Fox News Contributor Links Black Voters' Support for Trump to Love of Sneakers

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/22/2024
Sneakers are Donald Trump's hidden weapon in the 2024 election campaign, according to Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo. You heard correctly—sneakers.

In an interview that aired recently on The Big Weekend Show, Arroyo boldly said that Trump's flashy, gold high-top shoes, known as the "Never Surrender High-Tops," would be the primary reason why Black people will flock to him in the next election. These limited-edition sneakers, which include an American flag pattern on the back, have generated a lot of attention since Trump recently touted them at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

Arroyo's logic? It seems that Black Americans have an inexhaustible affinity for footwear. Arroyo said with assurance, "This is resonating with Black America because they love shoes." He claims that Trump's entry into the shoe business is revolutionary, particularly for inner cities. He is speaking to them at a level that transcends and defies politics. Pun meant, Arroyo remarked, "The culture always overcomes politics."

Arroyo did not miss a beat when asked whether supporters of sneakers would support Trump in the election. Would someone be prepared to deposit $400 for a pair of sneakers? Yes, I believe that to be love and commitment. It is affection, that is what it is," he joked. Who knew, however, that a voter's feet held the key to their heart?

The introduction of Trump's gold shoes could not have come at a more intriguing moment, given his ongoing legal troubles and financial difficulties. It occurs only one day after he was fined a whopping $355 million for financial misbehavior.

Will Trump's cunning plan, then, be sufficient to win him the presidency once more? Time will tell. But one thing is certain: Trump is prepared to make a strong political impression, one high-top at a time.


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