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She Won 200K On A Game Show But Probably Wrecked Her Marriage

The game show is called The Moment Of Truth, but the results of the show could have just destroyed a marriage.

Shannon was doing good when it came to answering questions, but then the direction of the questions turned, and she kept answering them with her mother-in-law and husband in viewing range.

When Shannon got up the running total up to 100,000, she was asked if she wanted to keep going and she said yes. My question to you is this; “Is it worth going forward on a national game show if it could wreck your marriage?”

Shannon looked to be proud of what she started and seemed to enjoy answering the questions but then the I guess the rules of the game allow the participating family members to ask questions so should she have stopped there?

Do you think Shannon knew she had destroyed her marriage and wanted to keep on winning the money just in case the situation ended in a divorce?

Watch it unfold here:

Why the tears at the end? Who does this to someone they say at the end they love? I can’t imagine ever going through this, putting someone through this or having someone put me through this.

On a national game show!!

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