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Where Does Obama Wiretapping Allegations Go From Here? Mark Levin Breaks It Down!

Conservative radio hosts Mark Levin, unleashed, is a nightmare to establishment Republicans and Democrats alike.

Ok, here comes the messy truth. Dishonest journalists, including Fox News people, were either too lazy or incompetent to report on OPEN PUBLIC RECORDS that Mark so brilliantly laid out as fact, or are actively seeking to undermine his presidency whenever he, Trump, exposes corruption against him.

Why are people still saying this is an allegation? It happened!

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Watch Levin below:

My friends, have you seen Paul Ryan’s squirmy interview with Brett Baier when asked if he knew anything about this? His body language said it all; guilty as hell! Additionally, on Sunday morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Sen. Marco Rubio, and he was just as squirmy.

These weasels are not good actors in this whole mess. Remember, these people, and much more sought to destroy Trump and still do. The guilty ones will hopefully be exposed for the traitors they are so Trump can move forward without backstabbers impeding his progress.

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