Biden
Joe must be incredibly narcissistic to think he could win reelection with such negative polls. He must have enormous confidence in ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, voting without IDs and finding bag ... Watch Now.
Icon Activist Erin Brockovich Has A Message For Joe Biden On His Inaction At East Palestine!
Erin Brockovich, a well-known activist, has joined the crowd looking into the train derailment-turned environmental catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio. She has stated that she thinks President Joe Bid ... Read More.
Sen. Sullivan slammed FCC nominee Gigi Sohn for her old tweets
The other day she said she made thousands of tweets and was rankled that a handful of her tweets were classed as inflammatory. But now she can remember EXACTLY what the context of an individual tweet w ... Watch Now.
Did Woody Harrelson Just Compare Drug Cartels With The U.S. Government On SNL Opening Monologue?
That’s what you call being natural on the stage. Then he proves he’s more “high” minded than all the rest at the end and leaves them flat. Love it. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Jerry Nadler's Border Claims Are Questioned During Important Hearing
I’m glad they are showing this . We need more transparency. Whether something gets do or not, that’s another story ! ... Watch Now.
If Re-elected, Trump Has Message For Woke Communities
In a social media video, former President Trump slammed the “woke left” and called ESG investment a “danger” from “radical left Communists.” ... Watch Now.

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