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WOW! Klobuchar Says Democrats Do PACK Stadiums And Cuomo’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!

After Pres. Trump Re-election kickoff rally in Orlando, CNN’s Chris Cuomo opened tonight with Senator Amy Klobuchar and his question made for must-see TV!

Cuomo: “One simple question. Why don’t the Democrats pack stadiums the way this president does?”

Klobuchar: “Oh, but we do. We have a lot of stadiums we’re packing at the same time with so many people running. I think you’ve seen our candidates throughout the years generate that energy and you certainly saw it in 2018… I am not one bit worried about the excitement on our side.”

When Klobuchar’s interview was complete, Cuomo said he “actually differ with the senator, I don’t think Democrats are packing any place the way he is.”

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