CNN’s Smerconish DESTROYS Wolff Over Misrepresenting Himself For WH Access

Michael Smerconish has had a problem with Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff, and today he had a chance to take it to the author.

Smerconish shut down Wolff at one point with this: “Did you ever misrepresent your objective or your feelings about the president?”

It got so bad at one point, Wolff jumped off topic and blamed Hope Hicks, WH Communications Director for feeding Smerconish talking points: “You’re doing the work of the White House to discredit this book! The White House wants to discredit this book.”

SMERCONISH: From the paper trail that I’ve seen, and I’ve tried to become more knowledgable in anticipation of having you here, it doesn’t seem like there was any interview you were afforded for the book per se…

WOLFF: Okay, I think that we should point out that someone in the White House is obviously giving you emails that I sent, which is perfectly fine, but the White House has been on a concerted attack on me since this book came out. By the way, a totally incompetent attack… You are now doing the job of the White House, just so everybody knows that.

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I have to admit Smerconish won’t take a side on hot-button topics, which many people find frustrating, and even disingenuous. But I think we need at least one voice out there that takes both sides to task, and lets callers speak their piece without yelling at them, condescending to them, or taking over them.

Wolff Gets Grilled By CBS’ O’Donnell Over Book Accuracies!

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