Why Liberals Are Responsible For #Ferguson

Meet Oliver Friedfeld, founder of the Treehouse Project, where he attempts ‘to help students at Georgetown understand that professional, teleological and educational concerns must still be in balance with development of self’. Whatever that means.  Sorry readers, I don’t speak brainwashed liberal.

Oliver-FriedfeldIn mid-November, the Georgetown University student was the victim of an armed robbery, and make no mistake, he represents white LIBERAL Americans who are partly to blame for the lawlessness in Ferguson.

Although Friedfeld was not surprised to be a crime victim, he found many of his friends in the haughty Georgetown area were startled by his mugging.  Friedfeld said they referred to the perpetrators as “thugs” or  “criminals” and this, not the mugging is what he found alarming.

You see, as a good liberal Mr. Friedfeld understood the “criminal” was not to blame, clearly the criminal was driven by inequality and growing disparity between the rich and poor.

As a good liberal, he understood he and others like him who “stand from [the] perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education” were to blame.

As a good liberal, he could not hold someone less “privileged” accountable for their choices when he had “…never once had to think about going out on a Saturday night to mug people.”

Behold, liberal logic at it’s finest. How dare liberals treat the “others” as equal and capable of following the law or having a moral center if they were not as “privileged’?  That’s just well, unfair.

Like most liberals, Mr. Friedfeld is a walking contradiction. He admits the officer filing the report had a good point when he said he too was less “privileged” yet somehow was capable not choosing a life of crime. However, like a good liberal he added the caveat, saying “it’s a whole lot easier for [Friedfeld] to choose good than it may be for them to” because you know, he’s privileged.
This week the world watched as Ferguson burned, in part due to the liberal brainwashing pervading American society leaving most too afraid to speak the truth for fear of offending someone.

Protestors in Ferguson, Missouri believe racism stacks the justice system against them, and that racism is pervasive in America. They believe the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown is proof of the inequality of our justice system and demand change.

In order for any problem to be solved, first, you must admit there is a problem. Until Americans stop the PC speak, and begin speaking the truth, the change sought by Ferguson protestors will not occur.

Truth such as:

When you set low expectations of a person/community/organization, they WILL rise to meet them.  Thank God the converse is true as well.

When you DEMAND respect from authorities, and give none in return…NOTHING changes.

Life is unfair.  Accept it.  You may very well be targeted more than the white people within your community, but you have a choice in how you respond.

When a community’s demographic has a higher percentage of black people living within it, it is a certainty there will be more black versus white members of the community arrested and incarcerated for crimes committed.  It is not racism, it is math.

If you expect law enforcement change and that they be held accountable, how will you hold yourself and your community accountable?

What part do you play in the real or perceived pervasive racism preventing equal treatment under the law? Do you show authorities respect and shun those who do not?  Do you respect and follow the law and shun those who do not?  Or do you hold them on high?

Today on Twitter, I broke through my fear of offending others and spoke the truth about Ferguson as I see it, from my perspective.  Before you come at me with the “what do you know, you are not black.  You have no idea what you are talking about” consider this…maybe real change occurs when you understand the only person you have any power over is YOU.  You have more power than you think to affect positive change within the justice system, but it begins with truth.

It begins by looking within and being honest with yourself, with your community about what part of the issues faced belongs to you.  What can you do to positively affect the change?

Personally, I would be happy to never speak again about Ferguson and issues facing black Americans as soon as the black community begins looking within, rather assuming racism is the core cause.

My #Ferguson tweets are included below, and  while they are not intended to offend, they may. My hope is by sharing my thoughts on Ferguson and race relations in America that it may inspire others to do the same.

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Wayne Dupree

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