[VIDEO] Lee Zeldin Says He Just Heard New Closed-Door Testimony That Blows Up Adam Schiff’s Narrative

Rep. Zeldin said that Mr. Sandy’s answer made for a very “bad day” for the people who are trying to impeach President Trump

[VIDEO] Former Whitewater Prosecutor Shreds Dems ‘We Don’t Impeach Over Policy Differences’ 

Dems have now switched from the failed “quid pro quo” accusations to “bribery” after they held focus groups.

Report: Al Sharpton Paid Himself a Jaw-Dropping $1 Million Dollars From His Own Charity…Says He ‘Deserved It’

Can you imagine paying yourself one million dollars from your own charity, and then when you’re asked about it, claim you deserved it?

[VIDEO] Lou Dobbs Calls Out Marie Yovanovitch for Lying During Testimony

Dobbs says that Marie Yovanovitch Lied About Her ‘Do Not Prosecute’ List.

Millennial GOP Rep Elise Stefanik: ‘I am Proudly the Opposite of AOC’

The GOP rising star Elise Stefanik has been a powerhouse of truth and justice during the impeachment hearings. She’s full of class, and proud NOT to be like “AOC.”

Barack’s Message To 2020 Democrat Candidates — You’re Too Extreme For America

Always keep in mind that Obama was playing a role. He was a puppet being controlled by the globalist leftist billionaire, George Soros.

[VIDEO] Yovanovitch’s Embassy Was Dubbed ‘Hillary Campaign Central’ also She Planned Clinton ‘Victory Party,’ Report Claims

OANN is reporting that Ms. Yovanovich was planning a “victory party” for President Clinton back in 2016 and had sent out the invitations.

Grab Your Popcorn: Obama Just Got Roasted Online by Angry Democrats Who Want Him to Butt-Out of 2020

When Obama’s “rooted in reality” lecture leaked out many on the left went absolutely bonkers – telling him to “f-off” and calling him a sell-out and “hope and change” traitor 😂

[Video] Pelosi Responds To POTUS Tweeting About Yovanovitch — He’s an Insecure Impostor

The language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power. It connotes, it connotes that the government is not legitimate.

[VIDEO] William Barr Labels Anti-Trump Resistance a Dangerous Democracy-Shredding Insurgency

William Barr “gets it.” He knows exactly what the Deep State is doing to try and bring down a duly-elected U.S. President.

[VIDEO] Schiff’s ‘Star Witness’ Ambassador Yovanovitch ‘No, I Don’t Have Any Info Of Any Criminal Activity By Trump’

Why on earth was Ambassador Yovanovitch invited to testify at the impeachment hearing?

Meghan McCain Goes Lower Than Ever, Posts Most Hateful Tweet Yet and Gets Blasted Online

Is there anyone more hateful, bitter and unhappy than Meghan McCain?

[VIDEO] Male Democrat Cries While Questioning Former Ukraine Ambassador LOL

A grown man is crying because some lady he doesn’t know was transferred from one high-paying job to another high-paying job 😂

Report: Black And Minority Voters Outnumber White Voters In Belief Media Trying To Help Impeach Trump

The mainstream media is truly the enemy of all Americans because of the lie and skew so blatantly that nothing they print can be believed, no matter the political affiliation of the reader.

Flashback: Obama Fired Every Single Bush Appointed Ambassador in 2008

I’ll tell you one thing these impeachment hearings have done – they’ve really shined a bright light on the absolute state of hypocrisy in the Democrat Party.

Report: Roger Stone Says He Fears He’ll be ‘Epsteined’ in Prison

Now, with Stone facing the rest of his life behind bars, he now fears he will be given the “Epstein” treatment in prison.

[VIDEO] Watch Wolf Blitzer Squirm When Nikki Haley Demands Proof of Trump’s ‘Crime’

Thus far, the Dems have not proven that there was any crime committed by President Trump, and they won’t be able to, because there was no crime committed.