Whoopi Seeks Sympathy From Television Crowd After Exhibiting Trump Derangement Syndrome

Whoopi Goldberg was back at it before the weekend, trying to get out her story to her audience after she got rocked by Judge Jeanine Pirro on Thursday.

Judge Jeanine Pirro joined The View on Thursday and got into a back and forth with Whoopi Goldberg over Pres. Trump and the environment of today’s society.  Goldberg blamed the president while Pirro blamed quick to react liberals who have Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

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What Whoopi doesn’t realize is that her actions showed the entire world just how bad she had TDS. Shutting down the show segment and asking Pirro to leave was the very essence of her sickness toward hating a Trump supporter who wouldn’t back down from combating liberal lies.

Source: Mediaite

But as Goldberg said this morning, “she left a lot of pertinent stuff out.”

She said Pirro was already upset when she showed up “because Ana Navarro was here instead of Joy.”

And after the segment ended, Goldberg continued, “she they called everybody at the table a name I cannot repeat on TV and said it in front of the audience.”

She confirmed she did have a confrontation with Pirro off-stage, admitting she herself said some “choice words I cannot repeat.”

“I did not spit on her,” Goldberg added. “I did not intimidate her. No one chased her out of here… but she did leave here cursing at the people who book the show. She cursed at the guys who do the security for the show.”

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I knew Goldberg would try to fix her reaction because social media went after her like crazy on Thursday night. Whoopi would have done herself justice by allowing the segment to end while not showing contempt for her guest but she failed, and the entire country saw it.

There is no coming back from that, and I am sure you agree.

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