Poll: Majority of Americans Think Biden Is "Over the Hill" in the Presidential Race

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 02/12/2024
With two front-runners who are getting on in age, the age-old issue of "how old is too old for a presidential candidate?" has become more pressing as November approaches. As to a recent survey, a "overwhelming majority" of Americans believe that President Biden is too old to serve a second term, even if they also do not think former President Trump is a spring bird. 

Eighty-six percent of participants in the most recent ABC News poll using Ipsos' KnowledgePanel believe that 81-year-old Joe Biden is too elderly to serve in the White House again. In contrast, 62% of respondents believe Donald Trump, at 77, is too elderly to take the same action.

Yet, 59% believe that both candidates are too elderly. According to ABC, a September Washington Post survey revealed that 74% of participants believed Biden was too elderly to serve in government again, compared to 49% who felt the same way about Trump. The current survey, which was carried out among a random sample of little more than 500 US citizens on February 9–10, was undertaken in response to a report on Biden's handling of secret materials released by Special Counsel Robert Hur. The report said that Biden described himself as a "elderly guy with a weak memory" after being questioned.

That survey "may be the first indication of the report's influence on voters' view of the president," according to Politico. Since the publication of Hur's assessment, Biden's team has been firmly refuting the age issue. 

The claim that Biden is too old to run for office again was dismissed as "a bucket of BS that is so thick, your boots will get caught in it" by Biden's co-chair, Mitch Landrieu, on Sunday. What age, therefore, is too old? For the New York Times, Peter Baker attempts to examine that subject, looking back at previous presidential contenders who had comparable difficulties.


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