Greta Thunberg — Climate Change Teen Messiah For Liberals Or Cash Cow?

Between all of the national attention and the far left egging on with false narratives, Greta Thunberg has grown arrogant assuming that what she doesn’t know isn’t important.

I don’t know what the fascination pedophiles have with messing with little kids or political ideologues using kids as poster children for their causes and bank accounts. These kids are robot megaphones of propaganda for adults who will promote their cuteness and claim how mature and well-versed they are for their age. It’s a con job.

Most kids around the ages of 12-16 in this social media age get their material from what they see online, right or wrong. Their bible manuscripts are based on likes and retweets of reguritated material already spewed by individuals they follow. Over the past 10 years, I’ve seen my own political party raise up young kids who repeat what they have seen on Fox News or Twitter and claim they are ready to run for President of the United States. I shake my head at that because of the damage it’s doing to the kids.

Thunberg knows nothing of economics and fails to notice that many scientists and engineers have been working hard for many years to improve the environment with innovative solutions, not with arrogant authoritarian social engineering and shouting “shame on you to political leaders.”

The “Davos” meeting, that she appeared, lost its legitimacy when the so-called “leaders” allowed princess know-it-all and three other teen “activists” to be in attendance and speak. NONE of them know what the facts are as to the economy or climate change. As for climate change, wasn’t that called “global warming” a year or so ago? Make up your minds, people.

This is the blind leading the blind…..gotta correct that. Not the blind leading the blind. It’s more like the blind trying to lead those who actually know something about the subject. We’ve been paying way too much attention to people who don’t know their butt from up. There’s a really good reason successful companies try to hire qualified people. It’s to avoid things like Greta.

She’s obviously a puppet of the radical left. Shame on them for using her like this and shame on her parents for letting them.

Young kids like Greta don’t know or understand the world at that age. Whatever she is told is what she thinks and knows. That doesn’t make her an expert to be trotted out on stage and paraded around like a circus chimp. Her future is already damaged and probably her psyche. She’s being used and as a parent, I am angry that her handlers are getting away with it.

Anyone associated with this young girl in her close circle, look at their bank accounts over the last year. Look at their travel schedule and 1st class bookings. Look at their purchases and see if there is an uptick, especially with people who are supposedly living off the land.

As for Greta, stop marching and sneering at people, but instead stay in school and learn the foundations of science and engineering that will enable you to innovate real solutions to real problems.

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