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White House Asserts Executive Privilege Over Entire Mueller Report And Underlying Documents

The White House released a statement that President Trump has asserted executive privilege over the entire Mueller report and underlying documents as House Judiciary Committee holds contempt vote for AG William Barr.

After negotiations with the Department of Justice, House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are now pressing ahead with holding a vote on potentially finding Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with the panel’s subpoenas to provide documents related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

CBS News’ Rebecca Kaplan reports that the president has asserted privilege over the entire Mueller report and underlying documents.

“Unfortunately, rather than allowing negotiations to continue, you scheduled an unnecessary contempt vote, which you refused to postpone to allow additional time for compromise,” Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday. [CBS News]

Here’s the letter from the DOJ to Nadler explaining this:

The Democrats are at a crossroads. They can admit defeat, moderate, and work in good faith with the president to advance the nation, or they can continue to act like petulant children who missed naptime and are now throwing tantrum in the supermarket. I’m betting supermarket tantrum.


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