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Well Known Justice Of The Peace Arrested For Beating, Choking And Waterboarding A Child

This is one of those stories that you just shake your head at while reading the details.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a well-known local justice of the peace and former police officer was arrested and charged for abusing his girlfriend and her children for years.

When you think of “justice of the peace,” you think of a local officer for the people that also handles weddings and makes other decisions that the community trust.  but in this case, Moses Evans Jr,  turn out to be the devil in sheep’s clothing.

Court documents say Moses Evans Jr. spent years torturing his live-in girlfriend and her three children. The allegations include claims he choked his children, beat them with blunt objects like a flashlight and pipes, and in some cases punished one of them with waterboarding.

One of the victims was allegedly struck so many times that hair no longer grows on the crown of his head.

The woman told investigators the abuse began in 2003, and she had been punched “hundreds of times” over the years, leaving her with a broken nose, fractured fingers, burn scars on her back and a “boxer’s ear.” When asked how she got the scars, the woman told police he held her against a piece of hot metal.

The victims said they kept quiet about the abuse for years because they feared what Evans might do to them. [WBRZ]

Here is Evans performing his Justice Of the Peace duties

What is up with people today?

He probably had so much fear in his ex-girlfriend and kids, they felt they had no place else to go. Stories like this happen more often then we know. Family members, if you have a loved one who has cut family ties, check on them. This is so sad. I’m glad they are free and hope they don’t go back.


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