Keith Ellison Tries to Claim ‘Bernie Bros’ Aren’t Violent – Steve Scalise’s Response Knocks Him in the Dirt

Has this guy been locked up in a dark, moldy basement for the past three years?

Opinion: Donna Brazile Gets Absolutely Shredded Online After Claiming Trump Will “Cheat” in 2020

Democrats really do lack self-awareness and they’re always accusing others of all the bad things that they do. 

Flip-Flop Alert! Warren Who Claimed To Be Anti-Super PAC Will Now Accept Super PAC Money

Warren is a con man. She shouldn’t even be on stage with other qualified individuals because of what she did in her past with the stealing and use of Native American heritage.

Opinion: Bolton Played Schiff Like a Fiddle – Says Dems Impeachment Sham Was “Grossly Partisan”

Bolton played them all – Dems and the fake news media. He really was just trying to sell books 🤣

Somali Community Leader: “Omar Married Her Brother, Said She’d do Whatever She had to do to Keep Him in U.S.”

This story isn’t going away…as a matter of fact, it’s just warming up.

[VIDEO] Matt Toys With Joy “Are You Mourning the Death of the Democrat Party?”

The big dog Matt Gaetz toyed with the cat ladies on The View

Opinion: Trump Supporters Unleash Holy Hell After Roger Stone’s Politically-Motivated Sentencing

We have a two-tier justice system where the global elites get away with murder and the “peasants” go down in a ball of flames

[VIDEO] Watch the Shameful Moment When the Only American Flag is Removed From the Debate Stage

In case you were wondering if the Democrat Party had suddenly decided to actually stand for hardworking Americans, they haven’t.

[VIDEO] CNN Caught Coaching Las Vegas Democrat Town Hall Audience on How/When to Clap and Cheer

CNN is the propaganda network – everything they do is “smoke and mirrors”

[VIDEO] Liberal Students Failed to Stop Melania From Receiving “Woman Of Distinction” Award From PBA University

The students tried to stop it with a bunch of frothing-at-the-mouth protests, but in the end, they failed and Melania won.

[VIDEO] Dem Refuses to Give Trump Credit, Says Black Unemployment Numbers Were “Lower Under Slavery”

Democrats are not interested in blacks or minorities doing better. They want to keep these people poor and out of work and dependent on the government.