What the hell?? Ferguson Protesters Storm Police Headquarters on last day of the year

Ferguson protesters are at it again, this time storming the police headquarters. The following vines were picked up by Breaking911.com to display the current tensions in the embattled town.

This follows a report that Police officers were actually shot at with live ammunition late last night as they responded to a burglary call.
Late Tuesday night, officers responded to reports of a burglary at Beauty Town, a store that was torched during the protests against the killing of Michael Brown. The officers found several people coming out of the store carrying hair products, according to a statement by the City of Ferguson. The statement said that shortly after the officers told six people they were under arrest and began taking them into custody, two rounds of shots were fired directly at them.

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The vines below show that some protesters getting arrested in the police station, other vines show that some of the more rowdier participants were treating tear gas with milk brought by protesters in anticipation of tear gas deployment.


h/t video – DeRay Mckesson

h/t video – DeRay Mckesson  

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