MSM Attempts To Create Another False Narrative For Donald Trump
Mainstream media tried to lead with the story that Trump’s Lawyer argued presidents CAN order Seal Team 6 to assassinate rivals. Listen to the full audio in context ... Watch Now.
Tuberville: People Up Here Are Spending Like It's Play Money
We’re in trouble. We’re in trouble for the simple fact we have people that think this is play money. Half of trillion infrastructure went to climate change!” via @TTuberville (1/9/24) cc: @HBRadioGuy @ ... Watch Now.
Natalie Winters: American Ruling Class Is Adopting CCP Tactics Against American People
What a gem! Natalie Winters @nataliegwinters joined us on (Tues 1/9/24) for the first time and not only were we impressed with her range of information, she’s locked into what this country lacks and ne ... Watch Now.
Jan 6 Participants That Were Outside the Capitol Will Be Investigated
Wayne, Hutch Bailie Jr, and Jason Robertson fearlessly debunk fake news and deliver impactful responses. Join us Mon-Thu to amplify our voices. Share, comment, and rate our show! ... Watch Now.
Hey President Trump, Before You Chose Your VP Choice, Watch This!
We’re hearing so many names for Pres. Trump’s VP choice. We take a stab at trying to clear up the controversy or did we make it worse? You decide! ... Watch Now.
Latest Updates of 2024 Iowa Caucuses | WDShow 1/9/24
The big day is nearly here. After months of campaigning, Republican presidential candidates will face the first-in-the-nation test during the Jan. 15 Iowa Caucuses. ... Watch Now.
Final Thoughts From Wayne Dupree Show 1/3/2023
Now that we are in the new year, be careful and prayerful out there. Be smart and don’t fall for everything. Here is a video of today’s final thoughts from Wayne, Hutch and JRob ... Watch Now.
Should We Focus On The Epstein List Release Or Is it A Distraction?
So many online accounts are switched over to the release of the Epstein List that has been promised to be released at the beginning of 2024. Will the release be ground shaking? Will it move the needle ... Watch Now.
Should The Border Be Shut Down And If So, Why Is it Taking So Long
Republicans traveled to the border on Wednesday and told the American people they were WILLING to shut down the border or Congress if the border situation wasn’t fixed. Should this have been done a lon ... Watch Now.
Aila Wang From NFSC Joins Wayne Dupree Show
New Federal State of China’s mission is to dismantle the oppressive regime of the Chinese Communist Party. They are a united group of individuals who value freedom and are determined to bring an end to ... Watch Now.
Dwayne Stovall: To Go Along With This Government Is Beyond Me
If you’re looking for captivating videos and up-to-date news clips, our YouTube channel is the place to be. From informative content to entertaining segments, we’ve got it ... Watch Now.
Biden Fixing The Debt Is A Flat Out Lie
If you’re looking for captivating videos and up-to-date news clips, our YouTube channel is the place to be. From informative content to entertaining segments, we’ve got it ... Watch Now.
🎧 Dems Seem More Worried About Ukraine Than Our Border
NOTE: Help us continue to expose Uniparty, subscribe to our account on this platform, or share our broadcast clip cc: @WayneDupreeShow @HBRadioGuy @JRobFromMN ... Watch Now.
Did Repubs Ever Have Real Plan To Impeach Biden?
On Monday, the guys brought up the topic that maybe Republicans weren’t serious about impeaching Joe Biden. That what you are witnessing is maybe a “running out the clock” strategy before 2024 election ... Watch Now.
Jason R Has Message For MAGA Iowa Caucus Members
Jason Robertson put it as simple and bluntly as anyone could when speaking about Ron DeSantis and his chances in Iowa ... Watch Now.

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