Does Ron DeSantis Really Need To Be Told What To Do?
Fox News’ Jesse Waters pleaded with Ron DeSantis to fight back against Donald Trump. Our question is, “does the FL Governor need coaxing by Fox News or its hosts to fight back when politically attacked ... Watch Now.
Many Are Waking Up To The U.S. Government
Our media has mentioned there is an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin by the ICC but to hear other countries talk about it, they won’t enforce because they feel the U.N., The U.K., and the U.S. have do ... Watch Now.
Have You Heard About The BRICS System?
It’s a shame that other podcasts and influencers are being distracted about smaller issues and not warning you about the coming BRICS association, the countries involved and what will happen to their m ... Watch Now.
Media's Attempt To Separate MAGA Has Worked To A Degree And It's Sad!
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** HOT TAKE 🌶: When Trump was in office, the MSM tried to divide MAGA supporters from Donald Tr ... Watch Now.
China's XI is being hailed as Global Peacemaker! Is This Revelations Fulfilled?
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK, AND SHARE the new website and **** HOT TAKE 🌶: The communist dictator is visiting countries as a statesman, brokering peace pl ... Watch Now.
American Platforms Should Have Gotten Same Treatment
**** VISIT, BOOKMARK AND SHARE the new website and **** HOT TAKE 🌶: Listening the the U.S. lawmakers blast TikTok for surveilling Americans and coll ... Watch Now.
DeSantis Sat Down With Piers Morgan And Went There With Donald Trump
DeSantis went there with Donald Trump during his sit down with Piers Morgan. Many will claim he took the bait, while others will say he was justified to speak like that since Trump has been going after ... Watch Now.
If Hillary Was Getting Same Treat Trump Has Received....
There’s no doubt about it. If Hillary Clinton was in the same situation that Donald Trump was getting right now, Democrat Representatives would be protesting, holding press conferences and the media wo ... Watch Now.
Most Of America's Elite Want Voters To Fear Protesting Against The Government
DC leaders have created devastating names, jailed many, withheld evidence, attack and defamed a former president, all for the idea of scaring voters into not creating mass protests. It’s plain to see t ... Watch Now.
Ron DeSantis Response/Protest Warning
The guys started off the show talking about Donald Trump’s pending indictment, Ron DeSantis’ response and what you shouldn’t do if you plan on protesting on Tuesday ... Watch Now.
If We Had Adults At The Federal/State Levels, We Would Be Unstoppable
The lack of diplomacy and common sense is deafening at the federal level is deafening ... Watch Now.
Are You Connecting the Dots Too?
Adding all of this up, connecting all the dots is what we’re trying to do. We’re not experts but we’re not novices either. We are #YourNeededRealityCheck ... Watch Now.
The Elite Class Has Us At Each Other's Throats For Their Amusement
Let me see if I can break it down for you. We’re arguing with other Americans and neither of us are changing anything. Congress keeps us at each other’s throats with their division policies. Media keep ... Watch Now.
This Banking Debacle Solidifies The House Of Cards We Keep Talking About
If you are a regular listener/watcher/supporter of our broadcast, you know how we try to prepare you for what’s coming without gaslighting and lies because we want you to be ready when everything goes ... Watch Now.
There's No Other Way To Explain What's Going On Better Than This
We continue to tell our listeners, there’s something happening, something going on under our noses. While the elite have us arguing with each other, they are tearing our country apart. ... Watch Now.

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