Former SC Governor Mark Sanford: Nikki Haley Would Need a Meteor to Trump Trump

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  • 02/18/2024
In a recent interview, former Republican governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford said that fellow South Carolinian Nikki Haley would need "a meteor strike" to beat former President Donald Trump in the state's presidential primary.

In an interview with Politico Magazine, Sanford—who served as Haley's mentor early in her political career—told the publication that Haley's difficulties maintaining relationships and the GOP's perception of Trump as a winner were the reasons behind her state's low approval rating.

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina supported Trump's 2024 candidacy early in the GOP primaries. Furthermore, a number of senators from South Carolina have bragged about their support for Trump in recent weeks, which has hurt Haley's standing in her own state.

Regarding Trump's endorsements, Sanford told Politico Magazine, "People understand that if that is the train leaving the station, then that is the one that they want to get in on." "For the majority of politicians, remaining in the game is the name of the game. As a result, they will lean toward the candidate they believe has the best chance of winning."

"I am not putting the blame on her, but many in the state would contend she has not stayed in contact or maintained the connections that people find appealing in the political arena," he went on. "The fact that Mike Johnson, a close personal friend of Nikki who ran both of her inaugurals and grew up nearby, became Tim Scott's finance chair is revealing. How on earth is it possible?"

In the weeks since the former president won the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses, Haley and Trump have been traveling the state. However, Haley would lose a great deal more if she were to lose to Trump in her home state of South Carolina. That is because the former president would be well-positioned to enter Super Tuesday with a solid lead in delegates and an edge in polls among GOP voters in states that are crucial for delegates, including Texas and California.

According to a recent CBS News/YouGov survey, among potential GOP primary voters in South Carolina, Trump leads Haley 65% to 30%. Furthermore, among probable GOP voters, Trump defeated Haley 65% to 29% according to a recent Winthrop University survey.

Sanford said that Haley would need "a meteor strike" to win the GOP primary, and the most recent figures support his opinion.

Speaking to Politico Magazine, he said, "I am not seeing progress." "Let me tell you what may go wrong: Trump defeating Trump, which he is more than capable of doing."

Prior to making her first run for governor, Haley discovered a supporter in Sanford, an outsider with similar conservative views who urged her to enter the contest. However, Politico Magazine said that the two South Carolinians' friendship became "strained" over time.


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