Report: FOIA Dept. Shut Down – All Requests for #SpyGate and Biden Scandal Documents Postponed “Indefinitely”

It’s truly amazing how the “virus” is only helping the Democrats, right? 

Greta Van Susteren Shames MSNBC Anchor For Bashing MyPillow CEO: “What is Wrong With You?”

Greta, it’s called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and 90% of the media caught it.

Report: Fauci Security Detail Gets Beefed Up After Increased Threats By Sick Idiots!

It’s a sad time when members on both sides of the political aisle use hurtful rhetoric to slander or devalue […]

Alyssa Milano Reported for “Election Disinformation” After Claiming Trump’s “Intentionally Letting Thousands of Democrats Die”

Alyssa Milano has allowed politics and Trump Derangement Syndrom to turn her brains into oatmeal.

Report: US Government Using Your Mobile and Location Data to “Track Social Distancing”

Government is watching your “social distancing” habits and tracking your movements via cell data.

Foot In Mouth! Michigan Gov Now Wants Feds To Send Her Antimalarial Drugs For Coronavirus Treatment!

It must be hard for the Michigan Governor to speak about what needs to be done to combat COVID-19 (coronavirus) with that big foot in her mouth. HInt: take the sneaker off before you put it in.

Whoa! Companies Had Cut Payrolls by 27,000 In Early March; Before Coronavirus Lockdown!

The ADP report generally serves as a precursor to the more closely watched nonfarm payrolls report, though the March government tally also will take less relevance because its reference period covers through March 12

Report: Inmates At Rikers Island Being Offered $6/Hr And Masks To Dig Mass Graves For Coronavirus Deaths

According to a memo sent to Rikers Island inmates and seen by The Intercept, the offer only stands for those with a conviction and not those jailed before trial.

Trump Braces Nation Of ‘Hard Days’ Ahead In Coronavirus Fight; Mortality Rate To Spike

“There’s no magic vaccine or therapy. It’s just behaviors. Each of our behaviors, translating into something that changes the course of this viral pandemic.”