Pelosi — Impeachment Not Only Way To Uncover Facts To Hold Trump Accountable

This shows me that Democrats do not know how to win elections unless they cheat and they do that against conventional politicians.

Construction Completion Date For Border Replacement Destroys Resistance For 2020!

Did you see the completion dates? Trump usually likes things to come in early, and under budget so this could be very interesting.

For NYC to Go Green, Iconic Buildings of Steel and Glass Would Be Banned, Says de Blasio

Signature structures no longer could be built, as they’re ‘incredibly inefficient,’ declared mayor of Big Apple on Earth Day

The Passover Holiday: Six Critical Insights for All

During the Seder, Jewish families retell with solemnity the defining story of their deep faith and longlasting heritage

Sarah Sanders Notes ‘Slip of the Tongue,’ Says of Mueller Report, ‘It’s a Great Day for America’

Press secretary admits she’s human like everyone else — and finds Democratic actions and reactions ‘sad’

Giuliani on the Special Counsel Report: ‘It’s Over, They Just Don’t Know It Yet’

The president’s lawyer explained what the document released on Thursday definitely demonstrated for the Democrats and everyone else

Kellyanne Conway To Media — “We’re Accepting Apologies Today Too”

Conway quickly dismissed the question by saying, “If the president asked me to break the law today, I would walk out the door.”

AG Barr Sets Reporter Straight After She Tried To Question His Integrity!

Democrats are delusional. They have so badly wanted collusion and obstruction to be found, that they have convinced themselves it has happened.

Large Pro-Life March in Virginia Gets Little or No Press Coverage

Many Americans of faith and conscience have a big problem with abortion and infanticide — so where is the media? Where is the outrage for what’s happening to our most vulnerable?

Bill Barr on Mueller Report: Russian Operatives ‘Did Not Have’ Cooperation of Trump or Associates

Attorney general, ahead of release, noted disinformation campaign by an agency in that country, said president had no part at all

Emergency at the Arizona Border: Mayor Needs FEMA’s Help to Handle This Crisis

‘There is an imminent threat’ in his Yuma community, said Doug Nicholls — he spoke to ‘The Ingraham Angle’ exclusively

AG Barr To Hold 9 AM News Conference To Discuss Mueller’s Final Report

I love all the Democrats having a fit that the report will be redacted because the DOJ has to follow the laws they passed to cover for one of their own

AG Barr Attempts to End Asylum Abuse Madness With New Ruling!

One thing nobody ever talks about is how many asylum seekers do Nicaragua and Mexico (the closest safe countries) have flooding into their countries.

Christine Blasey Ford Makes Time’s List of 100 Most Influential People

Others named to 2019’s grouping include President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Taylor Swift, LeBron James and Tiger Woods

Devin Nunes: No Collusion, Yet Democrats Will Continue to Try to Investigate Trump

House Intel ranking member spoke to ‘The Ingraham Angle’ about the criminal referrals he sent to the DOJ about Mueller probe

Trump — I Have ‘No Regrets’ About Sharing The Omar Video

Liberals have taken an all or nothing stand with we must respect and accept cultures that are different than ours

Macron Tells French Citizens: We Will Rebuild the Cathedral and ‘Find Our National Path’

President of France vows to restore Notre Dame, says now is not a time for politics

Six Reasons We Love Church Signs So Much

Cheeky roadside missives that share wit and wisdom represent some of Americana at its best — and one man is capturing them