Acting ICE Director BLASTS AOC For Concentration Camps Rhetoric

ICE director Mark Morgan blasts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for concentration camp comments

CNN Cut Away From Orlando Rally When Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks”

CNN cuts away from Trump kickoff rally after crowd chants ‘CNN sucks’

Watch Live: Trump Announces His 2020 Presidential Bid in Orlando

Commander-in-chief addresses crowd in Florida four years after he first announced a White House run

New York Approves Controversial Measure Granting Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed it into law Monday night as the heated debate continues

Trump DECLARES! — ICE Will Begin Process Of Removing MILLIONS Of Illegal Aliens Next Week!

Pres. Donald Trump announces ICE to begin removing ‘millions of illegal aliens’ next week

Ilhan Omar — POTUS Saying He’ll Take Dirt From Foreigners Is “One Of The Most Un-American” Things You Could Say

Rep. Ilhan Omar said late Saturday that President Trump’s suggestion that he might accept damaging information on a political opponent

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Think, Frankly, I Am the Strongest Candidate to Defeat Trump’

Socialist from Vermont, pushing the usual liberal talking points, threw the other Democrats under the bus in a Fox News appearance

Florida’s Ban on Sanctuary Cities: DeSantis Is a ‘True American and Patriot’

Scores of everyday Americans are reacting to the news the Sunshine State will not become a safe haven for illegal immigrants

Warren Feeling Froggy? Calls Out POTUS On Breaking The Law

Warren claims Trump ‘perfectly willing to break the law as long as it helped’ him

New Gun Laws Have Sheriffs Pushing Back Against Restrictions

At the federal level, there has been a political stir regarding gun control. Gun control groups have been very active surpassing the activities of NRA

Kellyanne Conway Dismissal Recommendation: The White House Fires Back!

Scathing report declared the counselor should be removed for committing ‘repeat’ offenses against the Hatch Act

House Republican Who Wants Trump Impeached Already Down By 16 In Latest Poll

I’ve read the Mueller report. Besides the fact that it is incredibly poorly written, it doesn’t show credible evidence of obstruction.

WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Is Leaving The White House; Going Home To Arkansas

I was skeptical of her ability to do the job at first, but boy did she prove me wrong. This woman exemplifies dignity, grace and tough-as-nails determination

Is Biden’s Political Star Already Dimming, More Than a Year Out from the Election?

Former vice president, 76, is fighting for 2020 leadership among the Dems as Trump dishes on his rival — ‘looks like he’s failing,’ said the president

Trump — Mexico Doing More For The U.S. Now Than Congress

Dems have allowed themselves to become radicalized, refusing to protect Americans, the rise of socialism within their party, the lack of working on legislation to help the voters

Rashida Tlaib Would Give Away Cash Even to Those Unwilling to Work

Democrat from Michigan said her controversial plan is essentially ‘earned income tax credits on steroids’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actually Praises Fellow Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh

Nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed last October after a bruising public battle, the newest member of the high court took the spotlight

Did AOC Run Away from a GOP Challenger, and if So, Why?

During the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, the Democrat socialist apparently dodged someone with differing views