Surge in Chinese Immigration Under Biden: What You Need to Know!

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  • 04/03/2024
Under Biden's leadership, the number of Chinese residents entering the U.S. illegally has gone through the roof. Most of them are single guys of military age. Since fiscal year 2021, more than 140,000 Chinese have come into the country illegally. One of them was just caught at a Marine Corps base on the southwest border.

Gregory Bovino, Chief Patrol Agent for the El Centro Sector, said that Border Patrol agents "responded to a call from the Marine Corp Base about a Chinese national who entered the base without permission and refused to leave."

The El Centro Sector is right next to the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. It is west of the CBP Yuma Sector. The El Centro Sector is 71 miles long and mostly desert and hilly land that runs along the border with Mexico. All of Nevada, a southeasterly part of California, and the western part of Arizona are in the Yuma Sector, which is to its east.

All of the Marine Corps' tactical aviation units train at MCAS Yuma, which is also home to several squadrons, such as fighter, air combat, and aviation weapons and tactics squadrons. In El Centro, California, just 15 minutes from the border with Mexico, there is a Naval Air Facility Base that is an important place for pilots to learn how to fly.

According to Bovino, the Chinese citizen was "confirmed to be in the country illegally," and "his purpose and intent behind his actions are still being investigated."

Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows that most of the high number of Chinese residents illegally entering the U.S. along the southwest border do so in California. At the northern border, most of them do so in New York.

From fiscal year 2021 to February 2024, a total of 140,839 Chinese residents entered the U.S. illegally across the whole country.In fiscal year 2021, a total of 23,471 Chinese residents came into the U.S. illegally. In fiscal year 2022, this number rose to 27,756. In fiscal year 2023, it rose to 53,700. With 36,912 people caught so far in February 2024, the current number is on track to beat past fiscal years' totals. In December 2023, 8,518 people came in illegally, which was the most in a single month.

From fiscal year 2021 to February 2024, almost 50,000 people came into the country illegally through the southwest border. Over 24,000 people, or almost half of that number, came in illegally at the northern border during the same time period.hit the people who got away.

According to CBP figures, most of the people coming into the U.S. illegally from Mexico are being caught in California. There are now more than 35,000 of them in total. The fiscal year 2021 saw the arrest of 263 Chinese people. So far this fiscal year, in February 2024, 22,098 people have been caught.

Over 26,000 people have been caught in Texas during the same time period, making it the second state with the most arrests.

Over 10,400 people who are coming into the U.S. illegally from Canada have been caught in New York during the same time period.

These people are mostly single adults in every state and field. Officials told The Center Square that most of the single adults are guys of military age.


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