Fed Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Against President Trump — She Has To Pay His Fees!

One thing is for certain: Appealing will only increase Trump’s legal fees that she has to pay.

MS GOP Senate Incumbent Caught On Tape Discussing Why She Won’t Debate Conservative Challenger

She claims she’s willing to debate and she loves to debate but she won’t debate.

President Trump — Elizabeth Warren Should Apologize To America!

The lunatic left love to scream about cultural appropriation but will say nothing about this ridiculous claim of Warren’s.

Bob Menendez’s Opponent Releases Ad That Would Sink Anyone’s Political Chances

Hammer Menendez mercilessly on this; evidence doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter with Moore or Kavanaugh

Released Pastor Brunson Meets And Prays For President Trump At White House

I still don’t see how progressives continue to hate on President Trump.

What The Hell Is Happening In Portland? Is ANTIFA Making It Their Base?

Oppression is when one group uses violence to intimidate others into action they don’t want to take.

CNN Tries To Drive Point Home With Panel — Independents Aren’t Happy With Trump

CNN is back with one of their always amazing voter panels

CNN Poll SHOCKS! Trump Likely Will Win Reelection; Biden Is Top Dem Challenger

Barack Obama was and is a Pyrrhic victory for them who needed the constant hogging of the spotlight.

Hillary Says Husband Didn’t Abuse Power With Lewinsky; She Was Adult At The Time

Sleaze is still sleaze when it comes to disparate power levels between the parties in the encounter.

Kanye Visits Apple Store, Stands On Table And Gives Speech; Now Leaving For Africa

According to Jenkins’ account, West busted into a Washington DC Apple Store Thursday afternoon

Melania Trump — I Do Stand With Women, But We Need To Show The Evidence

The “feminists,” like Hitlery C, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, etc., are not helping women at all.

White House To Look Into Why Fox News Isn’t Broadcasting Trump Rallies Anymore

Trump, as a “massive consumer of the media,” might “be disappointed” if Fox News drops his beloved rallies

Alyssa Milano Dead Serious About Trump Using “Cult-Like Force”

I had a headache for eight years under Barack Obama

Eric Holder Says “We Kick Them” When Referring To Republicans

Until the media is taken down, we will continue to lose.

Super PAC Tied To Pelosi Working With Soros Funded Super PAC For 2018 Midterms — Lot Of Money!

If the government can shut down and seize accounts from regular Americans, they can do the same to Soros.

This Democrat Congressman Isn’t Happy With His Party — Went a Little Bit Too Far’ on Kavanaugh

To be more honest, Democrats didn’t “cross the line,” they blew the entire line up!

Cherokee Nation Democratic Activist SLAMS Elizabeth Warren For ‘Racial Identity Theft’

Democratic activist Rebecca Nagle said Warren’s “racial identity theft” of her Cherokee heritage “directly contradicts the progressive agenda she preaches.” […]