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WOW! This Malaysian Soldier Just Made A PUNK Out Of This Cobra Snake!

An Instagram account owned by segak_berseragam uploaded a minute-long video of a Malaysian soldier and a king cobra.

“The snake was not just a snake, it was a king cobra in the middle of the road. The soldier was not just a soldier, it was a soldier of many skills,” said the Instagram post.

You know I had to take a look at it and I checked it out a few times. In the video below, the uniformed soldier can be seen casually standing in front of the king cobra, approaching it slowly from side to side and even walking up to it gingerly.

When he got as close as he could, he reached out over the cobra’s head and starting lowering his hand. I didn’t know what was going to happen but in my mind, I was running scenarios.


It seems the soldier reached the blindspot of the cobra and after that, that’s all she wrote. He pressed its head into the ground. Amazing huh? Before the cobra reacted, it was pinned down onto the ground by the soldier hand.

Could you have done this?


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