What Possessed Chris Cuomo To Disrespect RNC Sean Spicer Like This?

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I understand CNN is having hard times right now because they’re losing viewers as they have decided to be the opposition against President-elect Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean you treat Trump surrogates in a disrespectful way.

The reason that a lot of people do not why CNN is because of the way that they do not report news but the way that they attack their opposition, by talking over them, suggesting that they are lying about the subject that they were called to talk about, and so much more.

In this interview below, host Chris Cuomo decided to call out RNC’s Sean Spicer publicly over their conversation because he didn’t see it that way. Cuomo decided it was his job to give his definition of what a major election win was all about.

Was that his job? No it wasn’t but I don’t see why Trump surrogates continue to give CNN a platform when they keep doing this. This is not a question and answer section, this was almost like an inquisition.

CNN Chris Cuomo Disrespected RNC Sean Spicer… by dgraphics2009

What do you think how Cuomo treated Spicer? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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