Neighbors' Warnings Ignored: Megachurch Shooter's Shocking Revelation

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  • 02/14/2024
The transgender woman who opened fire at Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch on Sunday and was later fatally shot by police, Genesse Ivonne Moreno, had neighbors who had tried for years to alert authorities about her. At a press conference, the six women detailed the intimidation and threats they faced, claiming that Moreno had shown firearms and that they were afraid to go outside, according to NBC News.

"Nothing relayed to officers would give authority to arrest or require mental health emergency detention; nor would any of the information have been an indication that the suspect would commit such a heinous crime," the Conroe Police Department claims in response to the women's accusations that it should have taken action to stop Moreno. A lot more information on Moreno's history is beginning to surface/

Rabbi Walli Carranza, the gunman's ex-mom-in-law and the paternal grandmother of the 7-year-old boy who was in the church with her (and who suffered critical injuries in the shooting), claims to Click 2 Houston that Moreno stabbed her son, with whom she was fighting for custody of the boy, and that she "infantilized" the extra-special child. She claims that "she kept him on a feeding tube for years when it was meant to come out in weeks."

In addition, Moreno's ex-mom-in-law claims that the actress had schizophrenia and stopped taking her medicine when expecting. According to the Houston Chronicle, police also said that woman had a history of mental illness. In 2016, she was subject to an emergency detention order, a measure used when a person's mental health conditions pose a significant danger of harm.

Moreno has a long criminal past, which includes a 2009 conviction for assaulting a police officer, according to reports from The Chronicle and other media, including Fox News. Since 2005, she has been arrested at least six times; the most recent incident occurred in 2022 when guns were discovered in her vehicle during a traffic check. Nonetheless, she had lawfully acquired the AR-15 in December that she used in the shooting.

Enrique Carranza, Moreno's ex-husband, is a sexual offender who acknowledged in court filings that he struggled because of Moreno's alleged schizophrenia. Moreno accused Carranza of abuse. Although they have not yet publicly speculated on a motive, police claimed that Moreno, her ex-husband, and his family may have had a "familial conflict" that may have contributed to the shooting.

There have been reported reports that Moreno is transgender, but authorities have confirmed that she has always identified as a woman, is the boy's biological mother, and has only ever used male and female identities in the past. For example, in the court filings, her former partner called her "Jeffrey."

Antisemitic writings were discovered at Moreno's house and in the car she drove to the church, according to the police, and a sticker on her weapon said "Palestine" rather than "Free Palestine," as was first reported. Although Carranza acknowledges that Moreno had made antisemitic remarks against some of her ex-family members in the past, she does not believe that antisemitism was the cause of the shooting: She posted on Facebook, saying, "This is what happens when careless and irresponsible reporting gives individuals with serious mental illness a justification for violence." She claims that Moreno's mother was a churchgoer when Moreno opened fire; according to KHOU, Moreno used to be a member as well.

The bullet-stricken 57-year-old guy is no longer in the hospital. According to Houston Public Media, the youngster who was shot in the head is "fighting for his life," according to the police. It is still unknown whether the two law enforcement officers who were not on duty fired back at the church, killing Moreno, or his mother's shooting.


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