Woman Shouts “I Hate White People” Before Attack — Charged With Hate Crime

Regardless of the color of you put your hands on someone who pays the consequences period.

What causes people to snap? What type of day did this woman have just to go off? Is she that hateful of white people that she had to enact violence against two unsuspected bus passengers?

I don’t understand and neither will the people that seek to find a reason. The perpetrator might even say to herself how she’s doesn’t have a clue why she decided to visit the crazy farm in her mind. Either way, this was a hate crime, there’s no doubt about it.

Source: ABC 7

Kimberly Jordan, 24, of Silver Spring, is charged with racial harassment, obstructing and second-degree assault due to her alleged offensive and physically painful antics.

It was 9 p.m. on a Monday. The Ride On bus was operating a route near the intersection of Frederick Avenue and Travis Avenue, just north of the Lakeforest Mall.

Jordan allegedly began to stare at two white passengers and then murmured, “I hate white people.” A short while later, Jordan, who weighs 250 pounds, reportedly stood up and clocked the female white passenger in the face. The male white passenger attempted to defend his friend, but got smacked in the face as well, police state.

The male victim suffered a “long” cut to this nose while the female victim had a number of scratches on her palms, likely defensive wounds.

According to court documents; “Jordan was unemployed and lived with her grandmother at the time of her arrest. She has a lengthy arrest record for charges like theft, burglary, destruction of property, assault and domestic violence.”

I have heard of other instances of crimes like this, and the judge didn’t classify this as a hate crime, even though they said the same thing. The perpetrator in this story needs mental help and probably a room with no window and padded walls until she calms down.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think she needs a mental evaluation or should she go directly to jail?

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