Texas Governor Plans New Military Base in Eagle Pass Amid Immigration Surge

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/18/2024
In response to the high number of immigrants attempting to enter the country in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) announced plans to build a new military post there.

Texas National Guard members have been erecting barbed wire walls along the border nearby, and this facility would be for them. Due to the Texas government's efforts to prevent illegal immigration, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against it at the end of the previous year. The Texas National Guard kept adding barbed wire despite orders for Border Patrol to remove it.

At a news conference this week, Abbott said, "This will boost the capacity for a greater number of Texas Military Department personnel in Eagle Pass to work more effectively and efficiently."

Approximately 1,800 National Guardsmen will ultimately reside on the 80-acre site; the first 300 beds will be made available in April.

The announcement coincides with Texas apparently having spent $124,603,616.19 in less than two years on the expense of busing immigrants out of the state and into other sanctuary communities.

Under Abbott's auspices of Operation Lone Star, tax monies fund the bulk of the operation; nevertheless, the government also requests contributions designated for the immigrants' transportation.

Before Biden assumed office, an estimated 10 million immigrants had allegedly entered the nation illegally as of last October. It is the highest reported administration in that time frame.

Since March2021, Texas law enforcement has been conducting Operation Lone Star, the state's own attempt to control the border, and it has led to the capture of 497,600 illegal immigrants. 39,000 of them were taken into custody on 35,200 criminal counts. Since the operation started, authorities have found over 454 million fatal doses of fentanyl.


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