Gabbard accuses Democrats of becoming ‘racists they claim to hate’

Tulsi Gabbard, a former congresswoman from Hawaii, charged that Democrats have deteriorated into the "racists they claim to abhor," weaponizing identity politics to polarize the nation. Gabbard criticized the Democratic Party's racial policies, which she claims encourage "anti-white racism," in a speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. The former congresswoman accused the president of employing token candidates to advance himself politically and notably mentioned the Biden administration's efforts to pick women and people of minorities to his Cabinet. Watch Day Three of the CPAC event livestream with TULSI GABBARD, BOEBERT, and STEFANIK. In the Biden administration, the White House "[lists] off proudly all of these numbers and quote-unquote diversity by talking about gender, ethnicity, and sexuality but not by talking about talents and successes," Gabbard claimed. They are assessing us solely on the basis of the color of our skin rather than the essence of our character, which is a blatant betrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King's goal. They change into the racists they claim to despise.

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