YEAH RIGHT! Hillary Releases Medical Papers, Not Medical Records; She’s Good! [VIDEO]

If Hillary Clinton’s “doctor” says that she is fit to serve, then Donald Trump should respond by saying that his “accountant” said that all of his tax returns are in order.

I don’t believe much of anything that comes out of the Clinton camp and I certainly don’t believe this crap. Hillary is gravely ill and her health is rapidly deteriorating. Anyone that has followed the events of the past few years knows this to be true.

Sorry but what happened Sunday, when she went all weekend at Bernie’s, doesn’t jive as pneumonia. Why wasn’t the press core allowed to follow? How was she so spry 90 minutes later when she was so “dehydrated” that her body(except head) went completely limp?! Sorry not buying this.

Now she releases a medical paper declaring nothing is wrong except her triglycerides? Give me a break!

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Watch CNN fall all over this report:

Why on earth would any sane person believe anything coming from her campaign at this point? Her husband said today she had the flu….which is contagious, by the way.

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