Schiff Ressurrects Domino Theory

A Cold War pro-communist party uses a classic anti-communist line.

Breaking: John Solomon: “Significant Change in Burisma Timeline Exonerates President Trump”

In case you were wondering…this is what real “investigative journalism” looks like. Real news is becoming like “Big Foot” – spotting it is very rare.

Bret Baier Destroys Schiff For Declaring Lawmakers, Not Voters Should “Decide Elections”

Liberal elites like Adam Schiff hate you and me and other working-class Americans who benefit from Trump’s policies

CNN Pundit Slammed For Pretending He Overheard a “Damning Impeachment Talk” Between GOP Senators

When I say our media sucks, I am insulting things that actually suck.

Rand Paul Just Offered Trump a Front-Row Ticket to the “Impeachment Charade”

Imagine how bad Schiff’s eyes would bug out?! Let’s hope this happens!

[VIDEO] Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum Discuss Schiff’s Long History of Lying

You know you’re in big trouble when NeverTrumper Chris Wallace is calling you out. 

Report: Alleged Whistleblower Overheard Consulting With Schiff Staffer on “Removing” President Trump

Real Clear Investigations journalist Paul Sperry is now reporting that an alleged discussion took place in the Obama White House just before President Trump took power.

Trump First President in History to Speak at March for Life

In a smart PR move, he'll draw attention from the last day of Dem trial antics.

[VIDEO] Dem Rep Confronted by 91-Year-Old Democrat “I’m Sick of Pelosi…They All Make Me Sick!”

A liberal voter tells a Democrat Rep that he’s sick and tired of the impeachment-crazed Dems.

States Speak Up Asking Senate to Throw Out Impeachment

GOP Attorneys General in 21 states want it tossed.