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Woman Slams Door On Secret Service After Posting Anti-Trump Speech On Facebook!

A woman posted some comments online toward Pres. Trump and she got the usual Secret Service door knock, and the process began of answering questions.

But this seemed different than what we have heard in the past. These agents allowed this woman to talk to them like she was their superior. She disrespected them just as she did the same to Pres. Trump and they didn’t do anything.

Here’s the video:


What an arrogant woman she is. That is precisely what is wrong with this world, no respect for authority. They should have hauled her downtown (to their office) to answer the questions. It might have taught her a lesson.

After reportedly posting online about hoping someone would shoot President Trump between the eyes, a woman in Texas was shocked to see a Secret Service agent at her door only a few hours later. According to her, he attempted to intimidate her and enter her home but stopped when her nephew started recording. After stating that she wanted a lawyer, the woman got the agent’s phone number and then slammed the door shut without waiting for him to leave.

Source: NY Post via ViralHog

She will get a team of high-powered left wing pro-bono lawyers. When they get to court, the lawyers will make a circus while the hapless judge looks on astounded and eventually dismisses the case so they will leave.

I cannot believe that it is the end of the story. I want to hear the rest, when they raid her house at 2 am, clamp her leftist snowflake ass in steel bracelets, and she undergoes a 24-hour debriefing and then prosecuted with a nice six months in a Federal lockup. Is this it?

Conservatives should pay attention here because when the political winds blow the other way, it’ll be the government at our front door asking why we think we have a right to keep and bear arms, a right to question our liberal leaders, etc.

I think anyone that makes a threat against the President should face charges, no questions asked.

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