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WH On Possible Shutdown Compromise — Can’t Say “What We Will Or Won’t Accept.”

Hogan Gidley, White House deputy press secretary, told Fox News he wasn’t sure if Pres. Trump would support this compromised negotiation to avert another government shutdown. Let me say; there will be a lot of disappointed Trump supporters if this is signed.

On Monday night, lawmakers part of this compromise committee leaked out small details about a possible bill that would avert another government shutdown this Friday by including $1.375 billion for the border barrier. This is less than the Senate $1.6 billion offered late last year and way less than the $5.7 billion passed by the House and accepted by President Trump.

“We’re not sure yet, to be quite honest,” Gidley said during an interview on Fox News when asked if the deal was something Trump would approve.

He added that it’s “very difficult to comment” without seeing the details of the agreement.

“I’m not really ready to focus on what could be in there,” Gidley said. “I would like to focus on what is actually in there. We haven’t seen that yet. We’ve heard some rumors and we’ve heard some reports. We’ve seen some reporting on exactly what could or could not be in there.”

“It’s not consistent with what we’re hearing coming out of the conference committee,” he added. “So until we actually see it, it is very difficult to comment on it.”

Original story via The Hill

I don’t care if Senators Richard Shelby, Patrick Leahy, and House Representatives Nita Lowey and Kay Granger came out with white doves and walking on water singing praises on this compromise, it’s a bad deal. Democrats seem to have once again been able to swindle Republicans on the specifics to get what they want and giving Trump a piece of junk to sign.

I will admit the final details are not out yet, but from what they have released, I am not sure I want to hear the rest.

Trump Asked for 5.7 Billion, Congress To Avert Shutdown Wants To Give Him 1.3 Billion. Should He Sign?

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