Call Of Duty Black Ops 6: 'The Truth Lies' - Live Action Reveal Trailer Clinton, Thatcher and Hussein

The teaser for the upcoming Black Ops game, titled "The Truth Lies," features real-life politicians, both alive and dead, offering cryptic remarks. The footage suggests that the game takes place in the 1990s, possibly during the US and Iraqi Gulf War. Bill Clinton begins with the menacing remark, "Your whole life is a lie," while Margaret Thatcher is seen to the public, uttering the words, "Behind closed doors, where we hide the world's secrets."

Fans have speculated about the involvement of other well-known people in the trailer, such as Saddam Hussein, Colin Powell, and George H. W. Bush. Many of the individuals are likely dead, as users speculate that they will be playable casts on a secret zombies map that can only be unlocked after the campaign like Five in og Black Ops.

Many gamers have acknowledged that the teaser has piqued their interest, despite some having lost trust in the Call of Duty series over time. The comments section suggests a potential major conspiracy, with some stating that the upcoming installment will be the "game of the year." Microsoft has announced that Call of Duty Black Ops 6 will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one and will be a "dark new chapter" in the franchise. More information and a preview of the gameplay will be available soon.


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