Young Patriot Beats Drugs; Champions Conservatism as a way of life

I met this young lady, Ellysa Maye over a month ago and I loved her story. She’s a young woman, who has gone through so many trials and tribulations. She has BEAT drug addiction and she’s totally 100% conservative in thinking and actions.

Elly is a true inspiration with her video blogs and to the Ninja Team. I am so proud to have her with us.

Her message of being a year free of drugs, loving God, embracing conservatism as a way of live is a true testament for everyone to hear and support. Please support this young lady. Tell her story and follow her on social media. She is only going to get better.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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