Why Does Fmr President Bush Get blamed for “No Child Left Behind” when Dem Ted Kennedy Sponsored It?

Once again Democrats continue to shift the blame and change history when it comes to political decisions that do not end favorably.

The no child left behind act is a policy put in place to promote equal education for all children. Through assessment of students’ knowledge gains and an emphasis on teacher accountability, the no child left behind act has helped some schools improve, but has left many teachers struggling to juggle paperwork, excessive testing and teaching.

The No Child Left Behind Act was sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy, and received overwhelming bi-partisan support from the commander-in-chief on down. It was written by Representatives John Boehner (R-OH), George Miller (D-CA), and Senators Judd Gregg (R-NH) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

Recall the context of those times. President Bush had won reelection after the nightmarish Florida recount and Supreme Court decision and many Democrats wanted nothing to do with him. The president nevertheless extended his right hand to Democrats, and one who took it was the biggest Democrat of all, Ted Kennedy. He came to dinner with the Bushes, watched a movie at the White House and generally started to work with Bush on reforming federal education law.

Throughout 2001, while Bush was getting hammered by many Democrats for pursuing tax cuts, Kennedy kept working on a center-out strategy with the White House and the Hill on education reform. Through painstaking negotiations, the foursome worked with Bush domestic advisers Margaret Spellings and Sandy Kress on the legislation.

What I loved was the political approach of that bill: It didn’t start as conservatives trying to get liberals to sign on, or liberals trying to get conservatives to sign on. It instead started with both sides meeting in the middle and figuring out a way to produce a bill they both could support.

And they had to ignore critics in their own parties to get it done. The education unions didn’t like it on the Democratic side, and numerous conservative Republicans thought the feds had no business pressing local schools.

In the end, the bipartisan work set in statute this very important goal: We as a nation believe all children are capable of learning at grade level, we will give them resources to do that and we will measure them to make sure they are moving toward that learning at grade level.

Excerpts taken from Ted Kennedy and No Child Left Behind By William McKenzie

Wayne Dupree

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