SNL Announces a Special Live Event this Saturday Night and Gets Instantly Walloped By Massive Backlash

SNL is bringing everyone together – but for all the wrong reasons…we all agree this SUCKS!

‘Avengers: Endgame’ star Don Cheadle outrageously claims ‘another Trump presidency could end us all’

Cheadle also threatened the president last year by saying he wants to snap him out of existence, according to Breitbart News. This was in reference to a mass murder that happens in the Marvel film that Cheadle appeared in.

“Late Night” Ratings Dud Seth Meyers Compares Trump to “Drug Dealers” Because He’s Promoting Hydroxychloroquine

Remember all those jokes saying if Trump cured cancer liberals would trash him and stick up for cancer? Well, that’s happening right now with COVID-19

Melania Looks Striking in Her Corona-Era Medical Mask (Photo)

There are not many people who can look “stunning” in a medical face mask.

Rob Reiner calls President Trump ‘mentally unstable’: Claims his lies are killing people

Reiner also frequently goes after Republicans as a whole, this week claiming that they have coronavirus "blood" on their hands.

[VIDEO] Pelosi Forgets to Speak Into the Phone During Disastrous Conference Call With Reporters

It’s hard for people like Pelosi and Biden to grasp technology.

Hollywood in mourning as Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign: stars have full meltdown

Contrary to what Hollywood believes, Sanders dropping out was the best possible thing for our country.

Oops! Website With Markle’s Charity Name Redirected To Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” Video!

These two should never have been left to their own devices. They just proved they are not capable of taking care of their affairs. They NEED handlers to tell them what to do.