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Chief Justice Roberts Is Not Feeling Biden's Student Debt Forgiveness
Any lawyer that thinks it prudent and lawful to spend 500 billion without congressional approval is therefore agreeable to having any loans by anyone cancelled. And this can be done by future President ... Watch Now.
Boebert Fires Back At Dem Over Green New Deal Remarks
There should be a loophole in the law that if they ignore the law they should lose the authority to regulate it. No more dragging feet as an option to doing their job. ... Watch Now.
KJP Duels With Reporter Over DC Criminal Code
I have tried to figure this DC crime thing out, for days. I still don’t know what has been passed, vetoed, reconsidered, by DC and where the Congress and the WH got in on it and how they have decided. ... Watch Now.
Rep. Andy Biggs mocked his Democratic colleagues for being "obsessed" Trump
‘If There Was Ever A Picture On Wikipedia Of Those Afflicted With Trump Derangement Syndrome…’ ... Watch Now.
Pres. Trump Proposes Building 10 New "Freedom" Cities Across America
In a video released to social media, former President Trump pitches a plan to build ten new cities in the United States called “freedom cities,” “baby bonuses” to incentive more childbirths, a beautifi ... Watch Now.
Rep. Dan Bishop Clashes With Biden Nominee Who Won't Be Quiet
At a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) clashed with a witness over immigration and the southern border. ... Watch Now.
Sen. Kennedy And Chris Way Have A Debate Here!
Sen. Kennedy is the ultimate jewel when questioning bad actors such as the FBI Director. If bad behavior isn’t discouraged and sanctioned its encouraged and condoned. It shouldn’t take the director of ... Watch Now.
Hawley Has A Stern Message For Biden Nominee
Anyone who refuses to answer any question posed by any politician that is entitled to ask those questions, should IMMEDIATELY have their application be cancelled, and be charged with refusing to answer ... Watch Now.
WH Press Secretary Gets Defensive When Reporter Asks About Biden Allegedly Laughing
When questioned about the untrue claim that President Joseph Biden laughed at a mother whose sons died from fentanyl overdoses, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre retaliated at Fox News. R ... Watch Now.
Two Atheist Groups Are Angry Coach Deion Sanders Prays With His Players
Coach Deion Sanders has gotten his new employer involved in a religious freedom dispute less than three months after joining the University of Colorado football program. Two atheist organizations have ... Watch Now.
It's Grassley's Turn To Face Garland And He's Ready
Congress needs to STOP thanking them for coming. They need to start with Putting them UNDER OATH AND IF THEY LIE, that’s AUTOMATICALLY GROUNDS FOR ARREST! ... Watch Now.
KJP Gets Testy With Doocy: ‘Peter You Can’t Tell Me How to Answer the Question!’
Fox News reporter Peter Doocy and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre clashed once again, this time over President Joe Biden’s handling of China, with the Fox reporter asking if the Democrat ... Watch Now.
Hawley Wants Answers From Garland Over Mar-A-Largo Raid
I am thankful to hear there were FBI agents that tried to say NO…it gives me a little glimmer of hope that the good guys will stand up and be counted! ... Watch Now.
Sen. Kennedy From Louisiana Was Like A Surgeon Questioning Garland
Anything that would implicate his dept or himself, garland has no knowledge. And yet he made no apologies or no public announcement as to how he dealt with the those who were trying to abuse the system ... Watch Now.
Cruz And Garland Have Fiery Clash In Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
Don’t ask Garland what time it is, he will spend the next 15 minutes on highly detailed descriptions on how to build a watch but you he will never tell you you, what time it is! I am almost surprised t ... Watch Now.

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