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Wikileaks Drops Twitter MOAB! ISIS Tunnels Hit Were Built By CIA

Call this retribution for what the CIA did to Wikileaks yesterday when Mike Pompeo called out the whistleblowing organization.

Let’s get something straight—Wikileaks, Julian Assange exposes the truth – which is the last thing the establishment wants. You can believe it or not, I am not lying to you.

Wikileaks called out the CIA in a tweet late Thursday night after the organization had blasted them earlier in the day. Mike Pompeo tried to put Wikileaks on blast with this message:

“Wikileaks is a threat to democracy” says the head of the CIA which is itself the biggest threat to democracy worldwide that the world has ever known. From Iran to Guatemala to The Congo to Chile and numerous others the CIA has overthrown democratic governments and replaced them with pro-US dictators.

After that, Wikileaks hit back and continued hitting back against Pompeo who used them last year in a tweet to slam Barack Obama:

Pompeo’s speech left me puzzled and scratching my head especially after reading his tweet.

Source: Mediaite

The 2005 article from the New York Times reports about how bin Laden worked alongside the CIA to liberate Afghanistan from occupation by the Soviet Union during the 1980’s. The base was in Tora Bora was described as “part of a C.I.A.-financed complex built for the mujahadeen,” and bin Laden made further improvements when he turned the complex into the hideaway where he was engaged by special forces.

The article also refers to another mujahideen operative, Yunis Khalis, who reportedly received weapons and large sums of money in his own efforts against the Soviets. Khalid and bin Laden were acquainted with each other, and their connections enabled them to build up a network in connection with the Taliban.

Assange helped to expose what our government was involved in, our sovereignty was under attack by the globalist elites and still is. Interesting enough our intelligence agencies were complicit in allowing this. As well as playing hitman to those standing in the way. Thank you Assange, for that, Americans knows who our enemies are

One more thing, our American intelligence agencies are unreliable sources. They have been proven to be lying and deceitful on numerous occasions. Their word is worth nothing and no one should accept their stance or their outlook.

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