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Whoa! Video Of Fatal Shooting At Bail Bonds Office Released By Prosecutor

Chasity Carey was acquitted of killing Brandon Williams after trying to revoke his bond last August 2017. The prosecutor has decided to release the video of the said shooting.

I have watched the video a couple of times, and my jaw dropped at the site of force being used so quickly but I wasn’t there in the room so if Carey felt her life was in danger, I can understand her use of force to defend herself and her son.

I couldn’t see what Williams was doing when he went off screen (on the right side of the video screen), but I can see what the prosecutor is doing here. The state lost the case so they are pushing this video to the public so Carey can be shamed for those who thought she acted too quickly.

Source: Circa

Video shows Carey at her desk with Williams seated across from her next to Carey’s son. She shuts the door and asks Williams to put his hands behind his back before ordering him to sit down. Carey reaches for William but he dodges and leaves the view of the camera.

Video then shows Carey reaching into her desk, pulling a gun and immediately firing. Carey calls 911 to report the shooting as her son says, “Mom, you just shot him.” She replies, “I did.”

Prosecutors said Carey shot Williams in the back but her attorney successfully argued that she was afraid of Williams.

Watch the video here:

Carey son’s voice was chilling after the incident. The lack of remorse and willingness to kill a man in cold blood is staggering. This man isn’t a saint, but her nonchalantly shooting him in the back is sickening. This was not self-defense. It was murder.

Maybe I’m not in the “know” but seems REALLY odd to me that 1) you would have your son present with you with a job you would want your family to be kept private for their safety; 2) having your son with you while trying to obtain violent criminal; 3) having YOUR son hold the actual cuffs (is that legal?); 4) if you suspected a struggle why wouldn’t you already be armed?; 5) why isn’t there an officer to officially take into custody?; 6) why did she shoot to kill? (Hard to see w angle but still- there was no remorse).

He didn’t physically confront her. After she grabbed the gun, she should have ordered him to go to the ground. That should have been done first. The way it went down was simply murder.

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