Mueller Team Cashes In After Hunting Trump

That’s why virtually the only place you see MAGA hats around here are on tourists.

Politicians Can’t Stop America’s Mass Shootings

We have a crisis of culture. This past weekend, America lost almost 40 people to two mass shooters … and to be honest, both parties are equally as worthless in addressing the situation.

Stacey Abrams for Democratic VP in 2020? She’s Already Tossing Her Hat in That Ring

Tries to look forward but remains focused on the past: ‘I will always be deeply, deeply hurt,’ she told The New York Times, that she did not win the Georgia governor’s race last fall

Trump Responds To Republicans Defending CNN’s Cuomo Over ‘Fredo’ Video: ‘We Never Learn!’

Why would Cuomo play the slur/victim card when it’s so easily refuted?

Chilling New Details Surrounding Epstein’s Sudden Death Go Public

Epstein, who was facing charges of trafficking underage girls, had a plethora of powerful friends in politics, banking, entertainment, and journalism.

Dem Candidates Reignite Murder Myth

t was the Obama administration that thoroughly investigated the incident and found Officer Wilson had done no wrong.

After Spreading Conspiracy Theories Dems Rip Trump for Same, Tops Monday Briefing

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC thinks the Russians knocked off Epstein.

AOC Wants Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Her For Blocking Former NY Assemblyman On Twitter

Democrats make laws regarding various things (filibuster comes to mind) but, now cry about the laws that they instituted which kind of cramps their style.

An Off-Duty Firefighter Shows Why the Right to Possess Firearms is So Important

Last I checked, Americans don’t have a constitutional right to booze or drugs, but they do have a constitutional right to firearms.

POTUS Calls Out Scaramucci Who Has Been Making Rounds On MSNBC And CNN, Tearing Him Down

Scaramucci has done his work and gotten a lot of speaking gigs in the conservative movement acting as if he was Trump’s friend.

Ohio Man Who Wrote That AOC ‘Should Be Shot’ Is Under Arrest

Progressive Democrat from New York indicated she’s been the target of many threats since she took office

Trump: I Would Be Thrilled To Face Biden; He’s “Not Playing With A Full Deck.”

President Donald Trump hit out at Democratic presidential front runner and former Vice President Joe Biden Friday morning

Trump: We Can Do ‘Very Meaningful Background Checks’ in This Country

Speaking this morning, president explained his thinking on how to solve one of the most worrisome issues in America

House Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler: ‘This is Formal Impeachment Proceedings’

Ultimately, the Senate acts as the “jury” during impeachment and Republicans would likely find the president “not guilty,” so to speak.

President Trump Orders Freeze of Billions in Aid Dollars

Trump’s order to freeze billions in aid dollars is only subjecting these allotments to review before being released.

O’Rourke Says America is a Racist Country and Always Has Been

By David Kamioner | August 9, 2019 Pity pathetic little Beto. He is slipping and slipping in the polls. So, […]

Iowa Farmer Educates Elizabeth Warren How Green New Deal Will Hurt Farming Industry

Warren is clueless, but purposefully continues to lie in her death throw of a campaign.

Fox Business’ Trish Regan And Former NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Disagree On Background Checks On Twitter

On Wednesday, Pres. Trump said that he is “all in favor” of background checks but he also cautioned that Congress wouldn’t approve of it