Weinstein: “We All Make Mistakes”; Oh Yeah, He Wants A Second Chance!

Grab the public hanging platform and let’s string this man up! This is remorse?

Harvey Weinstein looks to want to gain some bit of sympathy for the justified backlash he’s been enduring over the past week, and I can tell you in my household, there won’t be any.

Weinstein is accused of sexually abusing rising stars over decades. Women on top of women are coming out against him and telling their stories. Actress Kate Beckinsale came out with a little different one as she turned him down and she feels it hurt her career. (Related Article: Beckinsale Claims Career Hurt After Turning Down Weinstein Sexual Advances)

So he gets to call the victimization of women a mistake. A mistake is not made on purpose. What this thing right here did was nowhere near accident. Sound just like the dummies on these talk shows who continuously cheat and say it was an accident.

I hope these elitists in Hollywood never lecture America on morals ever again. The entire community knew this crap was going on and did nothing about it.

Source: The Hill

“Guys, I’m not doing OK, but I’m trying,” Weinstein told reporters on Wednesday as he entered an SUV parked outside his daughter’s Los Angeles home.

“I got to get help,” the former film executive said.

“A second chance, I hope,” Weinstein, 65, added.

The Hollywood mogul and mega-Democratic fundraiser was booted from The Weinstein Company, the film studio he co-founded, on Sunday after a bombshell report from The New York Times disclosing the sexual harassment allegations from several women.

In another exposé published Tuesday in The New Yorker magazine, three women alleged Weinstein had raped them.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rosanna Arquette, Rose McGowan, Cara Delevigne, Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd are just a few of Hollywood’s leading women who have gone on the record saying Weinstein made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances toward them.

Weinstein headed Wednesday to an Arizona rehabilitation facility to be treated for behavioral issues, including sex addiction, according to TMZ.

So Weinstein says he needs help. Everyone makes mistakes. He’s hoping for a second chance. In your dreams. Hoping that jail waits for you where you will know what it’s like to be sexual prey.

Yes, we all make mistakes, but this is not one of them. It is called sin-nature. And we all do that as well. Mistakes are what we commit when we don’t know better- a misunderstanding or error. Sin is a transgression known to be immoral and against divine law, and in this case perpetually committed over decades. So let’s call things as they are and not try to minimize these acts, in this case, NOR in the case of our sin. There is redemption for all of us, but we need to start with recognition. Failing to call it like it only further separates us from God and the Grace we have been gifted.

I’m sure Weinstein was wondering during the late 90s if his behavior with women should change, but then he saw a man he helped get elected do some very similar things to what he, himself, was doing and in the end saw most Americans support that president. Today, millions of Americans regard that president as one of our best. Ever.

It was ALWAYS wrong and still is, to treat women like you do. It doesn’t matter if tens of millions of Americans said it was perfectly fine with them, so long as it would keep abortion legal, or whatever. 

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