You had to know this was coming – Romney seizes momentum with 30 days left before election

With 30 days before the election, Mitt Romney has breathed new life into his campaign as a result of last week’s debate.
President Obama has had a small edge over Romney in most national polls, though the impact of the president’s weak debate performance has yet to play out in polling. But barring a huge post-debate bounce for the former Massachusetts governor, Obama has an easier path to get to 270 electoral votes, while Romney needs to all but run the table in the swing states to pull off a win.

Republicans had begun to privately write off Romney’s chances before last Wednesday’s debate, but his strong performance and Obama’s listless response drew cries of joy from the right, including from some most of Romney’s harshest conservative critics.

Yet, Friday’s jobs report showed the unemployment rate declining to 7.8 percent, the lowest figure since Obama’s first month in office. The number undercuts one of Romney’s core campaign arguments: That the economy has worsened during Obama’s presidency.

It will take days — and fresh polling — to sort out how these countervailing events will play out. But the debate did accomplish one thing: It got Romney’s now-famous “47 percent” comments out of the headlines for the first time since they surfaced nearly three weeks ago.

Barring an October surprise or a major gaffe from either side, the biggest events that remain that could change the direction of the race are the final two presidential debates, scheduled for Oct. 16 in New York and Oct. 22 in Florida, and the vice presidential debate on Thursday in Kentucky.

Via The Hill

Wayne Dupree

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