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Wolff Gets Grilled By CBS’ O’Donnell Over Book Accuracies!

Give it up to CBS This Morning’s Norah O’Donnell who seemingly took the fight to author Michael Wolff, whose book is hitting the sales windows claiming damaging information from the Trump White House.

Wolff is making the rounds on television, and he is contradicting his own words many times. One of the examples is how he claims he got access to the White House and he went in with no hidden agenda. Now Wolff is boasting his book is going to take down the Trump presidency.

Let’s break this down. Wolff used unorthodox methods to stay in the White House for a long period. He pushed the boundaries of what is supposed to be “off the record,” utilizing off the cuff greetings as entries into his notes. Watching the video below, you will notice at the 3:02 mark, Norah raked him over the coals and took it to him hard. With so many treating this book as a completely true guide seems nebulous, especially given the murky details waffled through by the author when asked these questions, I have to say ‘great journalism on Norah’s part!”

This guy Wolff sounds like a liar. Wolff said he’s 100 percent honest and knows throughout all of Trump’s life that he has never read a work of fiction. He literally just lied! Wolff says he knows Trump has never read a book of fiction his 71 years on planet Earth. You can tell right away this guy’s a fake. Unlike President Bush and President Obama, President Trump has Not launched a new war within his first year as President, and that’s something to be thankful for. The media should cover that.

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This is the schizophrenia of the left/Democrats. They say Trump colluded with Russians because he would do anything to become president. Now they say he didn’t want to be President and this is just a Trump publicity stunt. Only a liberal can have two contradictory thoughts rolling around in their head cohabiting with bong resin and lost ambition.

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I thought the interview was solid even though O’Donnell is a liberal. I didn’t expect her to go after Wolff so hard, and I do not expect her to hold this attack mode, but I will give her just due.

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