Yale Professor Back Pedals On Her Diagnosis Of Trump’s Mental State

What liberals don’t understand is that even though they have played this game before, trying to destroy a Republican by questioning the mental state, it didn’t turn out well the last time.

Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater had his mental state questioned during the 60s election where after he lost, he sued a magazine who printed that story, and he won. A law was created with his name fused to it for all time to stop this from ever happening again.

But Democrats are creatures of ignorance and stupidity. Professor Bandy Lee seems to have found herself in trouble for speaking on Trump’s mentality.

Source: BPR

A Yale psychiatry professor who claimed a Republican senator secretly met with her to discuss President Trump’s mental health admits she exaggerated her claims, and confessed the “meeting” with “accidental” and “incidental.”

“It wasn’t arranged in advance,” Dr. Bandy Lee confessed to the Weekly Standard. “It was accidental. It was incidental.”

Lee made headlines this week amid breathless media reports that she had met in December with a dozen Democratic members of Congress who are worried about President Trump’s mental health.

Lee claimed one of the lawmakers was a Republican senator, whom she refused to name. She claimed the exchange with the GOP senator took place in a Senate office building on December 5, but refused to say whether it occurred in a hallway, where tourists incidentally run into lawmakers.

“I won’t comment. I’m sorry,” Lee said.

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It sounds to me like someone’s attorney explained to her the application of libel and slander laws.

She thinks he needs to be forcibly evaluated. Rush Limbaugh made the point Friday that Donald Trump, the self-made millionaire, sits at the top of the food chain. Apparently, liberal money grubbers don’t see this reality.

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