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Goldberg Claims Trump Comments About Vetting Bahama Hurricane Victims Are Racist

Someone tell Whoopi Goldberg that her race card has expired and is no longer valid to trash Pres. Trump.

Pres. Trump warned that he wasn’t going to allow EVERYBODY to leave the Bahamas to come to the United States after Hurricane Dorian. Whoopi tried to transfer that decision by the Commander-in-chief into something racist since the country is primarily made up of people of color.

Trump warned we had to be careful about letting in “very bad people” such as “drug dealers” and “gang members” into the country.

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So Bernie Sanders says he wants the US government to pay to abort the babies in predominantly black and brown countries, but that is not racist. Pres. Trump points out that the government has already put out warnings about high crime in those countries, and he is racist. So killing them is OK, but speaking truth about the society is racist? How did facts suddenly become racist and advocating violence not?

Trump: “I don’t want to allow people that weren’t supposed to be in the Bahamas to come into the United States, including some very bad people and some very bad gang members and some very, very bad drug dealers.”

Goldberg: “How do you not look at this man and say this is a racial problem? How do you not? Well, this is a race card. The card can’t get any bigger than this!”

Hostin: “We don’t want to constantly take it out but it’s right there!”

First of all, our president didn’t mention race at all. Pres. Trump was referring to individuals who are not supposed to be in the Bahamas legally. You don’t think the Bahamas has illegal immigration and criminals? We can’t let every tom, dick and harry into the US. The spew is just being willfully ignorant, but for them, they are permanently stuck on stupid.

Second of all, due to the near invasion by Haitians, the government of Bahama has been deporting Haitians since 2014.

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Meanwhile, the government is well known as corrupt and in the pocket of drug cartels as a transshipment point for drugs into the US. What has kept the predominant party in power is standard of living increases due to tourism and off-shore banking (a polite name for money laundering)

Last time I heard, the Bahamas wasn’t part of the USA. The Bahamas is its own country that gained independence from Great Britain on 10 July 1973, So if “We the U.S.” are helping them it’s a plus for them, the Media needs to stay out of the fray.

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