Arizona Gov Brewer More Worried about Super Bowl Revenue than Liberty

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has been under intense pressure to veto SB 1062, the seemingly provocative bill that would allow business owners to refuse service to homosexuals if it violates their religious convictions. NBC News is reporting via Twitter that Brewer is planning to veto it.


This wasn’t a sudden change of heart on the part of Gov. Brewer. It was about money and bad attention for the state a year prior to the Super Bowl.

Via NewsMax:

Brewer has been under intense pressure from business groups and political leaders to diffuse the situation and veto the legislation which they fear will draw unnecessary attention to Arizona a year before it hosts the next Super Bowl and following economic losses on controversial immigration stances.

At the same time, Arizona’s Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, as well as three Republican state legislators who initially ratified the measure have written to Brewer, a Republican, asking her to reject Senate Bill 1062, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Unfortunately a lot of misinformation is out there about this bill. Its true intent has been smeared by the media to further their homosexual agenda and in turn, cause confusion.

Listening to the media, you would think that the bill said that businesses could refuse service to gays, period. But that is not the case. If this legislation were to pass, homosexuals could still walk into any establishment and purchase whatever they want from the available offerings. This bill did not aim to change that.

To put it simply, this bill was intended to protect the religious liberty of business owners and also protect their right to make choices as to who they enter into business contracts with. The bill would have allowed businesses to refuse contractual services to gay and lesbian couples if providing such services goes against their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

When you take away the political purview and look at this bill in terms of legality, an argument can clearly be made to uphold the idea that a business owner (or anyone really) should not be compelled to enter into a contractual agreement against the moral compass of one of the parties. Businesses should have that right.

But, apparently Jan Brewer will side with businesses and succumb to the media pressure.

Via NBC News:

Apple and a slew of big-name firms issued letters and made phone calls to Brewer on Monday telling her the state would take a financial hit if the law passed, according to CNBC.

Apple is just about to open large new glass manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona.

Marriott, meanwhile, noted that their bottom-line could suffer as a result of the bill.

This measure “would have profound negative impacts on the hospitality industry on the Arizona and on the state’s overall economic climate for years to come,” the hotel chain said in a statement.

American Airlines noted how deeply Arizona suffered during the recession and said: “Our economy thrives best when the doors of commerce are open to all. This bill sends the wrong message.”

Notice how the Left is fine with all of the corporations like Apple weighing in on this? The Left used to run around whining about fatcats and the “corporate” influence on politics. Now they have embraced it. Down is up, up is down.

Wayne Dupree

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