LOL: Twitter Goes Wild After Trump Calls For An Investigation Into The Obamas

We’ve collected some of the best Twitter reactions to President Trump’s call for an investigation into the Obamas

[VIDEO] Local Reporter Surprised at Long Lines For Trump’s Rio Rancho Rally ‘One Thousand People by 6am’

According to the report, people were lining up since early Monday morning. The reporter indicated that there was as many as one thousand people in line by 6:00am.

War on Comedy Continues As SNL Fires Cast Member Who Made Non-PC Jokes

Just what is the world coming to when comedians have to watch their every word for fear of offending the PC police?

Trump, at His Rally, Fully Backs Kavanaugh and Rips into The New York Times

Trump also said that Kavanaugh has led an “incredible life, [has an] incredible family. [But the Democrats say], ‘Let’s impeach him.'”

NY Times: Manhattan DA Has Subpoenaed Pres. Trump’s Accounting Firm, Demands 8 Years of Tax Returns

The state prosecutors are seeking a range of tax docs from the accounting firm, Mazars USA, including Trump’s personal returns and those of his business

CA Lawmakers Vote To End Private-For-Profit Prisons; Also Ban ICE Detention Centers

Private prison companies complain that they save taxpayer dollars, follow government regulations and connect inmates with re-entry resources.

Report: Dem Congressman Accused of Pushing Legislation to Line His Own Pockets

Rep. Matt Cartwright is under fire for reportedly pushing legislation that directly benefits his family’s law firm, which he profits from as well.

Dems A Little Too Into Punishment, Tops Monday Briefing

Though this time there will be no melodramatic Senate hearing. Just various screaming meemies left with yet another failed stratagem on their hands, now at the start of a presidential season.

Jason Chaffetz Explains How California’s ‘Ballot Harvesting’ is Democrats Secret Weapon to Steal 2020

If you don’t know what “Ballot Harvesting” is, you need to keep reading, because this is the weapon that Democrats used in California to flip red seats blue during the 2018 midterms.

Omar On Israeli Elections And Netanyahu’s Fate — I Hope The Make A Different Decision

I hope there will be some strong Republican candidates to challenge and defeat Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib in their primaries.

ICYMI — Weekly Trump Administration Wins For Sep 8-14

It’s up to us know and share what’s happening for our family and friends and alert them to what has happened or what’s coming.

Hits Keep Coming As ‘Dentures’ Joe Accused Of Lying About Iraq War

The latest episode of “Weekend at Biden’s” features our intrepid hero taking hits from the left and the right over his early and enthusiastic support for George W. Bush’s War in Iraq.

Trump Message To California Lawmakers On Homeless Crisis — “Clean It Up!”

Many of the homeless have mental health issues, drug addiction, or are ex-military with issues. Maybe some of the community service done by criminals can be to clean up these areas.

Mayor Pete’s Disturbing Ties to Ghoulish Abortionist Who Stashed Baby Corpses In His Home

Where this repulsive story takes a strange turn, is with the connection between 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg and the demented abortionist.

Report: DOJ Uncovers Nadler’s Covert ‘Impeachment Scam’ and Moves to Strike Down His Plan

It turns out there’s more to Nadler’s impeachment plans than meets the eye. There’s a “secret plot” brewing just beneath the surface that could have spelled trouble for President Trump…But the DOJ is aware of it, and they’re striking back.

Winning: Fed Up Migrants Lose Hope And Give Up On Asylum At Border

The fake news media and the Democrat party are always using supposed ‘horror stories’ at the border to emotionally manipulate Americans.

Report: House Democrats Reject ‘Red Flagging’ Gang Members 

Democrats are tickled pink to red flag Mr. All American Family Man – the hardworking middle class guy who just wants to protect his family, however, they refuse to flag anybody who the police say is a “gang member.”

Stanford-Yale Republican Elizabeth Heng Schools AOC During Twitter Scuffle Over Socialist Ad

Former bartender AOC was no match for Heng, a Stanford/Yale grad, who fired back at AOC with both barrels.